Monday, March 30, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/23/09

this is how I apologize
and light one up

Hookin' & Slingin'

I'm not the type of mug to stand on the street corner wearing a sandwich board, or pressing pamphlets into disinterested palms to get my point across - so let's just think of this like you and me are 2 pals on adjoining barstools, all familiar-like and naturally sympathetic. So here's what I got: 2 hours of your time and the most interesting music of the 60's and thereabouts that I could muster up on such short notice. I'm not making excuses - I've got the goods. Deep soul, drumbreak-laden funk, psychedelic epics, dusty folk duos, glam punk excess ... and that's just the tip of the icepick.

Click on the Kritters 45 below to get things going. And that pamphlet I didn't jam into your sweaty palm? It's reprinted below for navigational purposes at your privileged perusal.

actually, only 2 hours ... but it can feel like days

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/23/09


Set One: Check Your Bucket

Intro: Live It Up/James K. Nine/45/Federal/1969
1. Blowing Up My Mind!/The Exciters/LP/RCA/1969
2. Whiplash/The Shells/45/Conlo/1965
3. It's Beautiful When You're Falling In Love/Jimmy Norman/45/Mercury/1968
4. What Can a Man Do?/The Show Stoppers/45/Heritage/1968
5. Horse With a Freeze/Roy Ward/CD/Seven B/1968
6. Garden of Four Trees/The Explosions/CD/Gold Cup/1970
7. Love, Why Is It Taking You So Long?/Hank Ballard/45/Chess/1971
8. I Can Tell/Rory Storm & the Hurricanes/LP/Columbia/1963
9. Long Long Time/James Bryant & the Kritters/45/Parrot/1966
10.Buzz the Jerk/Pretty Things/LP/Star Club/1967
11.About Me/The Dovers/CD/Miramar/1966
12.Mr. Blair/The Fourth Dimension/45/Columbia/1967
13.The Last Time/Dry Dock County/LP/Mercury/1968
14.I'm Dreaming/The Wildweeds/45/Cadet Concept/1968
15.Follow Your Dream's Way/Yankee Dollar/LP/Dot/1968
BED: How Can I Be Sure/Arif Mardin/LP/Atlantic/1969

the old master breaks new ground

doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?

fantastic plastic

Set Two: I look for stormy weather

1. I Wondered Where You Be/Bert Sommer/LP/Kama Sutra/1969
2. Crying in the Rain/Carole King/LP/Dimension/1963
3. Yiva/Tax Free/LP/Polydor/1970
4. Every Time I Say I'm Sorry/Larry Groce/LP/Daybreak/1971
5. You Knew All Along/Chuck & Mary Perrin/CD/Webster's Last Word/1969
BED: House of the Rising Sun/Duane Eddy/LP/Colgems/1965

reformed rockers

that is the congestion

Set Three: slippin' and slidin'

1. Baby, I'm Wise/Eddie Bo/LP/RIC/1962
2. Sympathy/Priscilla Thomas/45/Winner/1964
3. Peepin'/Solomon Burke/45/Atlantic/1965
4. Chicken-Hearted/Roy Orbison/CD/Sun/1957
5. To Love or Not to Love/Barbara Lynn/45/Jamie/1963
6. Someone Told My Story/Merle Haggard/LP/Capitol/1967
BED: Pass the Hatchet/Roger & the Gypsies/CD/Seven B/1967

always another stop down the line
pious power trio

Set Four: refracted concepts

1. Daddy's Claim/Glass Prism/LP/Capitol 1969
2. I Wish I was a Girl/Pink Fairies/LP/Polydor/1973
BED: Shelly's Rubber Band/Curley Moore & Eddie Bo/45/House of the Fox/1969

Richard Corey's cousin

Guest Stars: Eli Wallach, Humphrey Bogart, Elisha Cook Jr, Ann Sheridan, Lawrence Tierney, Paul Newman, Carroll Baker, George Raft, Elliot Gould, Barbara Stanwyck, Bruce Cabot, Mel Ferrer, John Raven

God made him funky

Sunday, March 15, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/09/09

always in her element
pour a drink on it

Urban Legend

So maybe that guy she's hanging around with is a little punchy, so what? He's on the square and she knows the score. There isn't any kind of game they can't run down together - the dancefloor R&B stuff, the strumming folk rock sound, the heavy acid riffs of psychedelia. These two hit the party and those doors blow back. I'm just here to tell their story, and tell it in music. Feeling lost? Well, get found and click that Daydreams 45 below. Daydreams, brother - that's what I'm selling and the price is nothing but your time. Have a click and hear the visions I see.

the simple life

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/09/09


Set One: want to buy my illusions

Intro: Night Rumble pt.2/Fame Gang/45/Atlantic/1967
1. Ole Man Soul/The Implements/45/Loma/1968
2. Push and Shove/Willy Wiley/45/King/1973
3. Easy Baby/The Daydreams/45/Dial/1966
4. Help me Put Out the Flame in My Heart/Ernie Hines/45/Stax/1970
5. Sorry 'Bout That/Benny Poole/45/Solid Hit/1967
6. The Love You Left Behind/Syl Johnson/45/Hi/1971
7. Turn Me Loose/Lois Lane/45/Wand/1964
8. Brown Paper Sack/The Gentrys/45/MGM/1966
9. Journey's End/Fire Escape/LP/GNP Crescendo/1967
10.Love-Hate-Revenge/Episode Six/45/Elektra/1967
11.Bad Part of Town/Bare Facts/CD/Jubilee/1966
12.The Price of Love/Everly Brothers/LP/Warner Bros/1966
13.My Lonely Sad Eyes/Them/LP/Decca(uk)/1966
14.Ro Ro Rosey/Charlie Brown/LP/Polydor/1970
15.O.D./J.K. & Co./LP/White Whale/1969
BED: Fuselage/Monk Montgomery/LP/Chisa/1969

stay away from mirrors

this thing looks 1,000 years old

that reigning memphis sound

Set Two: truck stop nap time

1. I Won't Be Reconstructed/Barry Drake/LP/Capitol/1969
2. Woman Think/Neighbr'hood Children/45/Dot/1969
3. Laugh/Ivory/LP/Tetragrammaton/1968
4. Huggin' in the Hall/The Tradewinds/LP/Kama Sutra/1968?
5. Cobwebs/Sweet Thursday/LP/Great Western Gramophone/1970
6. How Much My Life Means to Me/S. David Cohen/LP/Reprise/1969
BED: Lela/Johnny Lytle Trio/LP/Riverside/1965

something of a one-man band

coming from another point of view

Set Three: settin' down life

1. Hard Workin' Man/Dorsey Burnette/LP/ERA/1960
2. Shotgun Man/Jerry Lee Lewis/LP/Smash/1968
3. Never Love a Robin/Tommy Hunt/LP/Musicor/1967
4. Soul Time/Shirley Ellis/LP/Columbia/1967
5. Man About Town/The Passions/45/Back Beat/1966
6. Even When You Cry/Jackie Wilson & Count Basie/LP/Brunswick/1968
BED: Where I Come From/Junior Mance/LP/Polydor/1973

but casual sex with a sparrow is completely fine
tongue twister

Set Four: it's all in the tone

1. (Who Planted Thorns in) Miss Alice's Garden/The Explosive/LP/President/1969
2. Never Before Now/SRC/45/Capitol/1969
3. Electric Guru/Tarantula/LP/A&M/1969
4. Urge to Leave/Magic Mixture/CD/Saga-Sunbeam/1968-2009
BED: Color Him Folky/Howard Roberts/LP/Horizon/1966

pub crawlers

Guest Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Elisha Cook Jr, Lauren Bacall, Lawrence Tierney, Robert Mitchum, Steve Cochran, Dorothy Malone, Charles McGraw, Carroll Baker, Regis Toomey, Barbara Stanwyck, Peter Lorre

but ere to return