Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/27/07

get on the roll
the city was good enough for him

Fighting Back

And, when you least expected it ... I'm back and I brought something especially for you. Well, ok, just the usual 2 hours of rhodes soul, wah wah pop, baroque schlock, deep rock and devestating funk. I'm off until 9/17, so all stops were pulled out for this one. What's in it for you? Try clicking on the La'Shell 45 below to check in, check it out, and check yourself, but good.
And if you aren't sure where things are headed, just check that full playlist a little further down - hoo boy, that's good typin'!

spreading the gospel news

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/27/07


Set One: elevate to the heights

Intro: Craaash/Nite-Liters/LP/RCA/1973
1. Soul Meeting/Don Williams & the Exchange/45/Spring/1970
2. You Better Check Yourself/La'Shell & the Shellettes/45/Eagle/196?
3. Garbage Man/Shades of Brown/LP/Cadet/1970
4. Tongue Kissing/Dave "Baby" Cortez/LP/All Platinum/1972
5. Keep the Home Fires Burning/Latimore/LP/Glades/1974
6. I Hate You/Masters of Soul/45/Duke/1972
7. Can't Tell It All/Art Reynolds Singers/LP/Capitol/1967
8. Got My Feet On the Ground/Kinks/LP/Reprise/1965
9. Jezebel/Witness, Inc/CD/Apex(CA)/1967
10.Superlungs Supergirl/Donovan/LP/Epic/1968
11.Sister Isabelle/Del Shannon/45/ABC Dunhill/1968
12.Back Door Blues/Ultimate Spinach/LP/MGM/1969
13.Hanging On the Telephone/Nerves/CD/Nerve/1976
14.Land of Nod/Rare Earth/LP/Verve/1968
15.She Understands/Travel Agency/LP/Viva/1968
BED: Burning Spear/Soulful Strings/LP/Cadet/1968

post-acid revelations

these guys are definitely feeling it

Set Two: common and coarse

1. You're Just Laughin' Inside/Al Anderson/LP/Vanguard/1972
2. Can't Get My Rest at Night/Koerner, Ray & Glover/LP/Elektra/1964
3. Jealous Guy/Claudine Longet/LP/Barnaby/1972
4. Back Street Girl/Bobby Darin/LP/Atlantic/1967
5. So Lonely/Everly Brothers/LP/Warner Bros/1965
BED: Cowboy/Nite-Liters/LP/RCA/1973

on camel hair

Set Three: from the brawl to the bottle

1. I Got a Feeling/Bo Diddley/LP/Checker/1970
2. Help the Bear/Ted Taylor/45/Atco/1966
3. Jump In My Chest/Sugar Pie DeSanto/45/Checker/1965
4. I Couldn't Stand It/Invincibles/45/Loma/1966
5. Too Young, Too Much, Too Soon/Bobby Smith & the Spinners/45/Tri-Phi/1962
BED: One Mo' Gin/Sting Rays/LP/Satan/196?

i'll be around

Set Four: heavy makes you happy

1. Wasn't Born to Follow/Byrds/LP/Columbia/1968
2. 60 Miles High/Soul Inc/LP/Boss/1967(comp)
3. Persuasion/Santana/LP/Columbia/1968
4. All New People/Alamo/LP/Atlantic/1971
BED: Toe Jam/Mount Rushmore/LP/Dot/1969

The Send-Off: Mission Impossible/45/Al & Randy/Mercury/196?

he doesn't like the beads I wore

Guest Stars: James Cagney, Arthur Kennedy, Ann Sheridan, Frank McHugh, Anthony Quinn, Jean Hagen, Frank Faylen, Sterling Hayden.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/13/07

a dash of pepper
an ice-filled highball

Hot & Cold

Hmm. I can't really claim "summer vacation," since I've only
posted 4 playlists all year. I can promise to start posting them all
on schedule, but it would only sound hollow. All I can do is offer this one in hopes that you will just take it and smile.

Now all you gotta do is click on the denim trousers that move in metronomic fashion* below, and the show will be underway (well, 3 minutes into the sound file) ... and when you're feeling stumped and need a lifeline, just check out the nicely formatted playlist further down, made especially for you! Go forth and listen!
(*swinging blue jeans)

what better way

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/13/07


Set One: where the action is

Intro: Black Belt Jones/Dennis Coffey/45/WB/1974
1. I Need Ya/Ron Holden/45/Now/1973
2. It's Not How Long You Make It/Shay Holiday/45/Soul Power/1971
3. The Drunk/James Brown/45/Bethlehem/1970
4. It's All Over Now/Freddie Watson & the Restorators/45/Eloys/196?
5. The Cat/Eddie & Ernie/45/Eastern/1965
6. Here I Am Baby/Marvelettes/45/Tamla/1966
7. Tighten Up/New York Latin Scene & Sonny Bravo/LP/Columbia/1968?
8. Satisfaction/Hullabaloo Singers/LP/Columbia/1965
9. Twist & Shout/Blue Things/45/RCA/1966
10.What Can I Do Today/Swinging Blue Jeans/45/Imperial/1966
11.She Left Me All Alone/Tidal Waves/45/HBR/1965
12.Mansion of Tears/Vejtables/45/Autumn/1965
13.Don't Look Back/Lollipop Shoppe/LP/Uni/1968
14.I Have Thoughts of You/Neal Ford & the Fanatics/LP/Hickory/1968
15.Oh! Those Sweet Bananas/Hackamore Brick/LP/Kama Sutra/1971
BED: Joao Donato/LP/Blue Thumb/1969

no need for shorts

Set Two: a cowboy in passing

1. Forget Marie/Lee Hazlewood/LP/Reprise/1968
2. Rose-Colored Garden/Lynn Castle/45/LHI/1969
3. Codine/Kitchen Cinq/LP/LHI/1967
4. Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome/International Submarine Band/LP/LHI/1966
5. Take It and Smile/Honey Ltd./CD/LHI/1969
6. The Old Man & His Guitar/Lee Hazlewood/LP/MGM/1967
BED: Some Velvet Morning/Gabor Szabo/LP/Skye/1969

and they fought crime, too

Set Three: where I'm coming from

1. Born on a Bayou/Tina Britt/LP/Minit/1968
2. It's Better To Have and Don't Need/Don Covay/LP/Mercury/1974
3. 2:10 Train/Rising Sons/LP/Columbia-Sundazed/1966-1997
4. Willie & the Hand Jive/Cliff Richard & the Shadows/CD/Columbia(UK)/1960
BED: Odyssey Green/Mindsweepers/LP/Coalition/1975

deserving of a better fate

Set Four: at least I got my hair

1. Tomorrow Night/Shoes/45/Bomp!/1978
2. Feel/Big Star/LP/Ardent/1972
3. Slow Down Sundown/Blues Magoos/LP/ABC/1970
4. Fe Fi Fo Fum/Rainy Daze/45/Uni/1967
BED: I Shot the Sheriff/Issac Redd Holt/LP/Paula/1975

The Send-Off: I'm Willing To Wait/Donald Height/45/Shout/1967

high contrast

Guest Stars: Berry Kroeger, Peggy Cummins, Cornel Wilde, Helene Stanton, John Payne, Ted de Corsia, Lizbeth Scott, Dan Duryea

um, is she taking about foreplay?