Tuesday, June 28, 2005

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 6/27/05

no socs no greasers just me n cherryno socs no greasers just me n cherry this might cool you down
Cherry Valence - Not To Be Messed With.

Heatwave continues...I put this show together in the pseudo-sweatshop of my Sunday afternoon bedroom, and it shows. Odd mix of stuff today, phones generally quiet, but a shout out to J in Somerville for his words of appreciation, and to the JP Licks crew - you guys are due for another dedication!
MP3 is a go. Clicking on the image of THEM below will begin the stream. We have a slightly easier lead-in time this week, the final song of LRC - strangely enough a Wings tune - and we are underway with the MTM theme, around 3:20 in.
Do it for Johnny!!

Leave Your Stepping Stones Behind
Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/27/05


Set One: I Didn't Mean to Turn You On

Intro: Every Mother's Daughter/Dave Grusin - Candy OST/LP/ABC/1969
1. Mambo Sun/T. Rex/LP/Reprise/1971
2. Disguises(Live on BBC)/The Who/LP/Polydor UK/1965-2000
3. My Sweet Lord/Edwin Starr/LP/Gordy/1971
4. Midnight Confessions/Patti Drew/LP/Capitol/1969
5. Grab This Thing/Bar-Kays/LP/Volt/1968
6. Don't Turn Your Heater Down/Sam & Dave/LP/Atlantic/1968
7. Lookout For Lucy/Mike Millius/LP/UNI/1970
8. Florida Blues/Salloom, Sinclair & the Mother Bear/LP/Cadet Concept/1968
9. Out of the City (Into the Country)/Allen Toussaint/LP/Reprise/1972
10.Beginnings/Astrud Gilberto/LP/Verve/1970
BED: Summer In the City/Dee Felice Trio/LP/Bethlehem/1969

Set Two: Daydreaming of Rainstorms

1. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Them/LP/Decca/1966
2. Gone and Passes By/Chocolate Watchband/CD/Tower/1967
3. Monday's Rain/Bee Gees/LP/Atco/1966-1968
4. Rainy Day In June/The Kinks/LP/Reprise/1965
5. Rat Race/Gino Washington/LP/Washpan-Norton/1965-69-8?
6. Tell Him No/Smith/LP/ABC Dunhill/1968
7. You Must Believe Me(Live on the BBC)/The Zombies/LP/Rhino/1965-1985
8. Stronger Than Dirt/Jay & the Techniques/LP/Smash/1967
BED: People Make the World Go Round/Young Holt Unlimited/LP/Paula/1973

Set Three: I Kicks In Like a Turbo-Booster

1. Corrinna(live)/Taj Mahal/LP/Columbia/1972
2. So Long, Marrianne/Don Crawford/LP/Roulette/1970
3. Ain't Nothin' You Can Do/Big Mama Thornton/LP/Mercury/1969
4. Long Skirt Baby Blues/T-Bone Walker/LP/Bluesway/1969
5. I Got a Man/The Toys/LP/Dynovoice/1966
6. Monkey's Uncle/Ray Sharpe/45/LHI/1968
7. Bloody River/The Texans/45/Infinity/1958
8. Take Me Where the Sun Never Shines/Johnny Soul/45/SSS/1968
BED: The Night has a Thousand Eyes/McCoy Tyner/LP/Milestone/1973

Set Four: dancing sandwiches

1. Before the Beginning/Fleetwood Mac/LP/Reprise(ger)/196?-1976
2. Abdul Malek/Embryo/LP/MPS/197?-1974
3. Reap What You Sow/Merilee Rush & the Turnabouts/45/Bell/1968
BED: Sea of Grass/The Ventures/LP/Liberty/1969

just look at that beautiful GUNjust look at that beautiful GUN
just look at that beautiful GUNjust look at that beautiful GUN
just look at that beautiful GUNjust look at that beautiful GUN

Special Guests: Diane Lane, Dan Dureya, James Stewart, C. Thomas Howell, Jay C. Flippen, Groucho Marx, Shelly Winters, Stephen McNally, Marc Bolan, Margaret Dumont, Matt Dillon - phew!

Some poor time managment down the stretch, maybe, but a fun show overall, lots of Winchester '73 and The Outsiders intensity, and almost half of what I played I had bought within 48 hours of the show, which is fun for me, at least...

the chicken?or the egg?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Space is the Place" 6/21/05 Guest Slot Playlist & MP3

plenty of time to think

Big shout and a sincere thanks to Lauren and the whole crew of Space is the Place - one of the truly heavyweight WMBR programs, which I check out whenever possible - for letting me fill in this week. I really enjoyed putting this show together, and had an even better time when the records were spinning...lots of great phone calls, nice to just play music and barely speak for 2 hours. Click the image of Clifford Coulter kicking a cop's ass below to stream the MP3 (yes, as usual, the show doesn't start until the nightly news ends, around 5 & 1/2 minutes in..grrr...), I have pecked out the playlist further downward, and please check out SPACE IS THE PLACE every Tuesday, 6-8PM EST on 88.1 FM WMBR/http://www.wmbr.org !

what me worry?
CLICK on the image ABOVE to stream this show.
Show begins when the news ends, at 5:30 in.

Playlist for Space is the Place - 06/21/05


Set One: Who God Bless

Intro: Theme from Star Trek/Secret Agents/LP/Design/196?
1. Bamboo Funk/Chris Hinze Combination/LP/MPS/1974
2. 1983 a Merman I Shall Be/Gil Evans/LP/RCA/1974
3. Pictures & Designs/The Seeds/LP/GNP/1967
4. Right On Y'all/The Eleventh House/LP/Vanguard/1974
5. Caterpillar/Lou Donaldson/LP/Blue Note/1971
6. Epilogue/Miroslav Vitous/LP/Atlantic/1972
7. Sweet Exorcist/Curtis Mayfield/LP/Curtom/1974
8. Flight Time/Donald Byrd/LP/Blue Note/1973
9. Idle Hands/Harlem River Drive/LP/Roulette/1970
BED: Voyager/Dexter Wansel/LP/Philly International/1978

don't think just pick
Larry Coryell

Set Two: No Man Curse

1. Paranoia/Buddy Terry/LP/Mainstream/1972
*XM/Paul Kanter/LP/RCA/1970
2. Making Planets/Edan feat. Mr. Lif/LP/Lewis/2005
3. Oscillations/Silver Apples/LP/Kapp/1968
4. Dorian/Emanuel K. Rahim & the Kahliqs/LP/Cobblestone/1972
5. We Live In Brooklyn, Baby/Roy Ayers Ubiquity/LP/Polydor/1972
6. Worry 'Bout It Later/Clifford Coulter/LP/ABC/1971
7. Changing Things/Gregory James Experience/LP/Dakar/1972
8. 1990/The Undisputed Truth/LP/Gordy/1975
9. Mizrab/Gabor Szabo/LP/Impulse/1966
10.Ayiko Bia/Osibisa/LP/Decca/1971
BED: Sexy Sadie/Ramsey Lewis/LP/Cadet/1969

Roger, next contact Bermuda
Special guest stars Hal 9000, and this incredibly cool 45, given to me by my Mom's good friend June just last month - it actually originally came with the G.I. Joe "Mercury Shuttle" playset in 1966, and supplied all the great authentic manned spaceflight dialogue for the show!.

Thanks again to Lauren & Nick, and if you ever need another breather, I'm ready to step in and take flight.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/13/05

knob turner supremeecho soul monsters
The Undisputed Truth, and undisputed mastermind of their sound, Norman Whitfield.

I won't bore you with my problems, but amazingly painful back spasms came out of nowhere an hour before the show, and I was a hurting man throughout...kept it together for the most part, with some nice hot weather tunes (it was the fourth 90 degree day in a row!) and a noisy sendoff to Sara J as she leaves Lost & Found for her new show, Gorilla Got Me , which will be on WMBR wednesdays 2PM-4PM EST, so check it out or suffer the consequences of not being down.

MP3 is all fired up and ready to go - look, I know it's annoying, but my show doesn't start until around 8 minutes into the file, I promise to get some editing software soon that will allow me to customize these files, and also to start slapping LRC DJ's who can't be done by 12:00!! - Anyway, a simple CLICK UPON THE GLASS PRISM boys in full Poe regalia BELOW will begin the download. And the playlist scrolls downward, if cheating is your game.


Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/13/05


Set One: Box of Letters

Intro: Marvin's Groove/B.W. Souls/45/Round/196?
1. Funky/Chambers Brothers/LP/Columbia/1970 (courtesy OT)
2. Summertime/Al Green/LP/Hi/1972
3. Good Day Sunshine/Roy Redman/LP/MGM/1968
4. You Don't Want My Love/Inez Foxx/LP/Volt/1973
5. Spinning Wheel/Sammy Davis, Jr./LP/Motown/1970
6. Feel It for Me/Ten Years After/LP/Deram/1967
7. Blues 99/Cash McCall/LP/Paula/1974
8. Honey Love/Black Heat/LP/Atlantic/1972
9. Oh, Sister/Bob Dylan/LP/Columbia/1975
10.She Promises Everything/Ars Nova/LP/Atlantic/1969
11.Give It Up/Kool & the Gang/LP/De-Lite/1971
12.I Saw You When You Met Her/Undisputed Truth/LP/Gordy/1975
13.Summer Wine/Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood/LP/Reprise/1968
BED: The Trio/Ennio Morricone/LP/UA/1967

Set Two: As If It Were Yesterday

1. What Have I Got of My Own/Trini Lopez/45/Reprise/1964
2. Girl Don't Tell Me/Beach Boys/LP/Capitol/1965
3. Get Out of My Life/Little Anthony & Imperials/LP/DCP/1966
4. That's How It Is/Otis Clay/LP/Hi/1972
5. I Just Want To Be Me/Freedom Express/LP/Mercury/1969
6. Clouds(Both Sides Now)/Dave Van Ronk/LP/Verve Forecast/1968
BED: Loran's Dance/Idris Muhammad/LP/CTI/1974

Set Three: grisly death of the superego

1. Cock In My Pocket/Stooges/LP/Revenge/1973-1988
2. You Are My Sunshine/The Lively Ones/LP/MGM/1967
3. El Dorado/Glass Prism/LP/RCA/1969
4. The Conquerer Worm/Glass Prism/LP/RCA/1969
5. The Rake/The ID/LP/RCA/1967 (OT Redux)
BED:Happenings 10 Years Time Ago/Sandy Nelson/LP/Imperial/1967

Set Four: 45's In the Family (or "greatness 'skips' a generation?")

1. My Pride Won't Let Me/Eddie Purrell/45/Volt
2. Keep On Dancin'/Alvin Cash/45/Toddlin' Town/1969
3. Really Together/Billy Vera & Judy Clay/45/Atlantic/1967
4. Tramp/Lowell Fulsom/45/Kent/1966
BED: She's a Woman - And I Love Her/Chet Atkins/LP/RCA/1966

Tha Kiss-Off: I Don't Care Anymore/Doris Duke/45/Canyon/1970

I may be bald, but at least I'm not chickenshit!
I miss hockey.

Special Guests: Paul Newman, Cybil Sheppard (again!), Nicholas Cage, Jim Kelly, Andrew Duncan, Robert DeNiro

first hour was a dream, really nice - rest of the day had it's problems, but overall I like this show...fun phonecalls, giving away the 3D tix was neat - gee, let's do it all again in 2 weeks, I'm ready! (must be the prescription drugs, I would hug a mountain lion right now...)

slice of melted yellow cheese slice of melted yellow cheese slice of melted yellow cheese