Monday, August 25, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/25/08

they dropped the ball
so focused

Suicide Squeeze

It's not a home run, but it's deep enough that I can tag up and stand an outside chance of making it home. That guy's arm ain't no cannon, you know. And when I hit home, I'll be bringing 2 hours of music with enough kick to hit for the cycle, with a few curve balls that might just have you seeing double. I've got command of all five of my pitches, too: soul, garage, folk, pop, r&b. Step in and take a swing by clicking that Parallax 45 just below - but don't stand too close to the plate, or you might be hearing a little chin music, as well!

A full scorecard is provided below, for those curious to see how the game was played, or just who made a hit and when did they score - it's all in print.

come on home

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/25/08


Set One: while our hearts were young

Intro: Getaway Train/Earth Disciples/45/Solid State/1969
1. A Thing Called the Jones/Chico & Buddy/45/Tayster/1969
2. Swing too High/Jesse Anderson/45/Cadet/1968
3. My Baby Changes/Victones/45/Front Page/1968
4. Now, That I've Lost You/Eldridge Holmes/45/Decca/1967
5. Somebody Special/C. Alexander & the Natural Three/45/Leo/1968?
6. Let Me Try/Jerri Jackson/45/Parallax/1970
7. Runaway Child, Running Wild/Earl Van Dyke/45/Soul/1969
8. La Do Da Da/T-Bones/LP/Liberty/1966
9. Runaway/Small Faces/45/Pride/1965-1972
10.One Track Mind/Knickerbockers/45/Challenge/1966
11.What a Girl Can't Do/Hangmen/45/Monument/1965
12.I've Been Trying/Fleur De Lys/45/Polydor(uk)/1966
13.Light In My Window/Smokestack Lightnin'/LP/Bell/1969
14.Trying to Keep From Crying/Nancy/45/Mercede/1971
15.Just Got Paid/Z.Z. Top/45/London/1972
BED: Misdemeanor/Ahmad Jamal/LP/20th Century/1974

please mr. sunshine

a cheerful bunch

a handful of pills

Set Two: I watched her call someone up

1. The Night the Trains Broke Down/P.F. Sloan/LP/Mums/1972
2. Detroit or Buffalo/Barbara Keith/LP/Reprise/1972
3. The Little Bird/Nashville Teens/45/MGM/1965
4. Merry Go Round/Fred Neil/LP/Capitol/1967
5. Just the Smile/Rory Gallagher/LP/Atco/1971
BED: Solar Heat/Cal Tjader/LP/Skye/1969

shiver the whole night through

still keeping it real

Set Three: sawdust on the floor

1. Play a Sad Song/Bobby Williams/45/Sure Shot/1964
2. The Cleopatra/Phil Flowers/45/Josie/1963
3. Puppet on a String/Gino Washinton/45/Ric Tic/1964
4. Baby I'm Leaving You/Geraldine Jones/45/Eastern/1964
5. Big City Lights/Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs/45/MGM/1966
6. Shakespeare's Shrew/Sir William/45/Bix/1966
BED: Message to Michael/Cal Tjader/LP/Skye/1969

No profit grows where is no pleasure ta'en
all in the hips

Set Four: shoeless sounds

1. Gettin' Together/Third Power/LP/Vanguard/1969
2. My Baby Thinks About the Good Things/Womb/LP/Dot/1969
3. Chain of Hands/Happenings/45/Jubilee/1969
BED: Summer Madness/Kool & the Gang/LP/Dee-Lite/1974

like a living monolith

Guest Stars: Lynne Thigpen, Peter Fonda, George Raft, Barbara Stanwyck, John Hoyt, Roger Hill, Gordon Jones, John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Tom Neal

rulers of the Strip

not exactly the promised trip