Thursday, September 21, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/18/06

what would you do
for a silver dollar?
would you reach inside
drainpipe trousers?
hey! just kidding!

Try Something Stronger

Aha! All caught up! Fun show this week, as we welcome
the Zombies to town with a song, shake our money makers to some funky slow grooves, note the passing of a legend, and finally tell Stumpy we've HAD IT!

If you think you got what it takes to stand up to this gang, CLICK on the pile o' wax below to set off the dynamite ... and keep your eyes on that playlist further down... it holds the key to those questions you can't help but wonder.

takin' that midday train

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/18/06


Set One: where the action is

Intro: Live It Up/James K. Nine/45/Federal/1969(?)
1. Love(the Pain Goes Deeper)/Frankie Beverly/LP/Gamble/1969
2. Helpless/Jackie Wilson/LP/Brunswick/1969
3. Sure Is Funky/Lost Generation/CD/Brunswick/1971
4. Trying for Days/Maxayn/LP/Capricorn/1972
5. Can You Dig It/Chico & Buddy/45/Tayster/1969
6. How Could I Forget You/Marvin Gaye/LP/Motown/1968
7. Emotions/Impressions/LP/ABC/1964
8. I Missed It By That Much/Bobby Lee/45/Sue/1964
9. Sticks & Stones/Zombies/CD/Decca/1964
10.If It Don't Work Out/Zombies/CD/Date/1969
11.Shake Some Action/Flamin' Groovies/LP/Sire/1972-1976
12.She's In Love/Jynx Pack/45/Mercury/1966?
13.Brainwashed/David Clayton Thomas & the Bossmen/LP/Tower-Capitol/1966-1970
BED: Sould Out/Armando Peraza/LP/Skye/1968

it was a draaaag

Set Two: despite all your inclinations

1. Pretty Girl Why/Buffalo Springfield/LP/Atco/1968
2. Cherish/Carla Thomas/LP/Stax/1971
3. Don't Make Promises/Georgie Fame/45/Columbia(UK)/1966
4. Cross Country/Archie Whitewater/CD/Cadet Concept/1970
5. Friends/Velvet Underground(Doug Yule)/CD/Polydor/1973
6. You've Gotta Stop/Bob & Kit/45/HBR/196?
BED: Metamorphosis/Ananda Shankar/LP/Reprise/1968

closer than you think

Set Three: catch that super chief

1. Hear My Train a' Comin'/Jimi Hendrix/CD/MCA/1969
2. Train Kept a-Rollin'/Johnny Burnette Trio/45/Coral/1957
3. Everybody's Got a Lover But Me/Richard Berry/CD/Smash/1962
BED: Lunar Invasion/Silhouettes/CD/Segue/197?

from the land of cheese

Set Four: with great responsibility comes

1. Soul Searchin'/Litter/LP/Warick/1966
2. Crying Eyes and an Empty Heart/American Revolution/LP/Flick Disc/1968
3. Gotta Make You Love Me/Lori Burton/CD/Mercury/1967
BED: Wild Thing/Armando Peraza/LP/Skye/1968

serenading your sibling

Set Five: minor keys

1. Your Little Sister/Mighty Marvelows
2. You've Hurt Me Now/Lovelites/LP/Uni/1969
BED: Mony Mony/Armando Peraza/LP/Skye/1968

Guest Stars: Dean Martin, Richard Conte, Walter Brennan, Claude Akins, Berry Kroeger,Ann Sheridan, George Raft, Peggy Cummins

1 of only 2 possible endings

Monday, September 04, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/04/06

dirty chislers get popped
don't look for a handout

Fruits of Our Labor

Most of us work very hard all week. When it's over, we
deserve a reward - whether it's a classy chassis, a good steak, or two hours of the best music the 60's & 70's had to offer. I do what I can, and I'm just another working man. Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, and I'll get you through the night with sounds to keep you awake and alert. Just CLICK on the boys of Humble Pie below to hit the road - and if you need a map of the stops along the way, look no further than just below those long-hairs...

just a humble gathering

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/04/06


Set One: angst you can dance to

Intro: Comin' Home Baby/Peter Duchin/LP/Bell/1969
1. The Best Thing You Ever Had/Candi Staton/LP/Fame/1972
2. Payback/Johnny Goode/CD/Solid Hit/1967
3. No Pity in the City/Eugene Kemp/45/Excello/1975
4. Funky Ghetto/Ted & Little Johnny Taylor/45/Ronn/1974
5. Right On/Syl Johnson/LP/Twinight/1969
6. Psychotic Reaction/Brenton Wood/LP/Double Shot/1966
7. Like a Rolling Stone/Phil Flowers & the Flower Shop/CD/A&M/1969
8. Blue Revelations/Lewis & Clarke Expedition/45/Colgems/1967
9. Hear My Song/Shocking Blue/45/Colossus/1970
10.Pam/Crazy Elephant/LP/Bell/1969
11.The Girl Who Faded Away/Hangmen/45/Monument/1965
12.Heart of Stone/Rolling Stones/CD/London/1964
13.Only You Can Say/Humble Pie/LP/Immediate/1969
14.Goodbye Victoria/Chubby Checker/LP/MFP(Belgium)/1969-1976
BED: Evil Ways/Cal Tjader/LP/Fantasy/1969

she was right beside me then

Set Two: sundays with the shades drawn

1. She Is My Woman/George Kayatta/LP/RCA/1972
2. Jealous Guy/Eleventh Floor/45/Beverly Hills/197?
3. Summer Love/Almond Marzipan/CD/Trend(UK)/1970
4. Sally In the Alley/Nightcrawlers/CD/Kapp?(unreleased)-Big Beat/1966(?)-2000
5. Stone Fox Chase/Area Code 615/LP/Polydor/1969
6. You're Doing Me No Good/Gale Garnett/LP/RCA/1967
7. She Thinks I Still Care/Merle Haggard with the Strangers/LP/Capitol/1969

BED: This Guy's In Love With You/Barney Kessel/LP/Contemporary/1969

jack's never ending stream of folkies

Set Three: a bird way up in a tree

1. Mud In Your Eye/Les Fleur De Lys/CD/Polydor/1966
2. Shelly Tell Me Why/River Deep/CD/
3. I Want to Be Free/Honeycombs/LP/Interphon/1964
4. Rainmaker/Cryan' Shames/45/Columbia/196 (req)
5. She Was Perfection/Murray Head/CD/Immediate/1967
BED: Love & Happiness/Monty Alexander/CD/MP#/1973

listen to the colors

Set Four: tales of the midnight hour

1. While the City Sleeps/Irma Thomas/LP/Minit/1965
2. That's Why I'm Always Crying/Junior Parker/45/Duke/1963
3. Mellow Moonlight/Leon Haywood/LP/Fat Fish/1967
4. Get Down, Johnny/Johnny Powers/CD/???/196?
BED: The Fife Piper/Dynatones/45/HBR/1968

never smilin'

Guest Stars: George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Rudy Ray Moore, Pat Flaherty, Marie Blake,Charles Halton, Humphrey Bogart

wildcattin's the way to go