Monday, September 20, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/20/2010

funky in more ways than one

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/20/10


Set One: a girl on every shore

Intro: The Raven/Les DeMerle/45/United Artists/1968
1. Funky Broadway '69/Bobby Powell/45/Whit/1969
2. All of a Sudden/Skull Snaps/LP/GSF/1973
3. Funky Funky Hot Pants/Wee Willie Mason/45/Jay Walking/1971
4. I'm Your Fool/Cheryl Williams/45/Bengee/1965?
5. I Spy (for the FBI)/Jamo Thomas/45/Thomas/1966
6. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/Ohio Players/LP/Capitol/1968
7. Do It Good/Brother Soul/45/Leo Mini/1974
8. Street Walker/Lonnie Duvall/45/Hip/1967
9. Monkey Monkey/Rebbels/LP/Bellaphon(ger)/1966
10.nd Side/Question Mark and the Mysterians/LP/Cameo Parkway/1966
11.Face to Face/Sterlings/45/Decca/1965
12.Close Your Mind/East Side Kids/45/Orange-Empire/1967
13.Everything's Fire/Raves/45/Smash/1968
14.Madonna (of the Seven Moons)/Velvert Turner Group/LP/Family/1972
15.Paths and Planes and Future Gains/Armageddon/LP/A&M/1975
BED: Thinking Black/Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm/LP/Pompeii/1970

she didn't come easy

and open your wallet

Set Two: in a world that's constantly changing

1. How Can I Be Sure/P.F. Sloan/LP/Atco/1968
2. Detroit or Buffalo/Barbara Keith/LP/Reprise/1972
3. The Sun Don't Shine Now That You've Gone/Tony and the Bandits/45/Coral/1966
4. Waking You (pt1)/Chloe in the Garden/Waking You (pt2)/Duncan Browne/LP/Immediate/1968
BED: Feelin' It/Chuck Berry & Steve Miller Blues Band/LP/Mercury/1968 - REQ

a grammatical disaster

Set Three: I would be highway bound

1. Under Dog Back Street/Warren Lee/45/Pama(uk)/1969
2. I'm Evil Tonight/Betty Harris/45/Sansu/1966
3. Funky Soul(pt1)/David Batiste & the Gladiators/LP/Soulin'/1970
4. Nobody But You Girl/Chuck Leonard/45/Crackerjack/1964
5. House of Stone/Soul Cadets/45/World Pacific/1968
6. I Tried to Forget/Transatlantics/45/Jubilee/1966
7. Homework/Mindbenders/LP/Fontana(uk)/1967
8. Lonely Street/Others/45/RCA/1966
BED: Along Comes Mary/Folkswingers/LP/World Pacific/1967

he's a squealer

Set Four: on the lam and packing heat

1. The Green Manalishi/Fleetwood Mac/LP/Reprise(uk)/1970
2. Crime Doesn't Pay/Jack Lee/LP Maiden America/1981
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

that's right, 2 hours of flame

Monday, September 06, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/06/2010

and you need to listen

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/06/10


Set One: come on and help me discover

Intro: Cotton Carnival/Bill Black's Combo/LP/Springboard/1969
1. I Can Tell/Bo Diddley/45/Checker/1962
2. Such a Soul Says/Third Party/45/Soulhawk/1967
3. I Gotta Lump/Curtis Griffin/45/Jewel/1966
4. Heartaches and Troubles/Roosevelt Nettles/45/Bamboo/1961
5. Looking for a New Love/Bobbettes/45/Mayhew/1972
6. I Want to Talk About It (World)/Debonaires/45/Galaxy/1972
7. Chopper '70/Wayne Cochran & His C.C. Riders/LP/King/1970
8. Dynamite/Sly & the Family Stone/LP/Epic/1968
9. Don't Start Running Away/Big Three/LP/Dcca-See for Miles(uk)/1963-1985
10.Writings on the Wall/Five Canadians/LP/Domar(Pebbles V)/1966
12.I Don't Want To See You/His Majesty's Coachmen/LP/Gemini/1967
13.Did You Ever Have That Feeling/Standells/LP/Tower/1968
14.She's My Melody/Georgy/45/Uni/1968?
15.Kingdom Come/Sir Lord Baltimore/LP/Mercury/1970
BED: Loran's Dance/Idris Muhammad/LP/Kudu/1973

better get that checked out

Set Two: sun rises in the east

1. Angelena/Morning/LP/Vault/1970
2. The Same One/Gene Clark/LP/Columbia/1967-1972
3. The 33rd of August/David Allan Coe/LP/Columbia/1974
4. What's That Got To Do With Me/Jim and Jean/45/Verve Forecast/1967
5. In the Evening (It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going To Love You the Best)/Karen Dalton/LP/Capitol/1969
BED: Groove/Opa/LP/Fantasy/1976

I ain't tryin' to hear that, see?

Set Three: you wanted the best and you got the best

1. Doin' Everything/Five Royales/45/Todd/1963
2. Get Out of My Life, Woman/Solomon Burke/LP/Atlantic/1968
3. Ramblin' Rose/Ted Taylor/LP/Okeh/1966
4. If It Don't Work Out/Dusty Springfield/LP/Phillips/1965
5. Whenever You're Ready/Zombies/45/Parrot/1965
6. Whompt Out On You/Tony Joe White/LP/Monument/1968
7. The Hawg/Eddie Kirk/LP/Stax/1963
8. Hot Dog That Made Him Mad/Wanda Jackson/LP/Capitol/1956
BED: Changing Things/Gregory James Edition/LP/Dakar/1973

deeper than the abyss

Set Four: a single song does not a set make?

1. When I Get Home/Terry Reid/LP/Epic/1968
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

such a soul says come back in two weeks for more highly professional radio fun