Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/16/06

over nothin' at all!
hey big boy what's your name?

Deadlier Than the Male

Well, the 10/2 show was lost forever, as the internet stream and archivist hardware were down all day...but I'm back and brimming with energy, a canvas sack filled with over 50 lbs of music over my shoulder, 32oz of hot coffee, and a "greatest hits" selection of noir bites on hand. Things stretch out a bit, as
you get 3 long sets over 2 hours - See, I can just do this stuff whenever the notion strikes me...even if it ain't feas-i-ble.

Just a click on the Frenchman below will get things underway - and simply regardez la liste a little further down for all les d├ętails discographiques you may need.

Back in 2 weeks with a Halloween Cryptacular!

diamonds in the air

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/16/06


Set One: thrill of the chase

Intro: Expo 83/Backyard Heavies/45/Scepter/1971
1. Raining in the City/Ronnie Bird/CD/Polydor(France)/1968
2. Someday the Gray Will Come/Salvation/45/United Artists/1968?
3. Hunter Gets Captured by the Game/Jimmy Mack & the Music Factory/45/Atlantic/1968
4. You'd Better Quit It/Georgie Boy/45/SSS/1969?
5. He's About a Mover/Dottie Cambridge/45/MGM/1968
6. One Chain Don't Make No Prison/Four Tops/45/ABC/1972
7. I Can Understand It pt.1/Valentinos/45/Clean/1973
8. You Can't Blame Me/Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr/45/Capsoul/1971
9. Sexy Coffee Pot/Tony Avalon & the Belairs/LP/Atlantic/1969
10.Check It All Out/Black Heat/LP/Atlantic/1974
11.Stone Junkie/Ruby Jones/LP/Curtom/1971
12.New Orleans/Southwind/LP/Venture/1968
13.Sixteen Tons/Freeman Sound/45/Starshine/1969?
14.Jigsaw Puzzle/Rolling Stones/LP/London/1968
BED: The Main Attraction/Grant Green/LP/Kudu/1976

everybody works out of their own bag

Set Two: soothe the savage beast

1. Lady Genevieve/John Phillips/LP/Dunhill/1970
2. Not Too Long Ago/Beau Brummels/LP/Autumn/1965
3. High Flying Bird/Balladeers/45/Cori/1965
4. That's the Bag I'm In/Fred Neil/LP/Capitol/1966
5. Positively Fourth Street/Johnny Rivers/LP/Imperial/1968
6. I Want You/Christine McVie/LP/Blue Horizon-Sire/1969-1976
7. Break It Down/Freddie Fender/CD/"Short Eyes" film dub/Film League/1977
BED: Mango Meat(instro)-Promenade/Mandrill-Manu Dibango/CD/Polydor-?/1975

just trying to hang on

Set Three: a gathering of heads

1. Shake/Shadows of Knight/LP/Team-Buddah/1968
2. All She Said/Dynamics/CD/Jerden/1966
3. Mr. Farmer(live)/Seeds/LP/GNP/1969
4. Love Tunnel/Chubby Checker/LP/MFP(bel)/1970-1975
5. Althea/Robin Trower/LP/Chrysalis/1975(req)
BED: The Junkshop/New Apocalypse/LP/TMI/1969

The Send Off: Dark End of the Street/James Carr/LP/Goldwax/1967

a place in the country

Guest Stars: Lawrence Tierney, Paul Newman, Fred MacMurray, Dan Duryea, Barbara Stanwyck, Elisha Cook, Burt Lancaster, Tony Barrett

goodbye baby