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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/06/09

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Connect the Dots

Talk is cheap. But times are hard, so cheap ain't looking so bad after all. And my words are only there to prove what your ears have already told you - that boundaries are only in your mind, and that time can stand still. Turn off time, turn up the volume, and get in tune with 2 hours across the spectrum of sound. The 60's are our touchpoint, but the 50's and 70's are within our grasp as well - without restriction. It's all popular music here. Click on the powder keg below to ignite this party and get lost in time with me. You don't need me along anyway ... all the information you really need is just below, between the clever snapshots.

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/06/09


Set One: still out on those pills

Intro: Crazy Legs/Earth Mother/45/20th Century/1973
1. Good Old Music/Parliaments/45/Revilot/1968
2. Can I Get a Witness/Barbara Randolph/45/Soul/1968
3. Dynamite/Steve Colt/45/Big Beat/1968?
4. Love Made Me Blue/Russ Lewis/45/Sharp/196?
5. Little Archie/Billy & the Ar-Kets/45/Rally/1965
6. Funky Fly/Bo Diddley/LP/Checker/1970
7. The Big Forget/The Platters/LP/Mercury/1964
8. Help Me Please/The Outer Limits/45/Deram/1967
9. You Can Be My Baby/Red Squares/LP/Columbia(sw)/1967
10.Yellow Pill/Mom's Boys/LP/Sidewalk/1967
11.House of Glass/The Glass Family/LP/Warner 7 Arts/1969
12.Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies/The Association/45/Valiant/1967
13.All Along the Watchtower/Barbara Keith/LP/Reprise/1972
14.Love Can Fall a Long Way Down/Beau Brummels/LP/Warner 7 Arts/1968
15.Diary of Your Life/Chicken Shack/45/Blue Horizon/1970
BED: My Love/Jerry Hahn Quintet/LP/Changes/1967

hand clappin' wallflower

campus style

deeper than you realized

Set Two: where men are born to be alone

1. Looks Like Baby's Gone/Mickey Newbury/LP/Elektra/1969
2. On the Sidewalks/Peter Davis/LP/Splinterville/197?
3. I'll Call You Mine/The Zombies/CD/Date/1966-1968
4. You Wonder Why You're Lonely/Diane Hildebrand/LP/Elektra/1968
5. She Came and She Touched Me(live)/Townes Van Zandt/LP/Tomato/1973-1977
BED: Eight Miles High/The Folkswingers/LP/World Pacific/1967

doin' it himself

style for miles and miles

Set Three: shaped like a cannonball

1. Walking in the Rain/Reparata and the Delrons/45/Kapp/1969
2. Gotta Hold On/Wylie Dixon/45/Toddlin' Town/1968
3. So Glad You're Mine/Elvis Presley/LP/RCA/1956
4. My Talk Didn't Do Any Good/Frankie Lee Sims/45/Ace/1957
5. Down on the Corner of Love/Buck Owens/LP/Starday/1956-1967
6. Wish Someone Would Care/Irma Thomas/LP/Imperial/1964
BED: Big Bird/Cropper, King & Staples/LP/Stax/1969

and apparently there was too much of it
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Set Four: knees bend, hair curls

1. I Can't Control Myself/Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue/LP/Big Sound/1978
2. Nightmare/Hollywood Brats/CD/Cherry Red/1973-1980
BED: I'm a Lonesome Fugitive/James Burton & Ralph Mooney/LP/Capitol/1968

kicking Jay & the Americans' ass

Guest Stars: Sterling Hayden, Richard Conte, Jean Hagen, Burt Lancaster, Jean Wallace, Paul Newman, Sam Jaffe, Cornel Wilde, Marilyn Monroe, Dick Powell

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