Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/19/09

no good either way

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/19/09


Set One: sha-la la-la lee

Intro: umm ...
1. A Man Ain't Nothin' But a Man/Mike & the Censations/45/Revue/1968
2. Take This Woman Off the Corner/James Spencer/45/Memphis/1970
3. Stone Outta My Head/The New Perspective/45/Maxwell/1969
4. What Good Am I Without You/Darrow Fletcher/45/Jacklyn/1967
5. I Need Someone/Wallace Brothers/45/Jewel/1967
6. 1-2-3/Leon Haywood/45/Imperial/1965
7. She's About a Mover/Otis Clay/45/Cotillion/1968
8. Extra Girl/Blue Beats/45/Columbia/1966
9. The Good's Gone/The Who/LP/Polydor(BBC-UK)/1965-2000
10.Once Before/The Remains/45/Epic/1965
11.Heaven Only Knows/Reparata & the Delrons/45/Mala/1968
12.Sum Up Broke/International Submarine Band/45/Columbia/1966
13.Artificial Face/The Hobbits/LP/Decca/1968
14.Here She Comes Now/Velvet Underground/LP/Verve/1967
15.Love Love Love/Pugh/LP/Vault/1969
BED: Love the Life the Live/Melvin Sparks/LP/Prestige/1972

Set Two: I just don't get it

1. Morning Song for Sally/Jaime Brockett/LP/Capitol/1969
2. Still Waters/Billy J. Kramer/LP/Imperial/1964
3. If You Could Read My Mind/Cristy Lane/45/Extremely Brave/1972
4. Cotton Candy Dreams/Don Cooper/LP/Roulette/1969
5. Sometimes You Just Can't Win/John Fred & His Playboy Band/LP/Paula/1967
6. Urge For Going/Tom Rush/LP/Elektra/1968
BED: Come Together/Groove Holmes & Ernie Watts/LP/World Pacific/1970

Set Three: jerk like my cousin twist

1. These Young Girls/Hank Ballard & the Midniters/45/King/1964
2. The Girl's a Devil/Dukays/45/Nat/1961
3. East of Nowhere/Mickey Murray/LP/SSS/1968
4. I Won't Be Your Fool Anymore/Soul Sisters/45/Sue/1964
5. A Bench in the Park/The Jive Five/LP/United Artists/1965
6. Jack the Ripper/Link Wray/45/Swan/1963
7. Tater Patch/Chet Ivey/45/Atco/1959
8. Dance to the Bop(Live)/Gene Vincent/10" EP/Roller Coaster(UK)/1957-1998
BED: Off Into a Black Thing/Willie Henderson/LP/Brunswick/1970

Set Four: heavy manners

1. Just a Little Bit/Blue Cheer/LP/Philips/1969
2. I Feel So Down/Barracuda/CD/EMI/1973
3. This Is Love/Endle St. Cloud in the Rain/LP/International Artists/1969
BED: Fat Cat Strut/Ray Brown Orchestra/LP/Symbolic 1970

Thursday, November 05, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/05/09

but here I am nevertheless

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/05/09


Set One: small intensity light

Intro: Trippin'/The Interpretations/45/Jubilee/1969?
1. Dance Little Girl/Clay Hammond/45/Duo Disc/1964
2. Gossip/Cyril Neville/45/Josie/1969
3. Let Me Try/Jerri Jackson/45/Parallax/1968
4. I Know You Don't Want Me/The Endeavors/45/Stop/1968
5. (You Make Me Think)You Ain't Ready/Billy Butler/45/Okeh/1965
6. It's Beautiful When You're Falling In Love/Jimmy Norman/45/Mercury/1967
7. The Rabbit Got the Gun/The Dapps/45/King/1968
8. Everybody Get Some(Love)/Gas and the Funk Factory/45/Brunswick/1970
9. The People In Me/Music Machine/45/Original Sound/1966
10.What Can I Do Today/Swinging Blue Jeans/45/Imperial/1965
11.That's the Way It's Got to Be/The Poets/LP(comp)/Decca(uk)/1965
12.Midnight Reader/Chuck Conlon/45/Marlin/1967
13.Evening Gown/The Left Banke/LP/Smash/1967
14.Right By My Side/Jameson/LP/Verve/1967
15.Think I Care/Jeff Monn/LP/Vanguard/1968
16.Get Down On Your Knees/The Underdogs/LP/Hideout/1966
17. Mud In Your Eye/Fleur-de-Lys/45/Polydor(UK)/1966
BED: Just Enough Room for Storage/James Brown/LP/King/1971

Set Two: strike another match

1. Sins of the Family/PF Sloan/LP/Mums/1972
2. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Them/LP/Decca(UK)/1966
3. Got a Gal Named Wilma/Hackamore Brick/LP/Kama Sutra/1971
4. The Choice/Julie Driscoll/awful you tube clip/Polydor/1970
5. I Don't Want to Be Seen With You/Louie & the Lovers/LP/Epic/1968
6. The Day Revealed Your Face/Tax Free/LP/Polydor/1971
BED: Reflections from the Moon/Speedy West/LP/Capitol/1962

Set Three: not cool enough to make it stick

1. Little Archie/Billy & the Arketts/45/Rally/1965?
2. Tell Her/Dean Parrish/45/Boom/1965
3. You're Losing Me/Barbara Lynn/LP/Atlantic/1967
4. For Your Love/Larry Williams & Johnny Watson/LP/Decca(UK)/1965
5. Whompt Out On You/Tony Joe White/LP/Monument/1968
6. Restless/Johnny Kidd & the Pirates/45/HMV(UK)/1960
7. Rock Billy Boogie/Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio/45/Coral/1957
8. Drive In Show/Eddie Cochran/LP/Liberty/1958
BED: Off Into a Black Thing/Willie Henderson/LP/Brunswick/1970

Set Four: it's backward elevation

1. Reverberation/13th Floor Elevators/LP/International Artists/1966
2. I Think I Love You/Del Shannon/LP/Liberty/1968
3. The Slide/Flamin' Groovies/LP/Snazz/1968
4. Red Moon/Fugi/45/Grand Junction/1970
BED: Fat Cat Strut/Ray Brown Orchestra/LP/Symbolic 1970

and a mid-day spinner

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/21/09

just turn me up

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/21/09


Set One: rock it to me sock it to me one more time

Intro: I Am Coming Through/Sounds Inc/45/Liberty/1965
1. Hot Pants - I'm Coming I'm Coming I'm Coming/Bobby Byrd/45/Brownstone/1972
2. The Beginning of My Life/The Chimes/45/Down to Earth/1972
3. I'm Just Not Ready For Love/Erma Franklin/45/Shout/1968
4. Let Me Turn You On/Lou Courtney/45/Buddah/1969
5. I Paid for the Party/The Enchanters/45/Loma/1965
6. Booker-Loo/Booker T and the MG's/45/Stax/1966
7. Dresses Too Short/Syl Johnson/45/Twinight/1968
8. Something's Going On/John Fred & His Playboy Band/LP/Paula/1966
9. Oh those Eyes/The Vagrants/45/Southern Sound
10.Nice Girl/Grains of Sand/45/Philips/1967
11.Gotta Get a Hold of Myself/The Zombies/LP/Parrot/1966
12.Leave Her Alone/London & the Bridges/45/Date/1966
13.Face of Time/The Plague/LP/Reo/1966
14.If You Want It/La Revolucion de la Emiliano Zapata/CD/Polydor(Mex)/1970
15.Just Can't Wait/J. Geils Band/LP/EMI/1980
BED: Changing Things/Gregory James Edition/LP.Dakar/1971

Set Two: many mornings after

1. Snow Don't Fall/Townes Van Zandt/CD/Poppy/1973
2. Easily/Bob Lucas/LP/BRBQ/1973
3. Show Me the Road/Arthur Alexander/CD/Sound Stage 7/1966
4. Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Carole King/LP/Ode/1971
5. No End Love/Dillard-Hartford-Dillard/LP/Flying Fish/1977
BED: Red Onions/Armando Peraza/LP/Skye/1968

Set Three: a touch is worth a thousand words

1. You Should O' Held On/7th Avenue Aviators/45/Congress/1965
2. When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)/Solomon Burke/LP/Atlantic/1967
3. Twanging My Thang/Travis Wammack/45/Congress/1969
4. For a Little While/The Goodees/45/Hip/1968
5. Baby You've Been On My Mind/Dion & the Belmonts/LP/ABC/1967
6. Roanoke/Tim Rose/LP/Columbia/1969
BED: Delgado/Eddie Seany/LP.Sussex/1972

Set Four: invitation to that 70's exposé

1. Dig a Hole/Hans Staymer Band/LP/GSF/1972
2. It's Too Late/New York Dolls/LP/Mercury/1974
3. Abracadabra(Have You Seen Her)/Blue Ash/LP/Mercury/1973
4. Sweet Tooth/Free/LP/A&M/1969
BED: Along Comes Mary/Cal Tjader/LP/Verve/1967

but the end of the post

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/07/09

soft shoes shining

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/07/09


Set One: keep her from the howlin' winds

Intro: Goobah/Soul Continentals/45/Sound Stage 7/1968
1. If I Were a Carpenter/Eldridge Holmes/45/Deesu/1969
2. Four Corners Pt. 1/Lee Dorsey/45/Amy/1968
3. Sweet Pea/Wyle Dixon & the Wheels/45/Conduc/1965
4. Don't Let this Happen To Us/Fred Hughes/45/Brunswick/1971
5. You're Just a Fool In Love/Dee Dee Sharpe/45/Atco/1968
6. Flight To Cuba/Fire/45/Baytown/1970(re)
7. You Made Your Bed/Eddie Bradford/45/Chess/1972
8. Night Time/Strangeloves/45/Bang/1965
9. Girl of the North Country/Blue Things/LP/RCA/1966
10.Imagination/Cherry People/LP/Heritage/1968
11.Heart/The Remains/LP/Epic/1966
12.Semi-Psychedelic/Pepper & the Shakers/45/Coral/1967
13.Julie September/The Silence/LP/Yellow Street Boutique(comp)/1965
14.The Witch/The Rattles/45/Probe/1969
15.Classified Love/Jumbo/45/Swingin/197?
BED: Black Talk/Charles Earland/LP/Prestige/1969

Set Two: your reflection shines

1. The Country I'm Living In/Tim Hardin/LP/Columbia/1970
2. Cry Alone/Guardians of the Rainbow/45/President/1968
3. Postcard/The Hollies/LP/Epic/1967
4. Susie's Blues/Beans/LP/Avalanche/1972
5. Ordinary Guy/Joe Bataan/LP/Salsoul/1975
BED: A Summer Place/The Three Suns/LP/RCA/1961

Set Three: I look at my friend because I'm innocent

1. Popcorn Charlie/Charles Spurling/45/King/1969
2. (You Got) The Power of Love/Danny Warner/45/Reprise/1966
3. The Slauson Shuffle/The Olympics/45/Tri Disc/1965
4. I'm a Little Mixed Up/Betty James/LP(comp)/Chess/1961
5. I Don't Know What You Got/Little Richard/45/Vee Jay/1966
6. A Little Bit Now (a Little Bit Later)/The Majors/45/Imperial/1962
7. Young Love/Sonny James/45/Capitol/1957
8. Long Black Hearse/Cliff Gleaves/45/Liberty/1960
BED: Trouble Man/Ahmad Jamal/LP/20th Century/1974

Set Four: please tell me I'm not wrong

1. The Build-Up/The 4th Movement/45/Triangle/1980
2. What's It All About/Genesis/LP/Mercury/1968
3. Sunshades/Battered Ornaments/LP/Harvest/1969
4. Lovin' Touch/Jimmy Crockett & the Shanes/LP/Before Birdmen Flew V3(comp)/1965
5. Trata de Comprende/The Dhag Dhags/CD/Psicofásicos de Bolivia(comp)/1968
BED: Fever/The Three Suns/LP/RCA/1961

last chance at a listen

Monday, September 07, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/24/09

this way to the light

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/24/09


Set One: late summer daydream

Intro: On the Way/Bobby Cook & the Explosions/45/Compose/196?
1. Mr. Pitiful/Dick Jensen & the Imports/45/Loma/1967
2. You are My Sunshine/Jerry Townes/45/Penny/19??
3. With My Love and What You Got/Jean Wells/45/Calla/1968
4. Under the Street Lamps/The Exits/45/Gemini/1967
5. I Don't Need No Doctor/Village Callers/LP/Rampart/1968
6. Save Me/Smokey Robinson & the Miracles/LP/Tamla/1966
7. Whiplash/Leon & the Burners/45/Josie/1965
8. Shame/King's Ransom/45/Integra/1966
9. Psychedelic Siren/Daybreakers/LP(anth)/Dial/1967
10.Where Were You/Ian & the Zodiacs/LP/Star Club(Ger)/1966
11.Try and Stop Me/The Creation/LP(anth)/Planet/1966
12.Sun in the Flame/St. Stephen/
13.Say You Don't Mind/Denny Laine/45/Deram(UK)/1967
14.On the Way Home/Heaven Bound/LP/MGM/1970
15.Make a Scene/Chris Bell/LP/Ryko/74-92
BED: Freddie's Dead/MFSB/LP/Philly Int./1972

service with a smile

this is where it all happens

thw wanderin' kind

Set Two: the weather suits my clothes

1. To Ramona/Flying Burritto Bros/LP/A&M/1971
2. Crying/Roy Orbison/LP/Monument/1961
3. The Water is Wide/Fred Neil/LP/Elektra/1965
4. Everybody's Talkin'(live)/Bobby Womack/LP/Liberty/1970
5. Out of Sight/Neon Pearl/LP/Acme Deluxe/1967-2001
BED: It's Too Late/Dennis Coffey/LP/Sussex/1972

later on a nervous eater

been doing some growing

a coat and a cup and who needs more

Set Three: stretch out your arms

1. Turn On Your Lovelight/Gene Chandler/LP/Vee Jay/1962
2. I Was Born a Loser/Bobby Lee/45/Sue/1966
3. Open the Door/Gloria Lynne/LP/Fontana/1967
4. Pills/Bo Diddley/CD/Checker/1961(req)
5. Keep Your Love Strong/The Webs/LP/Atlantic/1967
6. Shake it Baby/Junior Wells/LP/Vanguard/1966
7. Public Enemy Number One/Webb Pierce/LP/Decca/1960

Webb never really let his hair down much

one less bobby moore

Set Four: boots and racin' shirts

1. Whirly-Bird/Silver Apples/LP/Kapp/1968
2. Nazi Apocalypse/Simply Saucer/LP/Mole/1989
3. Cycle Annie/Beachnuts/LP/Design/1967/Design
BED: Love Ray/Caution/45/Fretone/1974

quiet determination

progressive domestic attitude

Guest Stars: Sheldon Leonard, Joan Leslie, John Hodiak, Peggy Cummins, John Dall, Nancy Guild, Humphrey Bogart, Margo Woode, James Cagney, Kirk Douglas, Keith Andes, Robert Mitchum, Virginia Farmer

and we're out

Sunday, August 23, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/10/09

fox in a neck-er-chief
beware of hurt feelings

Café Society

The tighter the sweater, the brighter the day - and the higher the mercury, the shorter the skirt. Micro-mini, even. The dampness of my brow told me it was time to unveil my fondest 45, the Fox in a Mini-Skirt. But one mini don't make no show, so I dealt out another 30+ sounds of the 60's & 70's, from funk to folk and snotty garage followed by shimmering pop and home again, all in 2 hours. If it's proof you need, hitch up your hemline and click on the Rolling Stones label below to get the show started. Come on, just do it already. Before the summer sun is gone again.

And if you find my feverish gabbering between sets of music interminably incoherent, all the pertinent information is provided in the form of a playlist just below, you stone fox, you.

dial carefully

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/10/09


Set One: no feelings will be hurt

Intro: The Drunk/James Brown/45/Bethlehem/1969
1. Don't Give It Away/Isley Brothers/LP/T-Neck/1969
2. Fox In a Mini Skirt/Claude & Hank Carbo/45/Castle/1968?
3. Look Away/Garnet Mimms/LP/United Artists/1965
4. Sunshine Love/Andy Butler/45/Tangerine/1968
5. Good Man/Krystal Generation/45/Buddah/1969
6. Vibrations/The Hidden Cost/45/Marmaduke/1973
7. Clockwise Revolution/Sunrise Movement/45/Ghetto Productions/1971?
8. I'll Make You Sorry/Shadows of Knight/LP/Dunwich/1966
9. Come On/Rolling Stones/45/Decca(UK)/1963
10.Buried and Dead/Master's Apprentices/LP/Astor(AUS)/1967
11.Let Go of You Girl/Left Banke/LP/Smash/1967
12.Look for Tomorrow/Liberty Bell/45/Back Beat/1968
13.I Keep on Talking/Love Generation/LP/Imperial/1968
14.Melinda/Butterscotch Caboose/45/Amy/1968
15.Kay/Billy Lee Riley/LP/SSS(Charly UK comp)/1969
BED: El Toro Poo Poo/Charles Kynard/LP/Mainstream/1971

wardrobe confidence illustrated

always keeping yesterday in sight

chi town lockdown

Set Two: one night changed it all

1. Lonesome Trip/Ken Lyon/45/Viscount/1968
2. Pisces/Gothic Horizon/LP/London/1970
3. Winter Country/Amanda Trees/LP/Poppy/1972
4. An Overnight Guest/Wildweeds/LP/Vanguard/1970
5. Nature Boy/Accolade/LP/Capitol/1970
BED: Alomg Comes Mary/The Folkswingers/LP/World Pacific/1967

changed-up the style

mighty mighty

when a square takes acid

Set Three: fortune and fate

1. 60 Minutes of Your Love/Homer Banks/45/Minit/1966
2. Shake It Baby/Ike and Tina Turner/CD/Sue(unrlsd)/1960
3. Born Under a Bad Sign/William Bell/LP/Stax/1969
4. Daddy Rolling Stone/Derek Martin/CD/Brunswick/1965
5. Easier to Say Than Do/"Little" Johnny Blair/45/House of the Fox/1972
6. House of the Rising Sun/Billy Lee Riley/LP/GNP Crescendo/1965
BED: Stainless Soul/The New Apocalypse/LP/TMA/1970

his hair never let him down

basement temptations

Set Four: put on your heels

1. Neo City/The Plod/CD/Unreleased-Velvet Tinmine Comp/1974
2. Lover Man(Live @ Woodstock)/Jimi Hendrix/CD/MCA/1969-1999
3. Hard at the Top/The Kids/LP/Atco/1975
BED: Love Ray/Caution/45/Fretone/1974

road warriors

stepping to the fore

Guest Stars: Sheldon Leonard, Joan Leslie, John Hodiak, Peggy Cummins, John Dall, Nancy Guild, Humphrey Bogart, Margo Woode, James Cagney, Kirk Douglas, Keith Andes, Robert Mitchum, Virginia Farmer

merrily skipping along

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/27/09

getting a grip on
liquid sounds for stationary travel

Old-Fashioned Revival

Too hot for bloggin'? Is that possible? Well, I've been lax in my duties as faithful chronicler of this ongoing celebration of soul 45s, gun molls, garage bands and paberback originals. But a cool rain has cleared the air tonight, and I'm ready to kick over the traces and kick out the jams. So why waste time? While there's a dip in the mercury, you can risk raising the heat with 2 hours of smoldering soul, barbecued funk, smoking psychedelia, and all manner of steaming 60's and 70's sounds.

Just click on that Gino Washington 45 below to start the show, and keep an eye on the temperature with that playlist a little further down. Check back soon for this week's show, I'm looking to get caught up while the iron is cool!

I'm always a click away

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/27/09


Set One: I like to trip with you

Intro: Blow Your Mind/Interpretations/45/Jubilee/1968
1. Shake Your Mini/Show Stoppers/45/Showtime/1967
2. I'll Be Around (When You Want Me)/Gino Washington/45/Mala/1966
3. You Left the Water Running/Barbara Lynn/45/Tribe/1967
4. It's You For Me/Amazers/45/Thomas/1967
5. The Other Side of My Mind/Chuck Bernard/45/Zodiac/1970
6. Red Spots/Cliff Wagner/45/Egg(Fr)/1970
7. Trippin'/Interpretations/45/Jubilee/1968
8. Bad Trip/Wailers/LP/United Artists/1967
9. Stand There/Dave Starky Five/LP(comp)/Shazam/1966
10.Milk Cow Blues(live BBC)/Kinks/CD/Sanctuary/1966-2001
11.The Visit (She Was Here)/The Cyrkle/LP/Columbia/1967
12.Love in a Summer Basket/Seeds/45/MGM/1970
13.Land of Nod/Rare Earth/LP/Verve/1967?
14.Look at the Way She Comes/The Koala/LP/Capitol/1968
15.What's So Bad About Feeling Good/Sum Pear/LP/Euphoria/1970
BED: Off Into a Black Thing/Willie Henderson/LP/Brunswick/1970

bi-polar souler

dynamic, isn't it

acid casualties in love

Set Two: turn that sweet potato over

1. The White Ship/Chad Mitchell/LP/Bell/1968
2. Oh! Those Sweet Bananas/Hackamore Brick/LP/Kama Sutra/1971
3. You Ain't goin' Nowhere/Patchwork/LP/Rca/1972
4. Come On Down/Rex Holman/LP/Pentagram/1970
5. Big Sur Mountain Air/Don Cooper/LP/Roulette/1970
6. I'll Be Here In the Morning/Shirl Milete/LP/Poppy/1970
BED: Loran's Dance/Idris Muhammad/LP/Kudu/1974

cabaret psychedelia

lens-flare picnic vibes

a colorful quintet of faux-australians

Set Three: don't wait for the postman

1. Queen Bee/Roman Carter/45/Jewel/1965
2. Baby Call On Me/Wilson Pickett/LP/Double L/1962
3. You'll Lose a Good Thing/Freddy Fender/45/ABC/1976
4. Sock It To 'Em, Soul Brother/Bill Moss/LP/Capsoul/1969-198?
5. Summertime/Clea Bradford/LP/Cadet/1968
6. Fool Of Love/Bobby Fuller Four/LP/Mustang/1965
7. There Won't Be Anymore/Charlie Rich/LP/Groove?(Power-Pak)/1964
BED: I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing/Grant Green/LP/Blue Note/1969

a warm humility

slumming actor needs shower

Set Four: just another black spot

1. The Mexican/Babe Ruth/LP/Harvest/1975
2. Toughest Street In Town/Thin Lizzy/LP/Warner Bros/1979
BED: The Long Goodbye/Dave Grusin Trio/CD/UA/1973

and the living is easy

Guest Stars: Peggy Cummins, John Dall, Richard Travis, Virginia Farmer, Berry Kroeger, Robert Mitchum, Charles Wilson, Jane Greer, Arthur Hecht, Harvey Korman

Monday, June 15, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/15/09

God bless the side-zip skirt
she just sees things from both sides

Twin Killing

Two sides to the coin. Yet, it's value remains the same on either side. Only you can empower it beyond monetary value, by choosing one side as your ally and the other your enemy. Call it in the air and bring it down on the back of your hand with a slap. None of that slow-peek business, lift your hand quickly and see your fate. The trick to winning is to determine the flip in advance. Don't guess the result, decide the result. And you are a winner. Your prize? Two hours of funk, folk, garage, soul, and pop from the 60's and 70's, familiar sounds that you may have never heard before. Two hours. One for each side of the coin, which you have now mastered. Just a click on that 45 below will start the show.

No empathic skills required for the discographical details, either. All the information you need is provided as you scroll through my illustrations. Practice using both halves of your mind.

this will stick with you a while

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/15/09


Set One: The news today will be the movies for tomorrow

Intro: Sugar Cube/Electric Tomorrow/45/World Pacific/1967
1. Love Game (from A to Z)/Royal Jokers/45/Wingate/1967?
2. Potatoes/Claude & Samuel/LP/Daran-Joda(brazil)/1966-1972
3. I'm a Good Woman/Barbara Lynn/CD/Tribe/1966
4. The Whatcha' Call 'em/Huey Piano Smith/45/Instant/1970
5. You Don't Love Me No More/Renaldo Domino/45/Smash/1968
6. The Mirror Cries/Phil Flowers/LP/Dot/1968
7. Barracuda/Leonard King & the Soul Messengers/CD/Inferno/1967
8. Barracuda/The Standells/LP/Tower/1967
9. I'm Lost Without You/The Mighty Avengers/45/Press/1965
10.She's a Gemini/The Third House/45/Dore/1970
11.A House is Not a Motel/Love/LP/Elektra/1967
12.I Can't Get Her Out of My Mind/The Bay Ridge/45/Atlantic/1967
13.I Think I'm Down/The Harbinger Complex/LP/Mainstream/1967
14.Red the Sign Post/Fifty-Foot Hose/LP/Limelight/1968
15.Friendly Smile/Bold/LP/ABC/1969
BED: Mizrab/Gabor Szabo/LP/Impulse/1967

what can I DO with that ... them ... whatcha-call-it

like whoa man

Kenmore Square favorites

Set Two: notes on a journey within

1. She's My Love/Tommy Flanders/LP/Verve Forecast/1969
2. Love Me Like the Rain/The Losers/45/Atco/1965
3. And It Was Good/Diane Hildebrand/LP/Elektra/1967
4. You're a Very Lovely Woman/Merry-Go-Round/45/A&M/1967
5. The Road I'm On (Gloria)/Dion DiMucci/45/Columbia/1965
6. Pass Through Like the Lightning/Sly Boots/LP/Faithful Virtue/1970
BED: Shapes of Things/Folkswingers/LP/World Pacific/1967

rolling thunder while rolling numbers


Set Three: I know cause I have played the part

1. Gonna Have Fun/Ike & Tina Turner/LP/United/196?
2. Thanks to Him/The Renovations/45/Angel Town/1965
3. You're Still In My Heart/Steve Mancha/45/Groovesville/1966
4. Something is Worrying Me/Otis Redding/LP/Atco/1964
5. She Wants What She Can't Have/Terry Woodford/45/Fame/1966
6. Sinner/Freddie & the Hitch Hikers/CD/Band Box/1961
BED: I Turned You On/Dave Baby Cortez/LP/T-Neck/1970

smashing governments with soul-socking power

don't we all

Set Four: booty call

1. 66-54321/The Troggs/LP/Fontana/1968
2. Most Likely You'll Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)/Hard Meat/LP/Warner Bros/1969
3. Messin' With the Kid/The Bosom Blues/LP/Arcania International/1968-2008
4. Get Me to the World on Time/Electric Prunes/LP/Reprise/1967
BED: The Long Goodbye/Dave Grusin Trio/CD/UA/1973

nice try, fellas

Guest Stars: Sterling Hayden, James Cagney, Robert Barrat, Jane Bryan, Humphrey Bogart, Alice White, Charles Wilson, Edward G. Robinson, Mary Astor, Richard Travis, Dana Andrews