Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/18/06

clucks like us
keeping Chicago locked down
it's all one big racket

Hustle to Survive

Just when it seemed I forgot about you, I'm back on the block with some quality merchandise. Real high-grade goods - and it won't cost you a thing. Just a simple click at the center of Fugi below will start the show, with a sound that will find the mainline straight to your heart...the usual suspects are in line - soulful
psychedelia, acid-tinged funk, deep acoustic balladry, power chord rock and all manner of sounds of the past will put you in a fever - don't be surprised if you wake up on a sheetless bunk in a waterfront flophouse, with no recollections but the songs going around inside your head. Maybe that playlist just a bit further down will help to jar your memory.

they call me the liberator

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/18/06


Set One: rehearsing a game I been practicin' on

Intro: Popcorn with a Feeling/James Brown/LP/King/1970
1. Ten and Two/Gene Chandler & Jerry Butler/LP/Mercury/1970
2. Shorty the Pimp/Don Julian & the Larks/CD/Money/1971
3. I Don't Want No Baldheaded Woman/Nathaniel Mayer/LP/(unrlsd)-Norton/1968-2002
4. Dr. Jeckyll & Hyde Park/Mohawks/LP/Pama(UK)/1968
5. The Concentration/Johnny Sayles/45/Chi-Sound/1963
6. Cloud Nine/Marvin Gaye/LP/Motown/1969
7. Feelin' Alright/David Ruffin/LP/Motown/1969
8. Don't Forget About Me/Dusty Springfield/LP/Atlantic/1969
9. Red Moon/Fugi/45/Grand Junction/1970?
10.World of Love/Mandala/LP/Atlantic/1968
11.Nothing You Can Do/Five by Five/LP/Paula/1968
12.Love Buzz/Shocking Blue/LP/Colossus/1969
13.Maze of Love/Dave Clark Five/LP/AIP/1968
14.Buddha/West Coast Pop Art Expirimental Band/LP/Reprise/1968
15.Walk In My Shadow/Free/LP/A&M/1969
BED: Cloud Nine/Mar-Keys/LP/Stax/1969

never to be forgotten

Set Two: padded-down mellow

1. Tinsel & Ivy/Montage/CD/Laurie/1969
2. My Friend/Dino Valente/LP/Epic/1968
3. My Love Is Gone/Del Shannon/CD/EMI(unreleased)/1967
4. The Choice/Julie Driscoll/CD/Polydor(UK)/1969
BED: Things We Said Today/Chet Atkins/LP/RCA/1965

maybe we both did

Julie Driscoll

Set Three: jake leg jump

1. Liza Jane/Dale Hawkins/LP/Argo(UK)/1960
2. Too Late/J.B. Hutto & the Hawks/LP/Delmark/1968
3. Sure Is Worth It/Barbara Lynn/LP/Atlantic/1967
4. Magazine Lady/"Spider" John Koerner & Willie Murphy/LP/Elektra/1967
BED: Stomped & Wasted/Dizzy Gillespie/LP/GWP/1970

super bad
- and his soul lives on

Set Four: me and you against the world

1. I Need You/Other Half/LP/Acta/1968
2. The World ain't Round, It's Square/Savages/CD/Duane/1966
3. Tell Him No/Smith/LP/Dunhill/1968
BED: Tornado/Sonny Stitt/LP/Jazz Masters/1970?

he brought Mission Hill to tears

Set Five: check yourself

1. It's My Own Tears That's Wasted/Johnny Copeland/45/Atlantic/1968??
2. Sweet Darling/Billy Butler/45/Brunswick/1967
The Send Off: Star of Bethlehem/Neil Young/LP/Reprise/1977

the wizard
Guest Stars: Robert Ryan, Harvey Keitel, Joan Leslie, Peter Boyle (RIP), Dick Powell, Barbara Stanwyck (of course)

until next year

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/04/06

DOUBLE UPDATE! 11/20 show also added below!nice to have a genius around
ready if you are

Chisler or Operator?

We're back and the jet engine in my guts is roaring, ready to set forth a sonic boom the likes of which you ain't heard yet. We leave no stone unturned and no turn unstoned today, crossing the country and the oceans to bring the finest in funk, rock, pop, folk and all manner of psychedelia and soul.

Sound like your bag? Then Klick on the Kontroversial Kinks below to get the show started! And Karefully Kruise the playlist further down for all those disKographical details you so strongly desire!

count the days I'm gone

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/04/06


Set One: I use a word that don't mean nothin'

Intro: Psychotic Reaction/Senor Soul/LP/Double Shot/1968
1. Bad News/5 Stairsteps & Cubie/45/Buddah/1969
2. Half-Way Lovin'/Buddy Conner/CD/Early Bird/196?
3. Talkin' Bout a Woman/Coasters/45/King/1972
4. Humpty Dump/Vibrettes/CD/Lujon/1973?
5. There Goes a Girl/Little Johnny Truitt/45/Abet/1966
6. Tea Box/Simtec Simmons/45/Maurci/1968
7. Let's Do It Again/Billy Sha-Rae/45/Triple B/1971?
8. Up Grade/New Life/45/Epic/1968
9. 100 or Two/Springfield Rifle/LP/Burdette/1967
10.You and Love are the Same/Grass Roots/LP/ABC Dunhill/1968
11.Strange Young Girls/Mamas & Papas/LP/ABC Dunhill/1966
12.Headin' for the Texas Border/Flamin' Groovies/LP/Kama Sutra/1970
13.Hang Onto a Dream/Gandalf/LP/Capitol/1969
BED: Country Soul/J.J. Johnson - Man and Boy OST/LP/Sussex/1971

strange things happens

Set Two: rock salt & nails

1. Your Sweet Love/Lee Hazlewood/LP/MGM/1966
2. My Sweet Love Ain't Around/Steve Young/LP/A&M/1969
3. Nathan La Franeer/Noel Harrison/LP/Reprise/1969
4. Woodstock/Godfrey Cambridge/LP/Atlantic/1972
5. Reno, Nevada/Richard & Mimi Farina/LP/Vanguard/1965
6. You Must Have/Emmit Rhodes/LP/ABC Dunhill/1970
BED: Take Me to the Mardi Gras/Bob James/LP/CTI/1972

just a sick kid

Set Three: where's my strap?

1. I Found True Love/Oscar Perry/LP/Home Cooking/1965-1989
2. Tight Skirt & Sweater/Versatones/45/All Star/1958
3. Bad Boy(alt ver)/Larry Williams/LP/Specialty/1958-1986
4. Try Me/Marie Queenie Lyons/LP/Deluxe/1970
5. Just Because/Jo Ann & Troy/45/Atlantic/1965
BED: Got That Feeling/Johnny Lytle/LP/Riverside/1964

unlock the lock

Set Four: ride on, baby

1. Milk Cow Blues/Kinks/LP/Reprise/1965
2. Out of Time/Chris Farlowe/LP/Immediate/1967
3. Strange Feeling/Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers/LP/MFP/1966
4. Run for Your Life/Nancy Sinatra/LP/Reprise/1965
BED: Green Tambourine/Mariano & the Unbelieveables/LP/Capitol/1968

head for the hills

Set Five: don't ask me to be

1. Trip to the Zoo/Tangerine Zoo/LP/Mainstream/1968
2. Candy & a Currant Bun/Pink Floyd/LP/Harvest/1968
3. Friend/Free Ferry/45/Date/1969
BED: Super Bad/Idris Muhammad/LP/Prestige/1971

Guest Stars: Richard Conte, Ted de Corsia, Arlene Dahl, John Payne, Jack Webb, Dana Andrews, Jean Wallace

you must be that smart girl