Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/28/08

you can't sit down
cold sweat

Undercover in an Opium Den

Look at yourself, friend. Dark around the eyes and you haven't shaved in at least 3 days. You're sweating, even though it's cool in here. You've got the hunger, and it shows in your eyes. Hey, I'm no cop - I'm here to help. I've got what you need, and it's the real dope. What do you want - deep soul? hard rock? soft folk with a rockabilly chaser? It's all right in front of you. Just tap on that Fourth Dimension 45 below to open the door to satisfaction ... and close the book on this jones of yours.

And if you find the trip a little too much, if your mind is in a fog and you need direction, just check that playlist further down to help keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

turn that frown around

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/28/08


Set One: let's go steady

Intro: Grand Central Shuttle/Johhny Griffith,Inc/45/RCA/1972
1. I Don't Know Why/Mickey Murray/LP/Federal/1970
2. I'm a Junkie for My Baby's Love/Hank Ballard/45/Chess/1971
3. Me, Myself & I/Norma Jenkins/CD/Carnival/1967
4. Maggie May/Simtec & Wylie/LP/Mister Chand/1971
5. Who Can I Turn To/Jimmy & Louise Tig and Company/45/Bell/1968
6. You Ain't Ready/Billy Butler/LP/Okeh/1966
7. Mini Skirt(instro)/Sleepwalkers/LP/Big Mack-Numero/1968-2008
8. I'll Keep Searching/I'des of March/45/Parrot/1966
9. I'm Crying/Animals/45/MGM/1964
10.Honey I Need/Pretty Things/LP/Fontana/1965
11.Surprise, Surprise/Lulu/LP/Parrot/1967
12.All I Wanna Do/Dion & the Belmonts/LP/ABC/1967
13.Mary Mary/Birdwatchers/CD/Mala/1967
14.You're My Unhappiness/The Fourth Dimension/45/Columbia/1967
16.Long Long Time To Get Old/Great Speckled Bird/LP/Ampex/1969
BED: Express Yourself/Idris Muhammad/LP/Prestige/1971

follow the leaders

willows in a wine bottle

Set Two: warm my sleeping cat

1. It's All In That/Jay Bolotin/LP/Commonwealth United/1970
2. You Tell Me Why/Dynamic Hurseman/LP/IGL-Arf Arf/1965-1994
3. Though It Hurts Me Baby/P.P. Arnold/45/Immediate/1968
4. Some Sunny Day/Millenium/LP/Columbia/1968
5. Daisy/Anything Goes/45/(no label)/1973
BED: Main Theme/Soul of Nigger Charley OST/LP/MGM/1973

doing his own thing
take that, Sylvers!

Set Three: ridin' trucks and waxin' skis

1. I Love My Baby/Duster Bennett/LP/Blue Horizon/1970
2. I'm Comin' Home/Judy Clay/45/Scepter/1964
3. Looking Back/Johnny "Guitar" Watson/LP(comp)/Escort/1961
4. Pinetop/Johnny Jenkins & the Pinetoppers/45/Atlantic/1962
5. Long Legged Girl (with the Short Dress On)/Elvis Presley/LP/RCA/1967
6. Castle In the Sky/Dorsey Burnette/45/Reprise/1962
7. Walk On Out of My Mind/Wanda Jackson/LP/Capitol/1968
BED: Eleanor Rigby/Nite-Liters/LP/RCA/1970

spring is in the air
#1 album of 2008

Set Four: experimenting on my mind

1. Fire/49th Blue Streak/45/MBM/1969
2. Azaar/Orient Express/LP/Mainstream/1969
3. Wicker Vine/Mouse & the Traps/45/Bell/1969
BED: Flatjacks/Willie Rodriguez/LP/Riverside/1964

is there an echo in here?
saz & violence

Guest Stars: William Bendix, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Mitchum, Peter Lorre, Arthur Kennedy, Robert F. Simon, Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson

I'll take you there

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/14/08

skating crossovers
better than any list

Deep Feeling

When the game's on the line and we're living on the clock,
we have to work together and keep everyone involved, a complete team effort. Tic-tac-toe we pass between finger poppin' soul and moody garage, shredding guitars drop off to easy keys, and together we use the full 2 hours to score our goal: pure aural satisfaction. And we did it together, as a team. They can't ever take that away from us.

To drop the puck and join the game, just click on the blue onion below. Lace 'em up tight, have an easy grip on your stick, and keep an open mind. And always remember your playbook just a little further down, to keep up with the action.

we're all heads here

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/14/08


Set One: the peanut machine

Intro: Cotton Carnival/Bill Black's Combo/LP/Mega/196?
1. Zig Zaggin'/Capitols/LP/Atco/1966
2. What's Good For You/Harvey Scales/45/Stax/1972
3. Mama's Little Baby/Kris Peterson/45/Capitol/1968
4. Get My Hands On Some Lovin'/Artistics/LP/Okeh/1965
5. The Goose/Parliaments/45/Revilot/1967
6. Light My Fire/Erma Franklin/LP/Brunswick/1969
7. Big Bird/Cropper, Staples & King/LP/Stax/1969
8. Mary Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip/Fugi/45/Cadet/1968
9. Tried to Hide/13th Floor Elevators/LP/International Artists/1966
10.Something for Me/Liberty Bell/CD/Cee Bee/1967
11.I'm With You/Love/LP/Elektra/1969
12.It's Too Late/Small Faces/LP/Decca(UK)/1966
13.Hold On/Uncle Sam & the War Machine/45/Blue Onion/1966
14.Sometimes I Feel Like Pennsylvania/Lion/CD/Mainstream/1969?
15.Stray/Leaf Hound/CD/Telefunken/1971
BED: Cissy Strut/Houston Person/LP/Prestige/1970

persuasive percussion

girl from the north counry

Set Two: sweeter than warm cherry pie

1. Twenty Ten/Tinkerbell's Fairydust/CD/Decca(uk)/1969
2. April Anne/John Phillips/LP/Warlock/1970
3. Colour That Lightning/Cathy Young/LP/Mainstream/1969
4. I'm Not Like Everybody Else/Sacred Mushroom/CD/Parallax/1969
5. Got a Gal Named Wilma/Hackamore Brick/LP/Kama Sutra/1971
BED: Hey Lawdy Mama/Brother Jack McDuff/LP/Prestige/1965

the vision remains intact
nurtured in the desert

Set Three: pulled from the game

1. Your One and Only Man/Otis Redding/LP/Volt/1965
2. Take Me for a Little While/Mirettes/LP/Revue/1968
3. How Could I Help But Love You/Aaron Neville/LP/Minit/1963
4. Don't Play/Joe Tex/LP/Chess/1963
5. Gone, Gone, Gone/Everly Brothers/LP/Warner Bros/1965
BED: Blue Juice/Jimmy McGriff/LP/Solid State/1968

let 'em know yer there

Set Four: let's get it on

1. I Don't Care/Thor's Hammer/CD/Parlophone(uk)/1966
2. Undecided/Master's Apprentices/CD/Astor(aus)/1966
3. Pictorial/The Children/LP/Atco/1968
BED: Getting It On/Dennis Coffey/LP/Sussex/1971

those new york kids

Guest Stars: Paul Newman, Andrew Duncan, Peter Lorre, Barry Sullivan, Steve Cochran, Michael Ontkean, Dick Powell, Laird Cregar, Strother Martin, Yvon Barrette

closing out with words of wisdom

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/31/08

son of the man Chan
nobody's born that way

Taking It On the Chin

Ok, so maybe I am a little punchy. But I'm not just swinging blind here, chum. I'm not so dazed that I can't pick out the light in the shadows. Try closing your eyes, pal - and just listen. Stay that way for 2 hours and see if you don't find yourself agreeing with me. Just tap on that Buckley kid's eyebrow down below and we'll be underway. 12 rounds of soulful psych, moody folk, ambitious rock and general horseplay - but always above the belt.

Just check your fight card a little further down to get all the dope on these palookas. No cigar smoking, please.

the time is right

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/31/08


Set One: little child running wild

Intro: Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1970
1. Humpback/Eldridge Holmes/45/Jet Set/1966
2. Get Yourself Together/Young Hearts/LP/Minit/1968
3. There Is Nothing I Can Do About It/Mike & the Censations/45/Highland/1968?
4. She's a Bad Girl/Lee Moses/45/Gates/1969
5. Mirror/Willie Tee/CD/Capitol/1970
6. Tribe/Tribe/45/ABC/1973
7. If You Feel It/Ms. Tyree "Sugar" Jones/LP/Big Mack-Numero/1971
8. What's It All About/Sylvers/LP/Pride/1973
9. Come Together/MC5/LP/Elektra/1968
10.Understand Your Man/Tim Buckley/LP/Elektra/1966
11.Who'll Be the Next In Line/Francoise Hardy/LP/Reprise/1969
12.Won't You Say Yes To Me, Girl/Chuck Conlon/45/Marlin/1967
13.Hard Hard Year/The Hollies/LP/Imperial/1966
15.Rain 2000/Titanic/45/Epic/1973
16.The Birth/Edgar Broughton Band/LP/Harvest(UK)/1971
BED: Pass It/Mike Longo/LP/Mainstream/1972

the mass mind

in a karaoke style

Set Two: how can anybody be so square?

1. Don't Make Promises/Tim Hardin/LP/Verve Folkways/1966
2. You Don't Know Her Like I Do/Steve Gillette/LP/Vanguard/1967
3. Sir Robert the Lost Knight/Carolyn Hester Coalition/LP/Metromedia/1969
4. Think I Care/Jeff Monn/LP/Vanguard/1968
5. If Tomorrow Never Comes/Freddie Scott/LP/Probe/1970
BED: Las Vegas Tango/Gary Burton/LP/Atlantic/1970

hanging tough
girls it ain't easy

Set Three: law and order

1. Stinger/Jimmy McCracklin/LP/Minit/1968
2. Don't Do To Me/Lloyd Price/LP/Turntable/1969
3. Run Home to Your Mama/Evie Sands/45/Blue Cat/1965
4. Three Hundred Pounds of Joy/Howlin' Wolf/LP/Cadet Concept/1968
5. Rainbow Road/Arthur Alexander/LP/Warner Bros/1972
BED: Bend Me Shape Me/Ray Rivera/LP/Mercury/1968

getting to the point
a boy's best friend is his mother

Set Four: now I'm glad and you are too

1. How Do You Do/Backstreet/CD/IJF/197?
2. Her Favorite Style/Iron Butterfly/LP/Atco/1969
3. From Above/Q65/LP/Decca(NL)/1967
4. Afraid/Brothers and One/CD/B-One/197?
5. Love Isn't/A.B. Skhy/LP/MGM/1969
BED: Unknown Egyptian "Cover Up" 45/CD/196?

holy shit that hair!

Guest Stars: Keye Luke, Edward G. Robinson, Lynn Bari, Harold Huber, Louis Calhern, Brad Dexter, Paul Valentine

this IS the payoff