Saturday, November 29, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/24/08

I'm here to help
the more things change the more I stay the same

Complete and Unabridged

just teasing - of course I'll share

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/24/08


Set One: I can't help myself

Intro: Koke/Tribe/45/ABC/1973
1. Bye Bye Baby I'm Gone/Jimmy Oliver & His Soul Twisters/LP/Sue/1965
2. Chills & Fever/Allen Wayne/45/Try/1964
3. The Train(Leaving for Misery)/Four Hi's/45/Verve/1966
4. What Shall I Do/Frankie & the Classicals/45/Calla/1967
5. Sad World Without You/Pic & Bill/45/Smash/1967
6. Give Everybody Some/Bar-Kays/45/Volt/1967
7. Keep It to Myself/Claude "Baby" Huey/45/M.I.O.B./1968?
8. I Can't Believe/The Omegas/45/United Artists/1968
9. I Won't Be the Same Without Her/Twilights/45/Columbia(Au)/1966
10.It's Too Late/The Pedestrians/45/Atco/1966
11.Mad, Mad, Mad/The Escapades/45/Verve/1966
12.It Just Won't Be That Way/The Gurus/45/United Artists/1966
13.Baby, You Been On My Mind/Tina Harvey/LP/UK/1973
14.Baby Blue/The Legend/LP/Mega Phone/1968
15.Cries from the Midnight Circus/Pretty Things/LP/Rare Earth/1970
BED: Spirit of the Bells/Earth Disciples/LP/Solid State/1969

strike another match

a heavy feeling

not afraid to try

Set Two: world of warm words, sparkling colors

1. Hello I Love You/The Lettermen/LP/Capitol/1969
2. All My Dreams Blue/The Youngbloods/LP/RCA/1967
3. Blue Eyed Boy/Barbara Keith/LP/Verve Forecast/1969
4. Baby/Vince Martin & Fred Neil/LP/Elektra/1964
5. Assassin/Dixie Nightingales/45/Chalice/1964
BED: The World is a Ghetto/George Shearing/LP/MPS/1974

soft as a goose down pillow

a sweater speaks a thousand words

holding down the inlands

Set Three: not a threat but a promise

1. I Gotta Go Now/Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers/LP/Like-Candy/1967-1997
2. Daddy Ohh, Long Legs/The High Keyes/45/Atco/1963
3. If I Catch You(Running Around)/Timmy Shaw/45/Wand/1964
4. Comin' Home Baby/Dee Dee Sharp/LP/Cameo/1963
5. A Fat Boy Can Cry/Billy Stewart/LP/Chess/1964
BED: Off Into a Black Thing/Willie Henderson/LP/Brunswick/1969

they wrote that song about me, 'so fine'

Set Four: when there's work to be done

1. Abracadabra/Blue Ash/LP/Mercury/1973
2. Little Sally Tease/Kingsmen/LP/Wand/1966
3. How Can It Be/The Birds/LP/Decca(uk)-Big Beat/1965-1998
4. Sweet Tooth/Free/LP/A&M/1969
BED: Don't Do That/Bar-Kays/45/Volt/1967

all the hooks

Guest Stars: Robert Mitchum, Gary Merrill, Jane Greer, Robert F. Simon, Kirk Douglas, Anne Gwynn, Sidney Miller, Robert Lowrey, James Cagney, Arthur Kennedy

and I'll soon be a-back-back

Thursday, November 20, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/03/08

let's talk turkey
making love new again

getting into the groove

Our Cast of Charcters:

Mark: the DJ, the guy with the mouth, in more than one way.
Sexually frustrated and a portrait in barely contained violence.
He was making the decisions, but is he really in control?

E.O. Set: the old standby, rigid in form but full of surprises. Everything he did might not always make sense, but somehow it always ended neatly.
How long could his lucky streak go on?

Mellow Set: younger sister to E.O. and an independent spirit.
Beautiful yet often dreamy and introspective, she had a way to make a man see the softer side of life. Her rejection of E.O.'s lifestyle is a source of friction.

Nathaniel: born with more style than the Duke of Windsor, but his time was up. He left behind many clues as to his infectious talent, however, as you shall hear.

Playlist: that OTHER cast of characters among the photos.

Loleatta Holloway 45 image: that thing you click on below to hear the show!

copyright ©1939 Lux Soap Company, inc. all rights reserved.

and keep it that way

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/03/08


Set One: like a hot rod race

Intro: Test Pattern/Jimmy Gordon/45/Challenge/1967
1. A Change is Gonna COme/Brothers Unlimited/LP/Capitol/1970
2. Sun Won't Come Out/Harvey Scales/45/Mercury/1969?
3. Bring It On Up/Loleatta Holloway/45/Galaxy/1971
4. How Easy Your Heart Forgets Me/Show Stoppers/45/MGM(uk)/1968
5. Love-Au-Go-Go/Bobby Copney/45/Tuff/1965
6. Funk Shack East/Dave "Baby" Cortez/LP/All Platinum/1970
7. Work It Out/Nathaniel Mayer/LP/Fortune/1964?
8. Empty Heart/Thee Midniters/LP/Chattahoochee/1965
9. Love Special Delivery/Fire Escape/45/GNP Crescendo/1967
10.High Time/Spike Drivers/45/Om/1966
11.Get Out of the Way/Uncalled For/45/Laurie/1967
12.What Is She Thinking Of/Last Friday's Fire/45/LHI/1967
13.Wade in the Water/Ian & the Zodiacs/LP/Star Club(Ger)/1966
14.Shadows of Your Mind/Plastic Cloud/45/Allied(Can)/1968
15.Cheap Lovin'/Supremes/LP/Motown/1972
16.On Our Own/Glass Harp/LP/Decca/1971
BED: People Make the World Go Round/Ramsey Lewis Trio/LP/Columbia/1972

on the tip of my tongue

haha Family Jewels ... that Jerry Lewis, I tell you ...

Set Two: a letter from home

1. Love Psalm/Stone Country/45/RCA/1968
2. The Good Humor Man, He Sees Everything Like This/Love/LP/Elektra/1967
3. Nothing Lasts/Karen Beth/LP/Decca/1969
4. 900 Miles/Dion/LP/Columbia/1969
5. Farewell Angelina/Joan Baez/LP/Vanguard/1965 (request)
BED: Metamorphosis/Ananda Shankar/LP/Reprise/1968

mellow vibes on this session

taking it deeper

once more with feeling

Set Three: straighten up and fly right

1. Where Will You Be/Nathaniel Mayer/LP/Fortune/1964?
2. Don't Call Me Anymore/Dee Dee Warwick/45/Jubilee/1964
3. Oh Dreamy Me/Dicky "Piano" Williams/CD/Metro/1965?
4. I Don't Know/Benny Turner/45/M-Pac/1965
5. You've Got to Make the Choice/Sisters Love/45/MoWest/1972
6. If I Were a Bird/Howlin' Wolf/LP/Chess/1970
BED: Just Enough Room for Storage/James Brown/LP/King/1970

1944-2008 R.I.P.
soul and inspiration

Set Four: discreet charm of the bourgeois

1. Strange Movies/Troggs/45/Bell/1973
2. Arlene/Flow/LP/CTI/1970
BED: Express Yourself/Idris Muhammad/LP/Prestige/1971

Wolf is for the Children

Guest Stars: Richard Conte, Victor Mature, Helene Stanton, Walter Brennan, Cornell Wilde, Lee Van Cleef, Laird Cregar

but I'll be back soon

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/20/08

Please excuse the rather half-assed update, and over 2 weeks late at that. After the show aired, there was no MP3 archive available, which killed my enthusiasm for posting the playlist, with no link to listen to. But somehow the archived stream MP3 was rescued from the abyss, so here it is for your listening pleasure. I already need to get posting the 11/3 show, so you only get 2 photos.

Regardless, it's a great show, you can hear the whole thing by clicking on the Curtis Lee 45 below, and the full playlist is included as always, to keep everything above board.

why not you?

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/20/08


Set One: let's live in the Rockies

Intro: Football/Mickey & the Soul Generation/45/Maxwell/1970
1. Seven Rooms of Gloom/Four Tops/LP/Motown/1967
2. I've Got Just the Thing/Lou Courtney/45/Riverside/1967
3. Everybody's Going Wild/Curtis Lee & the KFC's/45/Rojac/1967
4. Chain Reaction/Carolyn Franklin/LP/RCA/1970
5. Are You Man Enough?/Four Tops/45/ABC/1973
6. The Rabbit Got the Gun/The Dapps/45/King/1968
7. Rainy Mourning/Marvelettes/LP/Tamla/1969
8. Cold Soul/Gemstones/45/Gemstone/197?
9. A Man's Gotta Be a Man/Castaways/45/Soma/1965
10.River Deep Mountain High/Badd Boys/45/Epic/1967
11.I'm a Loner/Jaybees/45/RCA/1966
12.Every Time Woman/Human Beinz/45/Capitol/1968
13.Ship of Dreams/Quiet Jungle/LP/Yorkville/1967
14.Te Amo Mas/Coke/LP/Sound Triangle/1972
15.Summer Rain/Blue Gravel Rock Band/45/Solar/1969
BED: Cissy Strut/Houston Pearson/LP/Prestige/1970

Set Two: nothing else I can do

1. Walk Away Renee/Four Tops/45/Motown/1967
2. The Best of It/Thorinshield/LP/Philips/1968
3. I'll Keep It with Mine/Nico/LP/Verve/1968
4. Hot Burrito #1/Gene Parsons/LP/Sierra/1978
5. Let Me Be/P.F. Sloan/LP/Dunhill/1966
BED: Apollo/Johnny Frigo Jazz Quartet/LP/Orion/196?

Set Three: when the bell tolls

1. Don't You Ever Give Up On Me/Dee Dee Warwick/45/Mercury/1968
2. The Big Fight/Ricky Allen/45/Age/1964
3. One Way Love Affair/Z.Z. Hill/45/MH/1964
4. I Lost a Love/Dorothy Prince/45/M-Pac/1964?
5. Girl You Lit My Fire/Junior Wells/45/Blue Rock/1968
6. Midnight Affair/Jimmy Hughes/45/Fame/1965
7. Casting My Spell/Johnny Otis Show/45/Capitol/1958
BED: Brother, What It Is/The Larks/LP/Money/1971

Set Four: birth of a fool

1. Now a Man/Seeds/LP/GNP Crescendo/1968
2. Pourscha Poe/Wilkinson Tri-Cycle/LP/Date/1968
3. Electric Chair/Brother Fox & the Tar Baby/LP/Oracle/1969
BED: Joint Session/Mickey & the Soul Generation/45/Maxwell/1970

baritone in tenor

Levi Stubbs, 1936 - 2008