Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/12/09

I'll do it for you
not very evocative of an acid trip, to be honest

Switchman's Lament

It may be the depths of winter, but Gemini is rising, and I find myself a man of two minds. I could do the right thing and walk the narrow path of good, or I could fly straight off the rails and go for everything that's not nailed down, in double. The only thing the left and right sides of my mind can agree upon is the music.
2 hours of it, ready for boarding and pulling out as soon as you click on that Guilloteens 45 just below. Drop the blade and join the party, as Charles-Henri Sanson would say.

called to the carpet

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/12/09


Set One: more sparkle than a movie queen

Intro: Poquito Soul/One G Plus Three/45/Paramount/1969?
1. I've Lost/The Chymes/45/Teako/1968
2. She Broke Down/Little Richard III/45/DPG/1971
3. I Take What I Want/Ann Peebles/LP/Hi/1971
4. The Psychedelic Theme/Bobby Wells Band/45/Romur/1968
5. Someday/The Tempests/LP/Smash/1967
6. Bring the Curtain Down/Eddie Floyd/LP/Stax/1971
7. I'm a Man/Timmy Willis/45/Jubilee/1969
8. You've Got Everything/Sonny Webb & the Cascades/LP/Columbia/1964
9. If I Cry/The Fabulous Wunz/45/Pyramid/1966
10.Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/The Scarecrow/45/Date/1968
11.Wild Child/Guilloteens/45/Columbia/1967
12.I Happen to Love You/Them/LP/Tower/1968
13.Take a Giant Step/Rising Sons/LP/Columbia-Sudazed/1967-2001
14.I Can Almost Believe/Jerri Jackson/45/Parallax/1969
15.Down Along the Cove/West/LP/Epic/1968
BED: Lela/Johnny Lytle/LP/Riverside/1965

a groovy scene

dressed for the beach

can you guess what's wrong with this picture?"

Set Two: bus station blues

1. Because of You/Gene Clark/LP/A&M/1971
2. Enjoy Enjoy/Patrick Sky/LP/Verve Forecast/1967
3. Wait By the Fire/Just Us/LP/Kapp/1967
4. Pocket Money/Carole King/CD/Ode/1972
5. Second Hand Sundown Queen/Country Coalition/LP/ABC-Bluesway/1970
BED: And I Love Her/Chet Atkins/LP/RCA/1966

turn out the light

with science, anything is possible

Set Three: still the best policy

1. Cool Jerk/Ricardo Ray Orchestra/LP/Alegre/1968
2. Mama Didn't Lie/Jan Bradley/45/Chess/1962
3. Just Like Mine/The Renaults/45/Wand/1962
4. Too Late/Larry Williams & Johnny Watson/LP/Okeh/1967
5. A Song Called Soul/Gene Chandler/45/Constellation/1964
6. Standing On Your Promise/Ollie Nightingale/45/Memphis/1971
BED: Satisfaction/Paul Horn/LP/RCA/1967

mama knows best
into their  bag

Set Four: oh the humanity

1. Hang Onto Yourself/Arnold Corns/45/B&C(uk)/1971
2. The Journey/The Hobbits/LP/Decca/LP/1968
3. You're In My Mind/Graf Zeppelin/CD/Orlyn/1968
4. Breakfast at Gardenson's/The Litter/LP/ABC-Probe/1969
5. Blue Ice/The Litter/LP/ABC-Probe/1969
BED: The Long Goodbye/Dave Grusin Trio/CD/UA/1973

louder than loud

underground music. literally.

Guest Stars: Charles McGraw, Lawrence Tierney, Marie Windsor, Robert Mitchum, Claire Trevor, Robert DeNiro, Don Beddoe, Rudy Ray Moore, Barbara Stanwyck

on the road

Friday, January 09, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/29/08

and it packs a punch
out on the street

Cutting In

Well, no, of course nobody cuts in on me. That's just how it is. If I want something I grab it and you should be the same way, if you want to get anywhere. So throw caution to the wind and click on that Five Satins 45 down there - and you'll see you really can count on me, at least to bring you all that good-time music listed just below. Go on, take a poke at me. Go ahead - I won't hit back, I swear.

coming through in the clutch

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/29/08


Set One: just a dollar at the door

Intro: Sock It To Me pt.1/The Deacons/45/Shama/1968
1. Right Track/Billy Butler/LP/Okeh/1966
2. The Pain gets a Little Deeper/Darrow Fletcher/45/Groovy/1966
3. Doin' the Popcorn/Kim Melvin/45/Hi/1969
4. JB's Latin/Spitting Image/45/Masai/1969
5. A Love Problem/Eldridge Holmes/45/Decca/1967
6. Where's Your Love Been/The Sequins/45/Crajon/1971
7. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do/Johnny Starr/45/Mala/1968
8. My Kind of Jungle/Bobby Rio/LP/Vogue(Fr)-Joda(Brz)/1969-1973
9. Crying All Alone/The Avengers/45/Mr. Genius/1967?
10.All I Want Is You/Shadden & the King Lears/45/Arbet/1966
11.Send Your Mind/Van Morrison/LP/Bang/1967
12.Let's Do Wrong/The Bougalieu/45/Roulette/1967
13.Outside Chance/Sounds Like Us/45/Fontana/1966?
14.She Came Like the Rain/The Phaetons/45/Warner Bros/1967
15.And When It's Over/Aesop's Fables/LP/Cadet Concept/1969
BED: Black Talk/Charles Earland/LP/Prestige/1971

who needs an umbrella not me

consider yourself dosed

my needs are simple

Set Two: a thousand more 'fore I'm through

1. I Need a Friend/Jeff Monn/LP/Vanguard/1968
2. In Silence/Tim Hollier/LP/United Artists/1968
3. Sister Morphine/Ellen Warshaw/LP/Vanguard/1973
4. For Lovin' Me/The Fleetwoods/LP/Dolton/1966?
5. Blue Moon/Elvis Presley/CD/Sun/1954
BED: I Want You/Gary Burton/LP/Rca/1967

pomp and circumstance

sweet cousin cocaine

Set Three: wouldn't quit for a million bucks

1. Soldiers of Love/Arthur Alexander/45/Dot/1962
2. New Girl/Accents/45/M-Pac!/1964
3. You Can Count On Me/Five Satins/45/Roulette/1964
4. He Was Really Saying Something/Velvelettes/45/VIP/1964
5. A Quiet Place/Garnet Mimms/LP/United Artists/1963
6. A Whole Lots(sic) of Fun/Tommy Tucker/45/Checker/1968
BED: Mid Evil Dance/Scott Bradford/LP/Probe/1969

lay down your arms
a quiet crew

Set Four: sweep the shadows from your awning

1. Slip Inside This House/13th Floor Elevators/LP/International Artists/1967
2. Fortune Teller/Hard Times/LP/World Pacific/1968
3. Cully/Judas Jump/LP/Pride/1969
BED: Eddie Senay/LP/Sussex/1972

find the answer within

Guest Stars: Lawrence Tierney, Esther Howard, Elisha Cook Jr., Claire Trevor, Eli Wallach, Isabel Jewell, Tony Barrett, Caroll Baker, Karl Malden, Adele Jergens

don't leave me this way

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/15/08

stand and deliver
no problem can't be solved

The Violent Oath

With my hands to the heavens, I unleash a stream of obscenity so strong it washes over everything in it's path with a Godless wrath. But this all takes place off-microphone. As far as you know, I'm just playing 2 hours of luminous psychedelia, storming R&B, gentle ballads and shredding guitar epics. Still, the Lord & I know there's only suffering awaiting me in the afterlife due to the words that pass my lips when you aren't listening.

Oh yeah, there's a full playlist just below, you #$!@*$ #!&%!

preeety sneaky, sis

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/15/08


Set One: mailbox blues

Intro: The Gig/Raw Soul/45/DPG/1971
1. B-I-N-G-O/Ned Towns/45/Atlantic/1966
2. Dance Little Girl/Clay Hammond/45/Duo Disc/1965
3. If I'm Hurt You'll Feel the Pain/Barbara & Brenda/LP/Dynamo/1966
4. Love Slipped Away/Stu Gardner/LP/Revue/1968
5. Switchblade/Ralph Carmichael(Cross & Switchblade OST)/LP/Light/1970
6. I Remember You/Ponderosa Twins Plus One/45/Astroscope/1971
7. Little Girls Go Home/Bobby Conerly/45/Duke/1970
8. So Many Other Boys/Esquires/45/Capitol(Can)/1964
9. Miss Charlotte/The Sidekicks/45/Rca/1967
10.No Correspondence/Beckett Quintet/45/Gemcor/45/1967
11.The Slide/The Bruins/45/Roulette/1964
12.Never Thought You'd Leave Me/Pleasure Seekers/LP/Hideout-Norton/1965-2003
13.Fever/Hillow Hammet/LP/House of the Fox/1969
14.Laurie Did It/Flamin' Groovies/LP/Epic/1969
15.Four in the Morning/Youngbloods/LP/Rca/1967
BED: Black Brothers/Tito Puente/LP/Tico/1973

a talented bunch

and I look forward to seeing you again

cute but tough

Set Two: both the laughter and the rain

1. Together/Jesse Colin Young/LP/Warner Brothers/1972
2. Desiree/Montage/LP/Laurie/1968
3. Sweet Memories/Buffy Sainte-Marie/LP/Vanguard/1972
4. Just Dropped In/Mickey Newbury/LP/Rca/1968
5. Skies Above/Soundtrip/45/Piece/1968
6. Now's the Time/Val Stöecklein/LP/Dot/1968
7. Teas/Donovan/LP/Epic/1968(request)
BED: Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Sounds Orchestral/LP/Cameo/1966

psychedelic wood panel

fragile with a kick

Set Three: wouldn't quit for a million bucks

1. Uptight/Jackie Wilson & Count Basie/LP/Brunswick/1968
2. You've Been in Love Too Long/Martha Reeves & the Vandellas/45/Motown/1965
3. Rockin' in the Same Old Boat/Bobby Bland/LP/Duke/1968
4. Don't Let Go/Billy Storm/45/Infinity/1962
5. Honey Bun/Larry Donn/LP/White Label(Neth)/1959
6. Look at Me/Buddy Holly/LP/Coral-MCA/1957
BED: Chilli Mac/Preston Love/LP/Kent/1971?

leave ol' Doc Jones alone
THE dynamic duo

Set Four: lucky me

1. I Got the Feeling/Los Dug-Dugs/LP/Rca(Mex)/1969
2. Victoria/The Kinks/LP/Reprise/1969
3. Hey Girl/The Woolies/CD/Dunhill-Psychic Circle/1967-2008
4. Louie Louie/Joske Harry's & King Creoles/CD(Biet Het comp)/Distortions/1964-2008
BED: Tin Lizzie/Randy Bachman/LP/Rca/1970

like a lost dog

Guest Stars: Paul Newman, Richard Conte, Jim Kelly, Lizbeth Scott, James Stewart, Shih Kien, William Bendix, Dan Duryea, Lee Van Cleef, Brian Donleavy, Kim Novak

but I'm the one you come to see at noon