Monday, May 31, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/31/2010

take me for a spin

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/31/10


Set One: stars appear and shadows fall

Intro: Wheels/Les Baxter-Hell's Belles OST/LP/Sidewalk/1970
1. Soul Brother's Holiday/Poets/45/Veep/1968
2. Pull My Coat/Eddy Jacobs Exchange/45/Columbia/1969
3. I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face/Monticellos/45/Red Cap/1967
4. Bobby Is My Baby/Barbara Mason/45/Arctic/1966
5. My Love's a Monster/Johnny Sayles/45/Chi-Town/1965
6. I'm Lonely For You/Arthur K. Adams/45/Modern/1968
7. Oomph/Marvin & the Uptights/45/Spotlight/1967
8. Mama Said/Next Five/45/Wand/1967
9. Just a Little Bit/Undertakers/45/Parkway/1964
10.I Can Only Give You Everything/Them/LP/Decca (uk)/1966
11.Not You Girl/Witness Inc./45/Apex (can)/1966
12.Magic Elixir/Zygoat/45/K&K/196?
13.Yes, I Need Someone/Eire Apparent/LP/Buddah/1969
14.Midnite Lover/Lucy Blue/45/Big Tree/1971
15.Summer Nites/Hammerhead/45/GNP Crescendo/1975
BED: Into the Fire/Wynder K. Frog/LP/UA/1969

drop the knowledge on me

jokes on you, bub

Set Two: down the road in a cloud of smoke

1. L.A. Freeway/Guy Clarke/LP/RCA/1975
2. Genesis Hall/Richard Thompson/LP/Hannibal/1982-84
3. Beeside/Tintern Abbey/45/Deram (uk)/1967
4. Beginnings/Astrud Gilberto/LP/Verve/1970
BED: Some Velvet Morning/Afro Blues Quintet/LP/Mira/1968

curiouser and curiouser

Set Three: silly milly & flirty mirty

1. Let a Woman Be a Woman/Dyke & the Blazers/45/Original Sound/1968
2. Pop It to Me/Howlin' Wolf/45/Chess/1968
3. Don't Let Your Eyes Get Bigger Than Your Heart/Sylvia Robbins/45/Sue/1963
4. My Time/Beau Allen/45/Scepter/1965
5. Whirlybird Pt. 1/Pros and Cons/45/Decca/1966
6. Everybody Needs a Little Love/Bern Elliott & the Fenmen/45/London/1964
7. Who Shot Sam/Sonny Webb & the Cascades/LP/Columbia/1963
8. Daddy Was a Preacher But Mama Was a Go-Go Girl/Joanna Neel/45/Decca/1969
BED: Lela/Johnny Lytle/LP/Riverside/1965

I know how that word feels when it's a sound

Set Four: hands are waving in the air

1. You Can Be My Baby/Red Squares/LP/Columbia (holl)/1966
2. Taking Me Home/Wednesday/45/Sussex/1974
3. What's Going On/Taste/LP/Atco/1969
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

bible belt boogaloo

Monday, May 17, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/17/2010

and don't look back

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/17/10


Set One: what is rightfully mine

Intro: Shaft In Africa/Johnny Pate/LP/ABC-Dunhill/1973
1. Funkadelic Sound/Little Beaver/45/Cat/1969
2. My One and Only/Lee Rogers/45/D-Town/1965
3. Lonely Love/Bettye Swann/45/Money/1967
4. To Love Somebody/James Carr/45/Goldwax/1969
5. What Happened to the Good Times/Jammers/45/Loma/1967
6. Running/Baby Huey/LP/Curtom/1970
7. I'm High Again/Bo Diddley/45/Checker/1968
8. 1980/Jimmy Gordon/45/Challenge/1967
9. Oh Yeah!/Others/45/Fontana/1964
10.Help Me Please/Outer Limits/45/Deram/1966
11.You got a Hard Time Coming/Remains/LP/Epic/1966
12.Run to Her/Beeds/45/Team/1968
13.Hey Look Me Over/Electric Elves/CD/MGM/1967
14.Friend/Free Ferry/45/Date/1968
15.Willie and the Hand Jive/Joshua/LP/Avi/1975
16.Rockin' Chair Rocking Rolling Blues(live)/Elf/CD/x/1973
BED: Can I Dedicate/Loading Zone/LP/RCA/1968

switched on, baby

Set Two: almost cut my hair

1. Wear Your Love Like Heaven/Donovan/LP/Epic/1967
2. Don't It Drag On/Chris Smither/LP/Poppy/1972
3. Come and Stay With Me/Kimberleys/LP/Happy Tiger/1970
4. So Tied Up/Sam Dees/LP/Atlantic/1975
5. Long Time No See-Lullabye/Emitt Rhodes/LP/ABC-Dunhill/1970
6. 10 Days to Brenda/Ronnie Dio & the Prophets/CD/Parkway/1967
BED: Walk Away Renee/Groovin' Strings/LP/Cub/1967

diamond rings and nanny goats

Set Three: a figure made to squeeze

1. Love Potion #9/Ronnie Dio & the Prophets/CD/Valex/1964
2. 36-22-36/The Dynamic Bobby Bland/LP/Duke/1962
3. How Long (Do You Hold On)/Al "TNT" Braggs/45/Peacock/1966
4. Chills and Fever/Allen Wayne/45/Try/1964
5. Tried So Hard/Curley Moore/45/Teem/1961
6. Good Friends/Poppy Family/45/London/1972
7. We are Just Friends/Earl King/LP/Imperial/1962
8. Girl Can't Help It/Conway Twitty/LP/MGM/1961
BED: Upon this rock/Joe Farrell/LP/CTI/1974

the answer is, all night long

Set Four: grasping at rainbows

1. Wishing Well/Black Sabbath/LP/Warner Brothers/1980
2. New Way Home/Surprise Package/LP/LHI/1968
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

 this show is about the future ... and friendship

a farewell to the rainbow man

Ronnie Dio & the Prophets ... and Ronnie the Rocker

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/03/2010

while the gittin's good

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/03/10


Set One: a week in advance

Intro: Big Bo's Iron Horse/Big Bo and the Arrows/LP(re)/Gay Shel/1962
1. Git It/Invincibles/45/Warner Bros/1966
2. In My Body's House/Gene Chandler/45/Checker/1969
3. Date With the Rain/Eddie Kendricks/45/Tamla/1972
4. I Can't Use You In My Business/Gary U.S. Bonds/45/Sue/1968?
5. Hey Son/Carmen Taylor/45/Kama Sutra/1966
6. Love is the Master(I'm the Slave)/Bob Brady & the Con Chords/45/Chariot/1967
7. Kick-Out>In/Manuel B. Holcomb/45/Diamond Jim/1969
8. Harlem Shuffle/Maze/45/Vogue(fr)/1967
9. We're Pretty Quick/Chôb/45/Lavette/1966
10.Leave Me/Zombies/LP/London/1964-1969
11.There's No Place for Lonely People/Adams Recital/CD/Barclay(belg)/1967
12.Six Days In May/Gants/LP/Liberty/1966
13.My Friend Jack/Smoke/45/Columbia(uk)/1966
14.Wheel of Changes/Wind in the Willows/LP/Capitol/1968
15.Daddy's a Millionaire/Iveys/45/Apple/1968
BED: Fat Cat Strut/Jobim-Ray Brown Orch/LP/Symbolic/1970

and we're going dutch

Set Two: reaching for the sky just to surrender

1. None for Me - On Monday/Aaron Lightman/LP/Poppy/1969
2. Pastures of Plenty/Jesse Colin Young/LP/Warner Brothers/1972
3. Stranger Song/Marian Henderson/LP/Coral/1970
4. Moon Child/Jerry Jeff Walker/LP/Decca.1972
BED: While the City Sleeps/Tony Hatch/45/Warner Brothers/1966

the temple of the soul

Set Three: cat's pajamas and bee's knees

1. Short Skirts/Billy Mitchell/45/Jubilee/1962
2. Shakin' Time/Candy & the Kisses/45/Cameo/1965
3. Where Have You Been/Arthur Alexander/45/Dot/1962
4. Gettin' Cooked/Louis Brothers/45/Dot/1968
5. You Can't Run Away From Yourself/Dovells/LP/Wyncote/1964
6. My Girl, the Month of May/Dion & the Belmonts/LP/ABC/1967
7. You're So Fine/Johnny Burnette/CD/
8. Jerry Lee Lewis/I've Got a Woman(Mean Woman Blues)(live)/LP/Smash/1964
BED: Give the Women What They Want/Dave Cortez/LP/T-Neck/1970

don't call it a fetish

Set Four: the lurking fear

1. Boil the Kettle, Mother/Id/LP/RCA/1967
2. Say Those Magic Words/Birds/LP(re)/Big Beat/1965
3. At the Mountains of Madness/H.P. Lovecraft/LP/Phillips/1968
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

.. but fully loaded!