Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/09/09

book of revelations
and brought the results to prove it

All These Changes

This one's dedicated to Little Jonesy. Just a straight guy who only ever wanted a fair shake and what was coming to him. He never made it there, but you'll get what's coming to you with just a simple click on that ARGO 45 below - namely 2 hours of the kind of music a deep and emotional guy like Jonesy could appreciate. Soul, folk, country-rock, psychedelic, garage, rockabilly and more ... all served smoldering like a hothouse orchard. And be sure to check the playlist further down for strain and genus.

but what better way

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/09/09


Set One: Gone Just Like Those Birds

Intro: Gettin' Away/Cliff Nobles & Co./45/Phil-La of Soul/1969
1. We Try Harder/Eddie & Ernie/45/Chess/1966
2. Haven't I Been Good To You/Johnny Moore/45/Wand/1968
3. The Fuzz/Dianne & Carole/LP/Speed/1968
4. Love Your Pain Runs Deep/Frankie Beverly & the Butlers/LP/Gamble/1969
5. The Camel/Cliff Nobles & Co./45/Phil-La of Soul/1969
6. You've Got the Kind of Love That's for Real/Valentinos/45/Jubilee/1969
7. We Were Lovers(When the Party Began)/Sandra Barry/45/Parkway/1965
8. I'm Taking Her Home/The Others/45/Fontana/1965
9. Can't Stop Loving You/Last Word/45/Atco/1967
10.I Blew It/Vacant Lot/45/Roulette/1967
11.Stay In My Life/Pied Pipers/45/Hamlin Town/1967
12.She Hardly Ever Calls Me Honey Anymore/The Rivets/LP/Star Club/1966
13.Talkin' Bout You/Farron's Flamingos/LP/Columbia/1964
14.I'm On My Way Home Again/Everly Brothers/45/Warner Brothers/1969
15.Bad Night at the WhiskeyThe Byrds/LP/Columbia/1969
BED: Tin Tin Deo/Junior Mance/LP/Polydor/1973

my music gets in the way

no happy endings

more pretty girls than one

Set Two: her majestic reflections to know

1. Sunrise #7/Green/LP/Atco/1969
2. I Found a Girl/P.F. Sloan/LP/Dunhill/1965
3. Many a Fine Lady/Townes Van Zandt/LP/Poppy/1968
4. Imagination (Strange as it May Be)/Smokey & His Sister/LP/Warner Bros/1969
5. The Fortune Teller/Pat Kilroy/LP/Elektra/1966
6. Red Moon/Fugi/45/Grand Junction/1969
BED: Love Minus Zero/Duane Eddy/LP/Colpix/1966

it's a family affair

third eye visionary

smoother than whipping cream

Set Three: schoolboy crush

1. Just Keep On Smiling/King Pins/LP/King/1963
2. Uptown/Little Eva/LP/Dimension/1963
3. Wasting Time/James Phelps/45/Argo/1965
4. Feel So Bad/John Lee Hooker/LP/Stax/1969
5. You've Got Everything/Bob Luman/45/Warner Bros/1960
BED: Chili Mac/Preston Love's Omaha BBQ/LP/United/1969

presenting...the housedress!
changing partners

Set Four: though its glow is waxed in black

1. Call Me Animal/MC5/LP/Atlantic/1970
2. Yesterday on 3rd Avenue/Rare Earth/LP/Verve/1968
3. Gates of Eden/Myddle Class/45/Tomorrow/1966
4. One Hudge Road/Golden Earring/LP/Atlantic/1969
BED: Bob Scoward/James Brown/LP/King/1971

dutch treat

Guest Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Sonia Darrin, Elisha Cook Jr, Lauren Bacall, Lawrence Tierney, Eli Wallach, Dorothy Malone, Robert Ryan, Marilyn Monroe, Martha Vickers, John Ridgely, Louis Jean Heydt, Carroll Baker, Rip Torn, Barbara Stanwyck

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