Sunday, March 26, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/20/06

may as well face facts
I can give you what you need

Whatever It Takes

I'm desperate for your love & attention, and I'll do whatever I must to have you. Oh, you're a tough customer - you want your fuzztones and drums and soft gentle ballads and groovy instrumentals - all served with the type of discographical details that you may not be receiving elsewhere. Don't fall for that fisheyed cop who always plays the same old song on the jukebox - I'm willing to marry & murder to get these songs to you ... don't you love me?

Click on that pile o' booty below and prove it to me - or else I might get rough. And if you ain't sure yet, I can back it up with a fin of setlists just a little...further...down...

dive right in

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/20/06


Set One: don't kill me while I'm rich

Intro: Funk Shack East/Dave "Baby" Cortez/All Platinum/1971
1. (This is the)Lost Generation/Lost Geberation/CD/Brunswick/1972
2. Whole Lotta Love/Tina Turner/LP/UA/1975
3. Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On/Edwin Starr/LP/Gordy/1971
4. You've Got My Soul on Fire/Temptations/LP/Gordy/1973
5. Light My Fire/Jackie Wilson/LP/Brunswick/1969
6. I Walk On Gilded Splinters/Cher/LP/Atlantic/1969
7. You Ain't Too Cool/Cash McCall/45/Thomas/1966
8. Drive on James/King George/45/Rca/1965
9. Ernestine/Patience Valentine/45/Sar/1963
10.Keep Your Cool/Terry & the Chain Reaction/45/UA/1967
11."...And It's Gone"/Unspoken Word/45/UA/1967
12.You Made Me Feel So Bad/Mauds/45/Mercury/1967
13.Can't Seem to Make You Mine/Seeds/45/GNP/1966
14.Children and Flowers/Shillings/45/Three Rivers/1967
15.Rainy Night in Georgia/LP/Little Jimmy Dempsey/LP/Plantation/1970
16.It Sure Was Fun/Doris Duke/45/Mankind/1975
17.Hello Stranger/Darius/CD/Chartmaker/1968(?)
BED: Classic Funke/Brother Jack McDuff/LP/Blue Note/1971

Set Two: served in a cup of tea

1. If I Really Bug You, Then You Don't Love Me/Jose Feliciano/LP/Rca/1965
2. Down the Line/Hollies/LP/Imperial/1965
3. Lavender Hill/Kinks/LP/Reprise/1973
4. Exhaustion/Salloom Sinclair/LP/Cadet Concept/1970
5. The Three Mushrooms/Gilberto Gil/LP/Paramount/1971
BED: Melting Pot/Booker T & the M.G.'s/LP/Stax/1971

oh how she loved that song

Set Three: don't fly too high

1. Moon Blues/Otis Spann/LP/Bluestime/1969
2. Icarus Revealed/Shades of Joy/LP/Fontana/1969
3. How About That?/Jimmy McCracklin/LP/Minit/1968
BED: You Got Me Hummin'/Sandy Nelson/LP/Imperial/1968

you gave her the watch

Set Four: after our affair, I swore

1. Twilight Woman/49th Parallel/CD/Venture/1969
2. White Lace & Strange/Thunder & Roses/CD/UA/1969
3. Dublin/Thin Lizzy/CD/Deram/1971
4. Still Don't(Not Yet)/La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata/CD/Polydor(Mexico)/1971
5. The Airport Song/Byrds/CD/Columbia-Rhino/1965-198?
BED: If I Were a Carpenter/Herbie Mann/LP/Atlantic/1968

Tha Send Off: It Takes Two to Do Wrong/Bobby Patterson/45/Paula/1973

Outro: Got That Feeling!/Johnny Lytle Trio/LP/Riverside/1963

Guest Stars: Linda Darnell, Dana Andrews, Esther Howard, Charles Bickford, Dick Powell, John Carradine

let's do it again

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/06/06

who's been playing tricks on me?
on the level

Playing With a Marked Deck

After almost a month off, I finally get to select some new sounds for you - and the choices seemed endless. Enjoy the opening bonanza of fuzzy rock, funky soul and some of the finest grooves to spring from the Everglades. George Raft dropped by the studio, but we couldn't get him to say much - maybe next time...
Click on the Little Beaver 45 below to listen, and drive even further south to get all the discographical details - and we'll see you in 2!

hard times & trouble

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/06/06


Set One: a kiss before dying

Intro: Police Woman/Henry Mancini/LP/RCA/1975
1. Double Yellow Line/Music Machine/45/Original Sound/1966
2. Numbers/Terry Knight & the Pack/LP/Lucky Eleven/1966
3. I'm Chief Kamanawanlea-You Showed Me/Turtles/LP/White Whale/1969
4. Lonely Eyes/Candymen/LP/ABC/1967
5. The Lady Barber/Lynn Castle/45/LHI/1969
6. Hubble Bubble/Manfred Mann/LP/Ascot/1965
7. Tu es Impossible/Les Sultans/LP/DSP(Quebec)/1967
8. Chicco/Barrabas/LP/RCA/1972
9. Kissing My Love/Cold Blood/LP/Reprise/1973
10.Dream Some Paradise/New Birth-"Gordon's War" OST/LP/Buddah/1973
11.Fool's Paradise/Sylvers/LP/Pride/1972
12.Joey/Little Beaver/45/CAT/1971
13.All Your Kissin' Sure Don't Make True Lovin'/Betty Wright/LP/Alston/1972
14.Put Pride Aside/Latimore/LP/Glades/1974
15.My Friend Today/Left Banke/LP/Smash/1968
BED: Inner City Blues/Grover Washington, Jr/LP/Kudu/1972

Set Two: am I still sleeping?

1. A Song for Susan/Chris Smithers/LP/Poppy/1970
2. Images of April/Pearls Before Swine/LP/ESP/1969
3. Dark World/Ill Wind/LP/Abc/1969
4. Blues and Trouble/Muddy Waters/LP/Cadet Concept/1969
5. Time of the Preacher Theme/Willie Nelson/LP/Columbia/1975
6. I'd Fight the World/Wanda Jackson/LP/Capitol/1968
BED: I Shot the Sheriff/Redd Holt Unlimited/LP/Paula/1975

just a taste of the good stuff

Set Three: on a trip to the stars

1. Something's Going On/John Fred & His Playboys/LP/Paula/1967
2. Mary Mary/Butterfield Blues Band/LP/Elektra/1966
3. Little Nightingale/Mindbenders/LP/Fontana/1966
4. Warlord of the Royal Crocodiles/Tyrannosaurus Rex/LP/Blue Thumb/1972
5. Raining/Paper Garden/LP/Musicor/1969
6. I'm Dreaming/Wildweeds/45/Cadet Concept/1968
7. Friedman Hill/Curtis Knight/LP/Paramount/1971
BED: Son of a Preacherman/Buddy Merrill/LP/Accent/1970

Set Four: mysteries of chess flossin'

1. Do It With Confidence/Mitty Collier/45/Chess/1967
2. I'm Just What She Needs/Johnny Sayles/45/Chess/1967
BED: Harlem Buck Dance Strut/Les McCann/LP/Atlantic/1973

Guest Stars: George Raft, Sue Lyon, Edward Arnold, Tammany Young

let's go for baroque