Monday, October 06, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/06/08

sleep walking
time to drink

On the Needle

Forgive me for being so late, but I found myself in a framus, caught between a dish and a glass, without iron, hopped up and smacked down but full of purpose. I got myself patched up and now it's back to business as usual. And the caper wasn't without reward, for all of us. I recovered the entire contents of a fascinating radio show from all the way back in 2008. Well, maybe not "fascinating" but maybe sorta what you would call displaced. It's all that 60's and 70's stuff, played straight ahead like it was the new sound, not for laughs or nothing!Garage, soul, folk, blues, acid rock - a whole 2 hours of the stuff.

Have a swipe on that 1st Dee Dee below to get the tubes warmed up - and, along with it I discovered an itemized list of contents - reprinted below for your convenience. I'll stick around and make the drinks - I never get enough of this stuff.

time to drink

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/06/08


Set One: no time to think now

Intro: Tampin'/Rhine Oaks/45/Atco/1969
1. Second Hand Love/Dee Dee Gartrell/45/Maverick/1969
2. Things Ain't What They Used To Be/Harold Burrage/45/M-Pac/1965
3. Funky Football/Harvey Scales/45/Chess/1970
4. Act Like a Baby/Three Dimensions featuring The Thing/45/RCA/1965
5. Shelley's Rubber Band/Curley Moore & the Kool Ones/45/House of the Fox/1970
6. Gotta Get a Hold of Myself/Dee Dee Warwick/45/Blue Rock/1966
7. You Really Got a Hold on Me/Little Caesar & the Consuls/45/Mala/1965
8. Let's Stomp/Lee Curtis & the All-Stars/LP/Star Club/1963
9. Back Door Blues/The Lost/45/Capitol/1965
10.Too Many People/The Leaves/LP/Mira/1966
11.I Go To Pieces/Peter & Gordon/45/Capitol/1965
12.Be My Friend/Del Shannon/LP/Liberty/1968
13.Love Buzz/Shocking Blue/LP/Colossus/1969
14.A Sunny Summer Rain/The Vagrants/45/Atco/1967
15.I'm Happy/Love Affair/45/Date/1968
BED: Safari/Eddie Senay/LP/Sussex/1972

not a puppet on a string

california here I come

Set Two: got to have some blues to it

1. If You Don't Look Back/Rich Mountain Tower/LP/Ampex/1971
2. You Ain't No Good/Chicken Shack/LP/Blue Horizon/1968
3. She Needs Some Lovin'/Otis Spann & Fleetwood Mac/LP/Columbia/1969
4. Every Night/Paul McCartney/LP/Apple/1970
5. The Bear/John Mayall/CD/Decca/1968
BED: Apollo/Johnny Frigo Jazz Quartet/LP/Orion/196?

keep the home fires burning

henry miller of the jukes

Set Three: the lil' shorties say it all of the time

1. Teasin' You/Willie Tee/45/Atlantic/1965
2. Hello Mama/Willie West/45/Deesu/1966
3. The Doctor/Mary Wells/45/Jubilee/1968
4. I'm Shorty/Tommy Tucker/45/Checker/1966
5. Endless Sleep/Danny Harrison/45/United Artists/196?
BED: Attack of the Green Misers/Dave Pike/LP/MPS/1969

inspiring to the undead
ready for action

Set Four: strangest clouded sights above

1. 7 & 7 Is/Five By Five/LP/Paula/1968
2. Simon Says/The Zig Zag People/LP/Decca/1969
3. Hung Up On a Dream/The Zombies/LP/Date/1968
4. Personal Gain/Tin House/LP/Epic/1971
BED: White Sound/The Johnny Frigo Quartet/LP/Orion/196?

lordy lordy

serenaded a sheepdog

Guest Stars: Paul Newman, Burt Lancaster, Jane Greer, Michael Ontkean, Linda Darnell, James Cagney, Richard Widmark,

never say die