Thursday, July 13, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/10/06

...or so we want you to believe

Keep On Pushing

Well, I've been on a bit of a summer vacation from blogging, even though the shows have continued unabated. Special thanks to all who wrote to ask where the hell was the update, I've got the show from around 3 weeks ago here & good to go,
and will have this past week's show up this weekend.
The link for the episode below should be good for a while yet.

This show has it all - tales of Boston folk music larceny, psychedelic bossa nova, soul 45's stacked a foot high, driving blues, Long Island acid rock and an angry Linda Darnell!

Simply CLICK ON your tour guides the Everly Brothers below, and they will take you to the hottest spot in swingin' groovetime. And the menu below ain't just fish n' chips, bloke - she's got all the answers a smart bird such as yourself will need!

crying in the english rain

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/10/06


Set One: fish are jumpin'

Intro: Fight Back/"Cool Breeze" OST/45/MGM/1973
1. It's Your Love/Marvin L. Sims/45/Uni/1970
2. Soul Walk/Jimmy Graham/45/Revue/1969
3. Try My Method/Jackie Lee/45/Mirwood/1966
4. Please Forgive Me/Du-ettes/45/One-Der-Ful/1965
5. Joint Session/Mickey & the Soul Generation/45/Maxwell/1970
6. We Try Harder/Charles Lattimore/45/Shout/1968?
7. Good Woman Turning Bad/Hot Sauce/45/Volt/1973
8. Total Destruction of Your Mind/Swamp Dogg/45/Canyon/1970
9. Found a Child/Ballin' Jack/LP/Columbia/1970
10.Short Skirts/American Breed/45/Atca/1967
12.Are You Lonely for Me Baby/The Heads/LP/Liberty/1968
13.Somebody Help Me/Everly Brothers/LP/Warner Bros/1965
14.Summertime/Slam Creepers/LP/Bill(SWE)/1967
15.Lazy Day/Left Banke/LP/Smash/1967
BED: Melinda Title Theme/Jerry Butler-Jerry Peters/LP/Pride/1973

a flash of thizz

Set Two: the one left behind

1. Saturday's Child/Jaime Brockett/LP/Capitol/1972
2. July/Terry Reid/LP/Epic/1968
3. Nao Identificado/Gal Costa/EP/Philips/1969
4. One Day you're a Rich Man/Timothy Clover/LP/Tower/1968
5. Spider Blues/John Koerner/LP/Elektra/1965
6. Caroline, No/Nick DeCaro/45/A&M/1969
BED: Some Velvet Morning/Gabor Szabo/LP/Skye/1968

tropical mindmelt

Set Three: now my nose is open

1. Never Leave Me at Home/Frank Frost/LP/Jewel/1966
2. Fine Driving Machine/Tiny Watkins/45/Excello/1969
3. Foxy Walk/Randy Gibson Trio/LP/Atac-Norton/1968-2001
4. You Gotta Have That Green/Lula Reed/45/Federal/1961
5. Kill Me/Don & Dewey/LP/Specialty/1960-1970
BED: Soul Bird/Cal Tjader/LP/Verve/1965

not just talking the talk

Set Four: a different kind cause you want their mind

1. Imitation Situation - Where Do You Go/Fever Tree/LP/Uni/1968
2. Love Special Delivery/Fire Escape/LP/GNP/1967
3. Collector/Illusion/LP/Steed/1970
BED: Down Home/Eddie Senay/LP/Sussex/1971

Bonus Track: Question/Bobby Powell/45/Whit/1969

Send Off: Maxi-Midi/Booker T. Averheart/45/SoulTex/1969

Guest Stars: Dana Andrews, Gary Merrill, Linda Darnell, Richard Widmark, Peggy O'Connell, Jack Webb, Elisha Cook Jr

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