Wednesday, June 28, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/26/06

slow, steady, stubborn...
first is first -
and second is nobody


When first is first and second is nobody, the pressure can really come on strong. Especially when you're a DJ with a solitary life and a yen for a sound you can't find. Searching, searching - in every dark alley and dusty old curio shop in town. Sometimes you score, and sometimes you wake up at the wheel of a brakeless sedan, with a lump on your head the size of a baseball, and a fifth of tequila poured down your shirtfront.

Not this time, pal. Today the good guys win - and it's all here in black & silver just in case you're skeptical - and need proof.

Simply CLICK ON those King Pins of crime below and "use them" to bring this sound to life. It all gets started around 2 minutes in.
Oh, and that list of names so many died to get safely in my hands? Well, it just happens to be reprinted a little further down, to assist you in cracking the case.

til I'm all used up

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/26/06


Set One: any dance that you wanna do

Intro: Long Distance/Garnell Cooper & the Kin Folks/45/Jubilee/1963
1. Up In Heah/Junior Wells/LP/Blue Rock/1968
2. Messin' With the Kid/Baby Huey & the Babysitters/45/Satellite/1965
3. You're Using Me/Kingpins/45/Federal/1964
4. It/Ron & Bill/45/Argo/1959
5. Get Right/Players/45/Minit/1966
6. I See the Lovelight/Dianne & Carole/CD/Speed/196?
7. Right On/Ray Barretto/LP/Fania/1972
8. Keep On Moving/El Chicano/LP/Kapp/1971
9. Enciende Mi Fuego/Los Ovids/LP/Eco(Mexico)/1968
10.Thanks for Sunday/Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart/LP/A&M/1969
11.Black Is White Day Is Night/Five Americans/LP/Abnak/1967
12.Got a Feelin'/Mamas & the Papas/LP/Dunhill/1966
13.Just Like a Woman/Manfred Mann/LP/Philips/1966
14.Both Sides Now/Kim Weston/45/Banyan Tree/1970?
15.(Ain't Nothin' But a)House Party/J. Geils Band/LP/Atlantic/1973
BED: She's a Rainbow/Groovin' Strings/LP/Cub/1968

don't get cute

Set Two: sunrays splintered by leaves

1. My Way To be Hurt/Oriental Sunshine/CD/Philips(Norway)-Sunbeam/1969-2006
2. Cheyenne/John Stewart/LP/Warner Brothers/1972
3. Right By My Side/Jameson/Verve/LP/1967
4. The War Song/Jon Lucien/LP/RCA/1973
5. Harlem Hendoo/Al Hirt/LP/RCA/1967
6. I Loved Another Woman/Freddie North/LP/Abet/1970
7. The Last Time/Candy & the Kisses/CD/Scepter/1966
8. Ain't Nobody Like My Babe/Dennisons/LP/Decca/1964
BED: I Will Wait For You/Bob Crewe Generation/LP/Dynovoice/1968

get your penalty kicks

Set Three: just enough to satisfy

1. You Hit the Spot/Gloria Taylor/CD/Flaming Arrow/196?
2. The Forest of Black/Dirty Filthy Mud/CD/Worex/1968
3. No One/Legay/CD/Fontana(UK)/1968
4. Bunny Lake Promo-I Love You/Zombies/CD/1965
5. Break In the Road/Betty Harris/LP/SSS/1969
6. Big Bird/Eddie Floyd/LP/Stax/1968
BED: Midnight Montuno/Latin Jazz Quintet/LP/Trip/1970

Belgian Pop meets Philip K. Dick

Set Four: she don't wear the same clothes twice

1. Plaid Stamps/Monticellos/CD/Cool/196?
2. I'm Gonna Run Away From You/Tammi Lynn/LP/Cotillion/1972
3. I Love You/Eddie Holman/LP/ABC/1969
BED: Cotton Carnival/Bill Black's Combo/LP/Springboard/1969

Guest Stars: Richard Conte, James Cagney, Dan Duryea, Elizabeth Scott,
Humphrey Bogart, Jack Webb

lonely housewives - the root of all evil

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/12/06

supermarket smokers
true psychedelia

They Live By Night

Down these mean streams a man must go.
Who can you really trust?
Just relax, listen to the soothing music, and don't mind that pin prick. No, the needles here aren't hypodermic - just hi-fidelity, and we ask you to trip with us through the haze of June as we apply them to the wax. We'll explore urban bohemian funk, the birth of metal, see what 1964 had to offer besides Beatlemania, and many other sides of the reflective gem of this golden era.
Don't stare too closely at the center, though -
...and don't forget to feed the cat.
If your trip begins to turn strange, your guide is waiting below to set you straight. Close your eyes. We are here to help you.

the end of time

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/12/06


Set One: what I need a cat for?

Intro: Give the Women What They Want/Dave "Baby" Cortez/LP/T-Neck/1970
1. This is the Beginning/Leon's Creation/45/Studio 10/1970
2. Purple Haze/Johnny Jones & the King Casuals/45/Brunswick/1968
3. Down in the Village/Curtis Knight/LP/Paramount/1970
4. Boogaloo Tramp/A.C. Reed/45/Nike/1968
5. Solitary Woman/Della Reese/45/ABC/1966
6. Love, I Can't Seem To Find It/Larry Williams/45/Venture/1968
7. I Think I've Suffered Enough/Don "Sugarcane" Harris/LP/MPS/1974
8. If She Kiss You Once - Will She Kiss You Again?
9. Blue Ice/The Litter/LP/Probe/1969
10.Something's Happening/Last Friday's Fire/45/LHI/1969
11.Son of Fantasy/The Hook/LP/UNI/1968
12.Hansel & Gretel/Circus Maximus/LP/Vanguard/1968
13.You are the One For Me/Charles Wright/LP/ABC/1973
BED: /Monty Alexander/LP/Pablo/197

under the wing of The Duke exit de la gato

Set Two: waiting at the station

1. Learning the Game/Buddy Holly/LP/MCA/1959
2. Love Minus Zero-No Limit/Bob Dylan/LP/Columbia/1965
3. Gonna Leave You Alone/Merry-Go-Round/LP/A&M/1967
4. I (Who Have Nothing)/Lil' Ray/LP/Rhino/1964
5. It's Over/Roy Orbison/45/Monument/1964
6. I've Got a Feelin'/Billy Preston/LP/Apple/1970
7. You Don't Care/Arthur Alexander/LP/Dot-Ace/1964-1982
8. Don't Do It No More/Charlie & Inez Foxx/LP/Symbol/1964
9. I'm Gonna Fly/Lee Hazlewood/LP/Reprise/1965
BED: Chifti Sands/Buddy Sarkissian & His Mecca Four/LP/Cameo/1963

sports car enthusiasts

Set Three: start pressing buttons

1. You're Gonna Miss Me/The Zoo/LP/PKC/1967
2. No Blood in Bone/Terry Jacks/LP/(unreleased)-Neptoon/1968-1982
3. Hide & Seek/Feminine Complex/LP/Athena/1969
4. In My Mind Lives a Forest/Rainy Daze/LP/Uni/1967
5. There Will Never Be Another Day/Pretty Things/LP/Fontana/1967
BED: Darkest Light/Lafayette Afro Rock Band/CD/Makossa/1974

smooth criminal

Set Four: sometimes good guys don't wear white

1. Groovy Situation/Mel & Tim/LP/Bamboo/1969
2. What Have I Got To Lose/Jean Wells/LP/Calla/1968
3. Do Right Man/Little Beaver/CD/Saadia/196?
BED: Never Gonna Give You Up/Soulful Strings/LP/Cadet/1970

Guest Stars: Steve Cochran, Peter Lorre, Alan Ladd, Henry Gibson,
Sterling Hayden, Doris Dowling, Elliot Gould, Rodney Moss, Jerry Jones, Steve Coit

all drugged up
or just another drunken writer?