Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/27/2010

all roads lead to KTG

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/27/10


Set One: love her like something from a story book

Intro: Hogin' Machine/Les Baxter - Hell's Belles OST/LP/Sidewalk/1970
1. Mountain of Soul/Tommy Payton/45/Staff/1966?
2. Pretty Plaid Skirt (and Long Black Socks)/Mel Smith and the Night Riders/45/Sue/1959
3. On a Sunny Day/Deon Jackson/45/Carla/1967
4. Blind Am I/Uptight Sound Creation/45/Mercury/1969
5. Going Down a One-Way Street (the Wrong Way)/Little Ann/45/Ric Tic/1968
6. Stone Soul Booster/Buzzie/45/Gordy/1970
7. Eddie's Groove/Eddie Armen & Staff/45/Capitol/1967
8. Grounded/The Syn/CD/Deram(uk)/1967
9. I Need Somebody/Ed Wool & the Nomads/45/Rca/1965
10.Bo Diddley/Barbarians/LP/Laurie/1966
11.Hurtin' All Over/Creatures/45/Columbia/1966
12.The Shadow Knows/Charlatans/45/Kapp/1966
13.Father's Name Is Dad/Fire/CD/Decca(uk)/1968
14.Love Psalm/Stone Country/45/Rca/1968
15.Eagle's Son/Electric Banana/LP/DeWolfe-Butt/1969-1979
BED: Life Cycle/Earth Disciples/LP/Solid State/1969

the fruition of all my 45 ambition

courtesy of Mom and Dad and Santy Claus

Set Two: take all my sorrow

1. Mister Watchmaker/Blossom Toes/LP/Polydor(ger)/1967
2. No Exit/Grass Roots/LP/Dunhill/1967
3. Go Now, Deborah/Eric Andersen/LP/Warner Brothers/1970
4. Long Time/Rose Garden/LP/Atco/1967
5. Farewell to Sally Brown/Levitt & McClure/LP/Warner Seven-Arts/1969
BED: Red Clay/Jack Wilkins/LP/Mainstream/1973

like platform shoes for the soul

Set Three: deep as the abyss

1. Break-a-Way/Irma Thomas/45/Imperial/1964
2. I'll Do It For You/Toussaint McCall/LP/Paula/1967
3. Her Mama Won't Leave Us Alone/Eddie James/45/Startown/45/1971
4. Yearning for Love/Irresistibles/45/Imperial/1966
5. You May See Me Cry/Best Things/45/United Artists/1967
6. Long Black Hearse/Cliff Gleaves/45/Liberty/1960
7. Across the Street (Is a Million Miles Away)/Eddie Hodges/45/Aurora/1965
8. Auld Lang Syne/Honey and the Bees/45/Chess/1969
BED: Cissy Strut/Houston Pearson/LP/Prestige/1970

exposing the evil lurking within

Set Four: loaded six-strings

1. That's Life/Wild Cherries/45/Festival(aus)/1967
2. Experiment In Color/Blues Company/LP(comp)/AMG/1967
3. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone/Flies/CD/Decca(uk)/1966
4. Country Woman/Jelly Bean Bandits/LP/Mainstream/1967
5. Steal My Heart Away/Lucy Blue/45/Big Tree/1971
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

don't get locked in

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/13/2010

do it. click it. now.

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/13/10


Set One: there is no Easter Bunny

Intro: Do the Whip/Gravities/45/Mercury/1967
1. You Got It/Kenneth Fickens/45/Mitchie's Records/1974
2. There's a Heartache Somewhere/Jackey Beavers/45/SS7/1970
3. I Can Dig It Baby/Little Beaver/45/Cat/1975
4. Pick Yourself Up/E.G. Taylor & the Sounds of Soul/45/Val/19??
5. What Can Go Wrong/Thrills/45/Capitol/1966
6. There Was a Time/Gene Chandler/LP/Brunswick/1968
7. Schooner/Les Baxter-"Bora Bora" OST/LP/American International/1970
8. Crawdaddy Simone/Syndicats/LP(comp)/Columbia(uk)/1965
9. Come On and Sing/Rattles/LP/Mercury/1966
10.Go Ahead/Squires/45/Atco/1966
11.The Girl Who Faded Away/Hangmen/45/Monument/1966
12.Did He Die/Seeds/45/MGM/1970
13.You Don't Have To/Beeds/45/Team/1968
14.Model Village/Penny Peeps/LP(comp)/Liberty(uk)/1968
15.Why Not Tonight/Treetops/LP/Columbia(uk)/1972
BED: Thinking Black/Ike Turner/LP/Pompeii/1970

say you wanna get high

Set Two: songs of the town, songs of the wood

1. Like a Wheel/Susan Taylor/LP/JMI/1972
2. Say It Isn't Over/Val Stöecklein/LP/Dot/1968
3. You Make the Sunshine/Temprees/LP/We Produce/1973
4. Cry Alone/Guardians of the Rainbow/45/President/1968
5. Echoes/Ravin' Image/45/Capitol/1969?
BED: Get Off My Back/Odell Brown & the Organ-Izers/LP/Cadet/1967

can also be listened to while seated

Set Three: true love is not a crime

1. Do the Ginger Snap/Little Bobby Moore/45/Federal/1962
2. Robot Walk/Pat and Lolly Vegas/45/Apogee/1964
3. 8 Men 4 Women/O.V. Wright/LP/Back Beat/1967
4. Playgirl/Pat Hodges/45/Keymen/1966
5. Young Blood/Coasters/45/Atco/1957
6. Tryin' To Get To You/Roy Orbison/LP/Sun/1956
7. Love Keeps a'Rollin'/Johnny Burnette/LP(comp)/Liberty/1961
8. There Won't Be any Snow (Christmas in the Jungle)/Derrik Roberts/45/Roulette/1965
9. Jing Jing a Ling/Honey and the Bees/45/Chess/1969
BED: Cissy Strut/Houston Pearson/LP/Prestige/1970

she can't be tied

and I want it.

Set Four: baby, that was rock and roll

1. Lovin' Cup/Triumphs/CD/Genuine/1967
2. Children of Rain/Electric Prunes/LP/Reprise/1967
3. Nervous Shakin'/Kansas Hook/LP/Decca(uk)/1971
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

I saw the rising of the sun

Monday, December 06, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/06/2010

seriously - blame Bob Dubrow!

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/06/10 - the "short notice special!"


Set One: they said I could win

1. Downtown Soulville/Chuck Edwards/CD/Punch/1967
2. Bootleggin'/Simtec & Wylie/45/Mister Chand/1971
3. Turn Me Loose/Lois Lane/45/Wand/1964
4. You're Bein' Brainwashed, Baby/Experts/45/Whirl World/196?
5. You Can't Blame Me/Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr/45/Capsoul/1971
6. Don't Go Away Baby/Frank Lyndon/CD(comp)/Uptown/1967?
7. Trippin'/Interpretations/45/Jubilee/1969
8. Fortune Teller/Tony Jackson & the Vibrations/CD(comp)/Pye(uk)/1965
9. Come Along and Dream/Lincolns/LP(comp)/Tripp/1969
10.Smokes/Question Mark & the Mysterians/LP/Cameo Parkway/1966
11.Nightmare/Whyte Boots/LP/Mercury/1967
12.Livin' On/13th Floor Elevators/LP/International Artists/1969
13.Slow Death/Flamin' Groovies/CD/Norton/1971
BED: I Want to Hold Your Hand/Gary McFarland/LP/Verve/1967

Set Two: the moon was just out of reach

1. Blue Water Blue/Tommy Flanders/LP/Verve Forecast/1969
2. When You Were With Me/Choir/LP/Sundazed/1967
3. It Was a Pleasure Then/Nico/LP/Verve/1967
4. Jameson/Right By My Side/LP/Verve/1967
5. Pass Through Like the Lightning/Sly Boots/LP/Faithful Virtue/1971
BED: Grant Green/LP/Blue Note/1971

Set Three: lady lady lady

1. That's a Pretty Good Love/Big Maybelle/LP(comp)/Savoy/1956
2. I've Been Trying/Fabulous Peps/45/We Three/1967
3. Ain't It Funny/Ronnie Walker/45/Philips/1967
4. I Don't Want to Cry/Dawn & the Pastels/45/Steady/1968
5. A Quiet Place/Garnett Mimms/LP/UA/1963
6. Happiness is Havin'/Beaver & the Trappers/LP(comp)/White Cliffs/1966
7. Lover's Rock/Johnny Horton/LP/Columbia/1957

BED: Vinnie Bell/LP/Verve/1965

Set Four: never thought you were groovy

1. Rain/Kak/45/Epic/1968
2. Shadows of Your Mind/Plastic Cloud/45/Allied(can)/1968
3. Feel Like a Woman/Troggs/CD/Pye(uk)/1972
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973