Thursday, February 24, 2005

...or less...
Was He Above It All?

Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/21/05


Set One: 25 Miles in 35 Minutes

Intro: Baby Batter/Harvey Mandel/LP/Janus/1972
1. Ninety-Nine & One Half/Fever Tree/LP/Uni/1968
2. Black Skin Blue-Eyed Boys/The Equals/45/Shout/1972
3. You Got Me Hummin'/Cold Blood/45/San Francisco/1969
* Asphalt Jungle, "Nobody tells me to shut up"
4. Give Me One More Chance/Wilmer & the Dukes/45/Aphrodisiac/1968
5. He's Gonna Step On You Again/John Kongos/45/Elektra/1971
6. Game Is My Middle Name/Betty Davis/LP/Just Sunshine/1973
7. Sal-A-Faster/Swamp Dogg/45/Canyon/1969
8. Flight to Cuba/Fire/CD/Bay Town-Harmless/1969-2000
9. Es Tu Cosa (It's Your Thing)/Joe Bataan/45/Fania/1971
10. Twenty-Five Miles/Edwin Starr/LP/Motown/1969
11. Give It To Me/The Mob/Colossus/45/1971
BED: Twenty-Five Miles/Reuben Wilson/LP/Blue Note/1969

Set Two: ...In Which, My Nerves Are Shot.

1. I'm Nervous/Bobby Lewis/45/Saber/1963
2. It's Too Late/Pedestrians/45/Atco/1966
* Sterling Hayden, "That Was a Rotten Year."
3. Poor Ole Me/Wanda Jackson/45/Capitol/1968
4. Born on the Bayou/The Short-Kuts/45/Pepper/1969
5. You Don't Owe Me/The Blue Ridge Rangers/45/Fantasy/1973
6. Willie Jean/Aorta/45/Happy Tiger/1970
BED: J.O.S./Jimmy Smith/LP/Blue Note/1958

Set Three: You Are Number Six

1. I'm Number One/Sam Baker/45/Seventy-Seven/196?
2. Stop Sneaking Around/Brenda & the Tabulations/45/1969
3. I'm Sorry/The Steelers/45/Date/1969
4. I Want Justice/Jimmy Hughes/45/Fame/1965
5. I've Been Trying/Nu-Sound Express/45/Silver Dollar/1971
* 'Black Shampoo' Radio Spot, "He Just Doesn't Have the Equipment"
6. Turn Me Loose/Lois Lane/45/Wand/1964
Bed: Funky Broadway/Jimmy Smith/LP/Verve/1968

Set Four: Frauds & Sods

1. Looking for Love To Come My Way/Smoke Ring/45/Buddah/1969
2. Stragglin' Behind/The Lemon Pipers/LP/Buddah/1968
3. Cowboys & Indians/The Epic Splendor/45/Hot Biscuit Disc Company/1967
4. Ivy, Ivy/Left Banke/45/Smash/1967
* R.I.P. H.S.T.
5. Black Magic White Magic/Phantom/45/Capitol/1973
6. I Won't Let It 'appen Agen/Slade/45/Polydor/1972
BED: Lolita/Jimmy Smith/LP/Verve/1972

Set Five: Chaos Theory Debunked

1. Nobody Wins Till the Game Is Over/Sir Mack Rice/45/Truth/1974
2. The House That Jack Built/Thelma Jones/45/Barry/1968
3. Runaway Child, Running Wild/Earl Van Dyke/45/Soul/1969
BED: Get Out My Life Woman/Jimmy Smith/LP/Verve/1968
Outro: Ballad of a Blackman/Huey Piano Smith/45/Instant/1970

...two 2-hour shows in one 15-hour period was a bit challenging, but after feeling anxiety throughout this L&F program, I think it came off always, the music saves the day from my inane prattle! Phone calls: one woman hates the Betty Davis, a guy wants to sell me 45's, then another first - a caller actually responds to my request for artist info (reading to me from his CD liner notes about Sam Baker), a guy wants to buy the CD the Fire track "Flight to Cuba" is on, calls about 90 minutes after I played the song...I haven't even broken a sweat yet...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Date With the Snow
many wavelengths

Playlist for Soul Spectrum Guest Host Slot, 02/20/2005

...filled in on WMBR program "Soul Spectrum" this past Sunday at 8PM, thanks to show host/creator & holder of tha white label 12" Josh McDermott graciously lending me the keys while he was off working and playing in NOLA...had a great time, played some dope music and hopefully kept up the standard...just wish I hadn't lost my copy of the show, now I can never hear it or share it...peep the playlist, the last bit of evidence that it even happened:


Set One: expanding heads banned

Intro: Rafiki/Neal Creque/45/Cobblestone/1972
1. Let Me Entertain You/The Controllers/45/Juana/1980
2. When You Wake Up Tomorrow/Candi Staton/45/Warner Bros/1980
3. Whatcha Think About That/B.T. Express/45/Roadshow/1975
4. Expansions/Lonnie Liston Smith/LP/Flying Dutchman/1975
5. I Got My Mind Made Up/Instant Funk/45/Salsoul/1978
6. Girl, You Need a Change of Mind/Eddie Kendricks/LP/Tamla/1972
7. Front Row Romeo/Strutt/LP/Brunswick/1975
8. Excedrin Headache #24/Truth/45/1976
9. What Do You Want Me To Do/Lou Courtney/45/Epic/1973
BED: Burning Spear/Soulful Strings/45/Cadet/1967

Set Two: don't cross the streams!

1. Movin' In the Right Direction/Steve Parks/LP/Solid Smoke-Luv-n-Haight/197?-1993
2. The Bottle/Gil Scott Heron/45/Arista/1976
3. Nowhere/Hokis Pokis/45/Shield/1975
4. Do It/Hott Snow/45/R' Cade/1974
5. The Power of Love/Wardell Piper/45/Midsong/1980
6. Blood Is Thicker Than Water/William DeVaughan/45/Roxbury/1974
7. Don't Leave Me/Lamont Dozier/LP/Invictus-Sequel/1974-1999
8. You Make Me So Hot/Barbara Lynn/45/Atlantic/1973
9. Somebody, Someplace/Garnet Mimms/45/GSF/1972
10. Girl I Betcha/Hi-Tension/45/Island/1978
BED: West Coast Drive/V.I.P. Connection/45/Morningstar/1975

Set Three: Smoothe Everything Over

1. It Ain't Your Sign, It's Your Mind/Roy Ayers/LP/Polydor/1978
2. If You Want Me To Stay/Sly Stone/45/Epic/1973
3. Never Gonna Stop/Linda Clifford/LP/Curtom/1979
4. Trying To Get Next To You/Arnold Blair/45/Gemigo/1975
5. Forgot To Be Your Lover/William Bell/45/Stax/1968
6. I Get Lifted/George McCrae/45/TK/1974
7. Beggin' Is Hard To Do/The Montclairs/45/Paula/1970
8. Rocket Love/Stevie Wonder/45/Tamla/1980
BED: Changing Things/Prophets of Soul/LP/Dakar/1973
Out: Come Into My Life/Bill Summers/45/Prestige/1976

...thanks again to Josh, and please check out his show Sunday nights at 8PM on 88.1 WMBR:

and be sure to drop by his website:

for more info on Soul Spectrum including his own playlists...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Here Come the D'oh!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/07/05


Set One: House of Cards

Intro: Hot Wind/Hell's Belles OST.Baxter/LP/Sidewalk/1969
1. Here Come the Girls/Ernie K. Doe/LP/Janus/1972
2. Happy Feet/Robert Parker/45/Nola/1966
3. Do Your Thing/Issac Hayes/45/Enterprise/1971
4. Planets of Life/The Whispers/45/Soul Clock/1969
5. Stanga/Little Sister/45/Stoneflower/1970
6. Do the Football/Acres of Grass/LP/Ovide.Funky Finger/1971.198?
7. Crazy Horses/Osmonds/45/MGM/1972
8. Let the Good Times Roll, Everybody/Little Beaver/45/Cat/1975
9. 1,2 Brown Eyes/Them/LP/Parrot/1965
10. Tightrope/Ten Wheel Drive w/Genya Ravan/45/Polydor/1969
11. Save Your Sugar For Me/Tony Joe White/45/1970
12. Willie and Laura Mae Jones/Dusty Springfield/45/Atlantic/1969
13. Love Won't Start/Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin/45/Brunswick/1968
14. Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do/Betty Wright/45/Alston/1970
15. Talking the Teenage Language/The Lost Generation/45/Brunswick/1971
BED: Green Onions/Mongo Santamaria/LP/Columbia/1968

Set Two: Making All the Pieces Fit

1. You Don't Have to Walk In the Rain/The Turtles/45/White Whale/1969
2. Biding My Time/Magic Lanterns/45/Atlantic/1967
3. Rose Colored Corner/Lynn Castle/45/LHI/1968
4. Pam/Crazy Elephant/45/Bell/1969
5. I'm Not the Same/Corporate Image/45/MGM/1967
6. The Best Of It/Thorinshield/45/Philips/1967
7. Shadows On the Wall/Poppy Family/45/London/1971
8. Forever Gone/The Mauds/45/Mercury/1968
9. Sugar Honey/Jim Capaldi/45/Island/1975
10. Scarecrow/Pink Floyd/CD/Harvest/1969 (req)
11. The Morning After/Count Five/45/Double Shot/1966
BED: Respects to Mr. Jones/Blue Mink/45/Philips/1970

Set Three: Just As Bad As You

1. All Your Goodies are Gone/The Parliaments/45/Revilot/1967
2. You're Gonna Miss Me/Ann Sexton/45/Seventy Seven/1973
3. My Honey and Me/Luther Ingram/45/Ko Ko/1969
4. Soul Walkin'/Hard Rock Jackson/Crappy MP3 Burn/Vam/1969
5. Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me/Jimmy Ruffin/45/Soul/1968
6. My World Is Empty/Barbara McNair/45/Motown/1965
7. Ain't That Peculiar/George Tindley/45/Wand/1969
8. Loving You Is Killing Me/Freddie Scott/45/Shout/1968
9. I Need It Just As Bad As You/Laura Lee/45/Invictus/1974
10. Slaughter's Theme/James Brown/LP/Polydor/1973
BED: Lady In Cement/Paul Desmond/45/A&M/1967

...just stretched out and played 45's today, sets averaging 40 minutes each...maybe I'm just trying to force people to read this page? Lots of recent favorites here, the "astrology" song by the Whispers, the Snoop Dogg 1971 track, and I really loved all those lite Psych 45's in the middle best of all...I liked being an Underdog better than being a Dynasty...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

gimme gimme gimme