Thursday, May 15, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/12/08

sitting on a fence
a mighty collaborative

Last Stand at the Lunch Counter

33 nickels. My pockets are heavy with them. Let's stack them on the counter and make each one a song. Load up the box and clear back the tables, we've got just 2 hours before I have to go away ... yet the day is young. I don't care what you play, all the heavy soul, slashing garage, mellow pop and gritty blues that juke's got to offer. Just drop a coin in the hole in the soul below, and take my hand.

And if you really need to look, all the songs are just beneath the glass, strips of text that will clear up any reservations you might have. Now, let's dance. My time is short.

hit me with your kiss

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/12/08


Set One: the rising sign of gemini

Intro: Soul Strokes/Sidney Pinchback/CD/Twinight-Numero/1969-2007
1. Sock Boo Ga Loo/Bobby Rush/45/Checker/1967
2. Hey Sister/Monguito Santamaria/LP/Fania/1968
3. Hole In Your Soul/A.C. Jones/45/Imperial/1966
4. Got To Have You Back/Isley Brothers/LP/Tamla/1967
5. Not Too Cool To Cry/Renaldo Domino/CD/Twinight-Numero/1969-2007
6. Who's For the Young/Brothers Unlimited/LP/Capitol/1970
7. Sunshine of Your Love/Spanky Wilson/CD/Mothers/1968
8. You Got What I Want/Boys Blue/LP/HMV(UK)/1965
9. Rosy Won't You Please Come Home/Kinks/LP/Reprise/1966
10.Astrologically Incompatible/Bonniwell Music Machine/LP/Warner Bros/1968
11.Night Time Child/Nuclear Vision/45/Laurie/1967 *any info on this band?*
12.Yes, I'm Going Home/Shindogs/45/Viva/1966
13.Andy Warhol/Dana Gillespie/LP/RCA/1974
14.I Got Kinda Lost/Chris Bell/LP/Rykodisc/1992
15.The Crosswords and the Safety Pins/Battered Ornaments/LP/Harvest/1971
BED: Strung Out/Gordon Staples & String Thing/LP/Motown/1970

no wallflowers allowed

only a northern song

Set Two: night boat to cairo

1. Sixteen Lanes of Highway/Murray McLauchlan/LP/Epic/1971
2. Something's Wrong/Dillard & Clark/LP/A&M/1968
3. We Walk the Rain/First Crow to the Moon/CD/Roulette-Sundazed/1967
4. Moving too Slow/Zephyr/LP/Warner Bros/1972
5. Evening/Tax Free/LP/Polydor/1971
BED: The Long Goodbye/Dave Grusin Trio/CD/UA/1970

shades of grey

Set Three: swingin' with my baby

1. Married Woman/Frankie Lee Sims/LP/Specialty/1970
2. Just Before You Leave/The Dolls/LP/Teenager/1958
3. Rock Therapy/Johnny Burnette & the Rock & Roll Trio/Coral/1956
4. Get Out My Life, Woman/Mad Lads/LP/Volt/1966
5. So Much Love/Percy Sledge/LP/Atlantic/1966
BED: Vibrafinger/Gary Burton/LP/Atlantic/1970

we are not worthy
it's all about the foot

Set Four: from a higher place

1. My Mind/Chubby Checker/LP/MFP(belgium)/1971
2. Lena/Curtis Knight/LP/Paramount/1970
3. Drainpipe/Protein Brothers/CD/"Super Session" OST/1975
BED: Thank You/Young Brass/LP/Dot/1968

fast company

Guest Stars: Sterling Hayden, Sam Jaffe, Elisha Cook, Jr, Carroll Baker, Jean Hagen, Dan Duryea, Lizbeth Scott, Ella Raines

local flavor