Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/18/08

Bring It On Home
won't be made a pet rat

Midday Is My Beat

Back on the streets and trying to find my way. I can contribute to society, I swear - let's start with the MP3 below. It sets off 2 hours filled with high quality sounds from the 60's and early 70's ... sounds both savage and serene, raucous and introspective. From soulful to rocking to mellow, it's all here and it's no angle and not a soft touch.

You can clear my name with just a click on the Sounds, Inc 45 below - and check my rap sheet further down for all the evidence you need to make your decision.

let's go all the way

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/18/08


Set One: Your Love Said You Needed Me

Intro: Soul Brother/Art Butler/45/Epic/1967?
1. Runaway People/Dyke & the Blazers/45/Original Sound/1970
2. Poet/Sly & the Family Stone/LP/Epic/1971
3. Save Me/Aretha Franklin/LP/Atlantic/1967
4. On the Brink/Sounds, Inc/45/Liberty/1967?
5. I Know You Don't Want Me/Endeavors/45/Stop/1970?
6. Cry Like a Baby/Moses Dillard & Tex Town Display/CD/Tex Town/1969
7. You Can Give Your Love To Me/Lou Courtney/45/Verve/1968
8. What You Gonna Do/Nashville Teens/45/MGM/1965
9. Rocks Off/Rolling Stones/LP/London/1972
10.And When It's Over/Vagrants/45/Atco/1968
11.Just a Little/Them/LP/Happy Tiger/1970
12.Sandman/Box Tops/LP/Bell/1968
13.Baby Get Your Head Screwed On/Cat Stevens/LP/Deram/1967
14.You Burn Me Up and Down/We the People/CD/Challenge/1966
15.Janie's Blues/Janis Ian/LP/Verve Forecast/1967
BED: Taurus/Dennis Coffey/LP/Sussex/1972

one of many of them

poet laureate of the Bronx

Set Two: just before you get to the dream

1. No Lonesome Tune/Townes Van Zandt/CD/Poppy/1973
2. She Belongs to Me/T.J. Black/45/Jubilee/1966
3. Come To My Side/Dion & the Belmonts/LP/ABC/1967
4. Many Things are Clear/Sparrow/LP/Spark/1970
5. Everybody's Been Burned/Byrds/LP/Columbia/1967
6. Some People Will Never Know/We All Together/CD/MAG(Peru)/1972
BED: Whiter Shade of Pale/Big Jim Sullivan/LP/Mercury/1968

a man goes through changes
let me show you how

Set Three: be serious, no time for fun

1. I'm Not Ashamed/Bobby McClure/45/Checker/1965
2. You Must Believe Me/The Larks/LP/Money/1965
3. I Need You So/Irma Thomas/LP/Imperial/1964
4. If I Were a Strongman/King Solomon/45/Stanson/197?
BED: Fat Cat Strut/Quincy Jones & Ray Brown/LP/Symbolic/1970

reflections in a golden sky

Set Four: Sic Semper tyrannis

1. Changes/Moby Grape/LP/Columbia/1967
2. Hand in Hand/Bob Mosely/LP/Reprise/1972
3. Back to Philadelphia/Ford Theatre/LP/ABC/1968
BED: Serenata/Willie Rodriquez/LP/Riverside/1964
Send Off: You'll Never Walk Alone/Gerry & the Pacemakers/45/Laurie/1964

no room to breathe
falsetto of fury

Guest Stars: Sterling Hayden, Edward G. Robinson, Gene Nelson, Phyllis Kirk, Bobby Mitchum, Jerry Blavat, Jane Greer

packing heat

Friday, February 15, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for The Intercontinental (Guest Host) 02/13/08

could seduce them with a grocery list

Special treat (for me) this week, as I get to sit in on Jesse Kaminsky's untouchable program, The Intercontinental! For 2 hours I comb the earth's surface and bring back the finest non-English jammie-jams that I can find ... some songs you may know by others, some you won't and may never hear again. Ignore my fried rantings between sets and you'll be all the better for it.

BIG THANKS to Jesse for the invite, and be sure to check out
The Intercontinental every Wednesday 6-8PM EST at 88.1FM / Wmbr.org!

don't let me down

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Playlist for The Intercontinental, 02/13/08


Set One
1. Kaw-Liga/Silver Band/CD/(Thailand) 196?
2. Ne Hidd El/Zalatnay Sarolta/CD/(Hungary) 1969
3. Infierno/Los Diablos/LP/Musimex/1970
4. Impressoes Digitas/Liverpool/CD/Equipe(Brazil)/1969
5. a Conselhar e'Facil/Os Caculas/LP/RCA(Brazil)/1969
BED: Capricorn/Donato-Deodato/LP/Muse/1973

Set Two
1. Todo Gira/Los Impala/LP/Sonoplay(Venezuela)/196?
2. Bum Bum/Chucho/CD/"Ella Lelego el Amor" OST(Spain)/1969
3. V'Enredi M'Obsede/Los Hou Lops/LP/Apex(Quebec)/1968
4. Si J'etais Un Charpenteir/Johnny Hallyday/LP/Philips(France)/1968
5. Simpatia en Soul/Los Jovenes/LP(Vampisoul)(Spain)/196?
BED: Mecca Interlude/Buddy Sarkissian/LP/Cameo/196?

Set Three
1. Jala Con Joey/Joey Pastrana/LP/Cotique/1968
2. Little Boogaloo/Los Barbarians/CD/4 Points(Puerto Rico)/197?
3. Uno, Dos, Tres/Los 3 Sudamericanos/LP/Belter(Paraguay)/1967
4. Si Tu Me Quieres a Mi/Chuito & the Latin Uniques/CD/Speed/1970
BED: Heavy Duty/Barrio Band/LP/Coco/1976

tu perds ton temps (Ronnie Bird)

Set Four
1. Se Alquen Chorou/Ronnie Von/CD/Polydor(Brazil)/1967
2. Fais Attention/Ronnie Bird/LP/Decca(France)/1966
3. Zoologico Negro/Bailando/LP/Musart(Mexico)/196?
4. Mi Amor Mi Amigo/Chayito/LP/ECO(Mexico)/1968
5. Pretty Ballerina/Maurizio Arcieri/CD/Bluebell(Italy)/1967
BED: Lobo Bobo/Juarez & His Orch/LP/ABC/196?

Set Five
1. Menina Mulher Da Pele Preta/Jorge Ben/LP/Philips(Brazil)/1974
2. Azucar Quemada/La Kabala/CD/RCA(Peru)/1971
3. Caboclo/Arthur Verocai/CD/(Brazil) 1972
4. Con-Medo, Con-Pedro/Gal Costa/LP/Philips(Brazil)/1969
BED: Bubblesong/La Pierre Que Grince/CD/(France)2006

Set Six
1. Ma Non e Gusto/Neil McArthur/CD/Deram(Italy)/1969
2. Laissez Nous Vivre/Les Lutins/LP/Franco-Elite(Quebec)/1968
3. Yom Pha Barn Norn Pawaa/Paiboon/CD(Thailand)/196?
4. Tempo e Vento/O Terco/CD(Brazil)/1969?
5. Y'a Des Souris(Chez Nous)/Richard Tate/LP/Deram(Quebec)/1974
6. Aopora/Tymah & Conquest/CD(Russia)/1999
BED: Gamboa/Brazilian Octopus/CD/(Brazil)1970

j'ai compris

Guest Stars: Mireille Balin, Jean Gabin, Lucas Gridoux, Marcel Dalio

La Place Blanche

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/04/08

a band of merry men (the little boy blues)
puttin' a muzzle on that attaboy lingo

Going Straight

Alright you guys, I know times are tough. But you gotta keep your chin up and your left shoulder, too. That's your guard, pal. But most of all, keep your ears open and use that right hook of yours for something constructive, like clicking on the V-Tone disc below and getting you some of that stuff that can't be had from book learnin'. Maybe not so refined but straight from the heart, and artfully chosen.
Can I make it any clearer? Sure - it's 2 hours, that's 120 minutes, of the finest sounds that spun on turntables of the 1960's and 70's. Forget a format. Just let it
ride, and see what turns up - play the black and the red and you can't lose.
If you just gotta have an edge, check that playlist further down for the straight dope.

cash in the bank

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/04/08


Set One: Let's Get Together

Intro: Chicag-O-Hawk/Electric Indian/45/UA/1969
1. Show Place/Otis Clay/45/One-Der-Ful/1967
2. Psychedelic Shack/Temptations/LP/Motown/1970
3. Straight Ahead/Bobby Boyd Congress/CD/Okapi(France)/1971
4. Skin I'm In/Chairmen of the Board/LP/Invictus/1974
5. What You Laid On Me/Ann Peebles/LP/Hi/1971
6. Changes/Saturday/45/Ru Jac/1971
7. Are You Gonna Be There(instro)/Chocolate Watchband/45/Sundazed/1967-1995
8. Love's Gone Bad/Chris Clark/45/VIP/1966
9. Love Muscle/Spirits of Blue Lightning/LP(comp)/Lavender/1967
10.Tears In My Heart/Dusty Greyrock/45/RCA/1968
11.I Haven't Got the Nerve/Left Banke/LP/Smash/1967
12.I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/Loose Ends/LP(comp)/Decca/1966
13.Seed of Love/Little Boy Blues/LP/Fontana/1968
14.You're Looking Down a Road/Ross/LP/RSO/1974
BED: Hurts So Bad/Grant Green/LP/Blue Note/1969

mood music

and they ride atop a giant sperm

Set Two: feel me tremble

1. You Tell Me Why/Surfaris/LP/Decca/1966
2. Commencement/Chuck & Mary Perrin/CD/Webster's Last Word-Revola/1968-2005
3. Lalena/Donovan/CD/Epic/1968(request)
4. Colored Balls Falling/Love/LP/Elektra/1966
5. Shooting Star/Gene Clark/LP/A&M(holland)/1973
6. Snow Queen/The City/LP/Ode/1969
BED: Monday Monday/Eddie Cano/CD/Dunhill/1967

come forth and testify

Set Three: she turn on the television

1. What Side of the Door/Jimmy Hughes/45/Volt/1968
2. Pleasin' Woman/Lee Lamont/45/Back Beat/1966
3. Keep on Dancin'(instro)/Alvin Cash & Scott Bros Orch/45/Toddlin' Town/1969
4. Baby Baby All the Time/Superbs/45/Dore/1964
5. Mama Get Your Hammer/Bobby Peterson Quintet/45/V-Tone/1961
6. Thinkin' About You/The Peps/45/D-Town/1965
BED: Theme from Bullitt/Wilton Felder/LP/World Pacific/1970

things unknown and others more familiar than you knew

Set Four: let the old ones make believe

1. Oh Pretty Woman/Spiders/LP/Decca(japan)/1969
2. Telegraph is Calling/Pawnshop/CD/RRC(italy)/1971
3. I Am a Want Ad/Ten Wheel Drive feat Genya Ravan/45/Polydor/1969
4. Shape of Things to Come/Glad/LP/ABC/1968
BED: Trains & Boats & Planes/Moe Kaufman/LP/Jubilee/1968

open interpretations
impressions of the impressions

Guest Stars: Jane Bryan, Mitch, Harold Huber, Barry Sullivan, Jane Greer, and introducing Edward G. Robinson

bobo bobo all the time