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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/07/09

soft shoes shining

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/07/09


Set One: keep her from the howlin' winds

Intro: Goobah/Soul Continentals/45/Sound Stage 7/1968
1. If I Were a Carpenter/Eldridge Holmes/45/Deesu/1969
2. Four Corners Pt. 1/Lee Dorsey/45/Amy/1968
3. Sweet Pea/Wyle Dixon & the Wheels/45/Conduc/1965
4. Don't Let this Happen To Us/Fred Hughes/45/Brunswick/1971
5. You're Just a Fool In Love/Dee Dee Sharpe/45/Atco/1968
6. Flight To Cuba/Fire/45/Baytown/1970(re)
7. You Made Your Bed/Eddie Bradford/45/Chess/1972
8. Night Time/Strangeloves/45/Bang/1965
9. Girl of the North Country/Blue Things/LP/RCA/1966
10.Imagination/Cherry People/LP/Heritage/1968
11.Heart/The Remains/LP/Epic/1966
12.Semi-Psychedelic/Pepper & the Shakers/45/Coral/1967
13.Julie September/The Silence/LP/Yellow Street Boutique(comp)/1965
14.The Witch/The Rattles/45/Probe/1969
15.Classified Love/Jumbo/45/Swingin/197?
BED: Black Talk/Charles Earland/LP/Prestige/1969

Set Two: your reflection shines

1. The Country I'm Living In/Tim Hardin/LP/Columbia/1970
2. Cry Alone/Guardians of the Rainbow/45/President/1968
3. Postcard/The Hollies/LP/Epic/1967
4. Susie's Blues/Beans/LP/Avalanche/1972
5. Ordinary Guy/Joe Bataan/LP/Salsoul/1975
BED: A Summer Place/The Three Suns/LP/RCA/1961

Set Three: I look at my friend because I'm innocent

1. Popcorn Charlie/Charles Spurling/45/King/1969
2. (You Got) The Power of Love/Danny Warner/45/Reprise/1966
3. The Slauson Shuffle/The Olympics/45/Tri Disc/1965
4. I'm a Little Mixed Up/Betty James/LP(comp)/Chess/1961
5. I Don't Know What You Got/Little Richard/45/Vee Jay/1966
6. A Little Bit Now (a Little Bit Later)/The Majors/45/Imperial/1962
7. Young Love/Sonny James/45/Capitol/1957
8. Long Black Hearse/Cliff Gleaves/45/Liberty/1960
BED: Trouble Man/Ahmad Jamal/LP/20th Century/1974

Set Four: please tell me I'm not wrong

1. The Build-Up/The 4th Movement/45/Triangle/1980
2. What's It All About/Genesis/LP/Mercury/1968
3. Sunshades/Battered Ornaments/LP/Harvest/1969
4. Lovin' Touch/Jimmy Crockett & the Shanes/LP/Before Birdmen Flew V3(comp)/1965
5. Trata de Comprende/The Dhag Dhags/CD/Psicofásicos de Bolivia(comp)/1968
BED: Fever/The Three Suns/LP/RCA/1961

last chance at a listen

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