Monday, February 22, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/22/10

it's that time again

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/22/10


Set One: 9 times outta 10, that's what we gonna do

Intro: Roadrunner/The Wailers/45/Golden Crest/1959
1. I'm Goin' Home/Joe Hicks/45/Scepter/1969
2. Love(Can't You Hear Me)/Knight Brothers/45/Checker/1963
3. Baby You're Mine/Little Ben & the Cheers/45/Rush/1968
4. It Won't Work Out Baby/The Lost Souls/45/Glasco/196?
5. Tick Tock Baby/Quickest Way Out/45/Karen/1974
6. Cloudy Days/JJ Barnes/45/Magic Touch/1970
7. Trust Your Child pt.2/Jimmy Robins Orchestra/45/ALA/1974
8. Psychedelic Baby/Akido/45/Mercury/1972
9. Good as Gold/The Cups/45/Tetragrammaton/1969
10.I've Been Thinking/Paul Bearer & the Hearsemen/CD/Riverton/1966
11.Don't Let Me Sleep too Long/Myddle Class/45/Tomorrow/1967
12.Little By Little/Rolling Stones/LP/London/1964
13.That's the Way It Is/Del-Vetts/45/Dunwich/1966
14.Mary Jane/The Tombstones/45/Capitol/1968?
15.I Need Love/The Gentrys/LP/Sun/1970
16.Searchin' for the Light/Abel/LP/Fantasy/1971
17.You Really Got Me/Hammersmith Gorillas/45/Raw(UK)/1974
BED: Rollin' Over/Earth Disciples/LP/Solid State/1970

Set Two: and not another girl in town

1. Flight of the Ibis/McDonald & Giles/LP/Cotillion/1971
2. The Urge for Going/The P.D.U.S.M./45/Jubilee/196?
3. Communication Breakdown/Roy Orbison/LP/MGM/1967
4. Winter Rain/The Oz Band/45/Cub/1968
5. Headed for the Country/Larry Murray/LP/Verve Forecast/LP/1970
BED: Tuff Pickin'/Sonny Forriest/LP/Decca/1965

and cold, cold nights

Set Three: better be careful 'bout the way you treat her

1. I'm Gonna Leave You/Bobby Powell/45/Whit/1963?
2. If I Were a Strong Man/King Soloman/45/Stanson/197?
3. Old Folks are Doing (the Teenage Dance)/Johnny & Willis/45/Newtime/1962?
4. Juanita/Dale Hawkins/CD/Checker/1958
5. Keep a Knockin'/The Sonics/45/Etiquette/1964
6. Deliver Me/Everly Brothers/LP/Warner Bros/1968
7. Strollin' Guitar/Jewel and Eddie/45/Silver/1960
8. Sounds of Goodbye/Gosdin Brothers/45/Capitol/1968
BED: Thinking Black/Ike Turner/LP/Pompeii/1970

Set Four: rolling into the night

1. Psychedelic Pill/Tyde/CD/Fredlo/1969
2. Whatcha Gonna Do About It/The Evil/LP/Living Legend/1967
3. Lost Memory/Curtis Knight/CD/Emi-Stateside(UK)/1969
4. Maggie Lane/The Leopards/LP/Voxx/1987
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

but thanks for trying, and congratulations to the ticket winners

Monday, February 08, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/08/10

wine-sippin sweet kissin

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/08/10


Set One: finger poppin' always hoppin'

Intro: Trippin'/Marchel Ivory Quintet/45/Stones Throw/1970
1. How to Pick a Winner/Maurice Williams/45/Deesu/1967
2. Jo Ann/Robert Moore/45/Federal/1968?
3. Mainsqueeze/Johnny Thompson/45/NewMiss/197?
4. It's In My Mind/Don Hart & James Shorter/45/CoolSchool/1967?
5. Try Me and See/Jean Wells/LP/Calla/1969
6. Pick Yourself Up/E.G. Taylor and the Sounds of Soul/45/Val/197?
7. Last of the Corruptors/Sign of the Vibration/45/Mack/197?
8. I Dig Girls/J.J. Jackson/45/Calla/1968
9. Ecstasy/Johnny Kidd & the Pirates/LP/HMV(UK)/1963
10.Girl Don't Tell Me/Keith Green/45/Decca/1965
11.Hold Back the Dawn/The Wailers/LP/Etiquette/1965
12.I've Got to Keep On Pushing/Human Beinz/LP/Capitol/1968
13.You Don't Remember/20th Century Zoo/LP/Caz/1968
14.Tally Ho/Detroit Wheels/45/Inferno/1968
15.No Second Hand Love/Bob Andy/45/Trojan(UK)/1971
16.As Safe as Yesterday Is/Humble Pie/LP/Immediate/1969
BED: Cowboy/Nite-Liters/LP/RCA/1974

Set Two: close the door lightly when you go

1. Fly/Georgie/LP/GWP/1971
2. Tonight I Need Your Lovin'/Jim & Jean/LP/Verve Forecast/1966
3. Eagle/The Eagles/45/Warner Brothers/1968?
4. The Colors You Bring/Foley & Kavanaugh/LP/Merlin/1973
5. Don't Wake Me In the Morning/Danny O'Keefe/45/Piccadilly/1966
6. I Found Out/Cops 'n' Robbers/45/Coral/1965
BED: El Torro Poo Poo/Charles Kynard/LP/Mainstream/1971

Set Three: we interrupt this station

1. Landlord/Julian Glad/45/Smash/1962
2. Two Stupid Feet/The Tabs/45/Wand/1962
3. I Love You baby/The Volumes/45/Inferno/1968
4. A Message to My Babe/Billy Harner/45/Atlantic/1966
5. So, Do the Zonk/Donna Loren/45/Capitol/1965
6. Along Came Love/The Mac Truque/45/Capitol/1968
7. She Turns Me On/Billy Joe Burnette/45/Gold Standard/196?
8. Who Is the Girl for Me/Ralfi Pagan/45/Fania/1969
BED: Craaaashing/Nite-Liters/LP/RCA/1974

Set Four: Chip Away the Stone

1. Don't Look Back/Lollipop Shoppe/LP/Uni/1968
2. Wish I Could See You Again/(Those) Rogues/CD/Algoma/1966
3. Walkin' Through My Mind/The Cykle/CD/Label/1969
4. Nobody's Fault/Aerosmith/LP/Columbia/1976
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

my huckleberry friend

Friday, February 05, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/25/10

a song about the power of pants. hip-huggin' pants.

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/25/10


Set One: love seen as a crime

Intro: The Dealer/Jamie Coe & the Gigolos/45/Enterprise/196?
1. You Were No Good (From the Git-Go)/The Equations/45/All Platinum/1970
2. I'll Try Again Tomorrow/Louis Curry/45/M-S/1967
3. They Put a Spell On You/The Delacardos/45/Atlantic/1966
4. Jury of Love (8 Men 4 Women)/Bill Coday/45/Crajon/1972
5. Tryin' to Find My Woman/Lou Courtney/45/Buddah/1970
6. Dirty Red/The Fabulous Counts/45/Moira/1969
7. People Let Me Know/Linnie Walker/45/Amtonac/197?
8. I Idolize You/The Ill Winds/45/Reprise/1965
9. Judgement Day/The Esquires/LP/Glenvalley-Cicadelic/1966-1984
10.Any More Than I Do/The Attack/LP/Decca(UK)/1967
11.Do Like Me/The Uncalled For/45/Laurie/1965
12.Gotta Take It Easy/Cherry Slush/45/USA/1968
13.Along Comes Mary/Lexington Avenue Local/45/Epic/1968
14.One Love/Sky/LP/RCA/1970
15.Holy River/Space Opera/LP/Epic/1972
BED: Melting Pot/Booker T & the MG's/LP/Stax/1971

Set Two: not enough room for me

1. It Takes the World to Make a Feather Fall/Bob Brown/LP/Stormy Forest/1970
2. Don't Abuse Me/Brother Makes Two/45/Capitol/1967
3. Dream Song/Sparrow/LP/Spark/1972
4. Thought I Knew You Well/Tony Joe White/LP/Monument/1969
5. One Too Many Mornings/Cliff Aungier/CD/Pye(UK)/1969
BED: 1,2,3/Freddie McCoy/LP/Prestige/1967

Set Three: she rocks like a motorboat

1. The Duck/Earl Forest/45/Duke/1961
2. I Like the Way You Are/Al Tamms/45/Midas/1967
3. Tears Come Tumbling/The Teardrops/45/Musicor/1965
4. Later, Alligator/Bobby Charles/45/Chess/195?
5. Big Legs, Tight Skirt/John Lee Hooker/45/Vee Jay/1965
6. Dynamite/Ripp Tide/45/Josie/1968
7. Just One More Time/Billy Lee Riley/LP/SSS/1969
BED: El Toro/Clare Fischer/LP/Pacific Jazz/1967

Set Four: peaking at the perfect moment

1. Things Won't Change/The Herd/CD/Octopus/1967
2. Confusion/Tangerine Zoo/LP/Mainstream/1969
3. Saturday Night/Bilbo Baggins/LP/Polydor(UK)/1974
4. Brother/The Third Eye/CD/Polydor(South Africa)/1970
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

or at least 14 days later ...

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/11/10

deep emotions

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/11/10


Set One: dedicated to the beat

Intro: 20-75/Willie Mitchell/LP/Hi/1964
1. The Love You Left Behind/Syl Johnson/45/Hi/1971
2. I'm a Ram/Al Green/LP/Hi/1970
3. Crazy About You Baby/Ann Peebles/LP/Hi/1970
4. Person to Person/Johnny Robinson/LP/Epic/1969
5. Let's Straighten It Out/O.V. Wright/LP/Cream/1978
6. I Didn't Know the Meaning of Pain/Otis Clay/45/Hi/1973
7. Ohh Baby You Turn Me On/Willie Mitchell/LP/Hi/1967
8. Doin' the Popcorn/Kim Melvin/45/Hi/1969
9. That Driving Beat/Favourite Sons/LP/Mercury(UK)-Acid Jazz/1966-2009
10.It's Allright With Me/The Zombies/LP/Parrot/1965
11.Sweet Young Thing/Chocolate Watchband/45/Tower-Sundazed/1966-1997
12.Seventeen Years to the End/Liverpool Set/CD/Columbia/1966
13.Endless Sleep/Danny Harrison/45/United Artists/196?
14.Come Girl/The Gurus/45/United Artists/1966
15.If the Night/Kaleidoscope/LP/Epic/1967
16.If I Were a Carpenter/American Blues/CD/Karma/1968
BED: Love and Happiness/Monty Alexander & Ernest Ranglin/CD/MPS/1974

Set Two: where I'm coming from

1. Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It?/Buffalo Springfield/LP/Atco/1966
2. Girl from North Alberta/The Daily Flash/45/Sundazed/1966-1997
3. Play With Fire/Barbara & Ernie/45/Cotillion/1972
4. Everybody's Got a Lover/Richard Berry/CD/Smash/1962
5. Thoughts of Polly/Appaloosa/LP/Columbia/1969
6. Look What You Done For Me/Al Green/LP/Hi/1972
BED: more Willie Mitchell from "Hold It!!!"

Set Three: eight miles straight up

1. Sock Some Love Power to Me/Lee Rogers/CD/Premium Stuff/1967
2. You Made Me What I Am/Erma Coffee/45/Hi/1973
3. We Can't Go On This Way/Darrow Flecther/45/Revue/1968
4. Boss Love/Larry Williams/LP/Okeh/1966?
5. Just Dropped In/Jerry Lee Lewis/LP/Smash/1968
6. A Mushroom Cloud/Sammy Salvo/45/Hickory/1961
BED: more Willie more Willie more Willie!

Set Four: sister in the attic, mother on the roof

1. I'm Going Home/The Choir/45/Roulette/1966
2. 8-Teen/? and the Mysterians/45/Cameo/1966 or 7
3. Secret Police/Belfast Gipsies/45/Loma/1967
4. Eight Miles High/Neil Merryweather/LP/Mercury/1974
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

I'll be here for a little while

Thursday, February 04, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/28/09

and a wee we go!

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/28/09


Set One: California grass

Intro: Crink's Mystery Track (socal high school band 1967)
1. Use What You Got/Mill Edwards/45/Bunky/1968
2. I Know I'm In Love/Jimmy Norman/45/Little Star/1962?
3. Yesterday/Pic & Bill/45/Smash/1967
4. Ticket to Ride/"Wee" Willie Walker/45/Goldwax/1967
5. Get Back/Jo Ann Garret/45/Duo/1969
6. Full-Time Dream/Fred Johnson/45/Capri/1972
7. Jumping Beat/Jose Maria Band/LP/Royal Caribbean/1969?
8. Soulful Dress/Ian & the Zodiacs/LP/Star Club(Germany)/1966
9. Feel Like Flying/The Attack/LP/Decca(UK)-Acid Jazz/1967-2009
10.Devil's On the Loose/The Rattles/45/London/1971
11.Be Good and Be Kind/Tin House/45/Epic/1970
12.High Life/Blue Things/LP/RCA/1966
13.Wind Dream/The Wildflower/LP/Mainstream/1967
14.Roller Coaster(Live)/Thirteenth Floor Elevators/LP/Lysergic/1966-1980
BED: Let's Stay Together/Ronnie Foster

Set Two: still my tongue tied, young pride

1. Partly Yours/Tim Hardin/LP/San Francisco Sound/1980-1
2. Trust/Peppermint Trolley Company/LP/Acta/1968
3. I'm a Woman/Shocking Blue/LP/Colossus/1969
4. Looking Back Johanna/West/LP/Epic/1969
5. I Wonder Where/Siren/LP/Elektra/1969
6. From Russia With Love/Sonny Johnson/LP/Tropical/1968
BED: Ike Turner/Thinking Black/LP/Pompeii/1969

Set Three: out cruising the town

1. Baby Baby/arthur Alexander/45/Dot/1963
2. What About Me/Eddie Holland/45/Motown/1962
3. I've Got to Win Your Love/Joe Beck/45/Charles/1969
4. Down to Earth/Joann Zachery/CD/Zach's/1971
5. Gloomy Monday/Curtis Knight & Jimi Hendrix/LP/Capitol/1968
6. Sodom & Gommorrahh/Titus Turner/45/Dart/19??
7. Switch Blade Sam/Jeff Daniels/CD/Boy Howdy-Rhino/1959-2002
BED: ??? I think it's Eddie Senay ..

Set Four: I can't stay on

1. Lonely Hot Road/Argent/LP/Epic/1970
2. Feel a Whole Lot Better/Flamin' Groovies/12" EP/Sire/1978
3. Touch Me/La Vida/LP/Onda/1972
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

wait until last year