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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/15/09

God bless the side-zip skirt
she just sees things from both sides

Twin Killing

Two sides to the coin. Yet, it's value remains the same on either side. Only you can empower it beyond monetary value, by choosing one side as your ally and the other your enemy. Call it in the air and bring it down on the back of your hand with a slap. None of that slow-peek business, lift your hand quickly and see your fate. The trick to winning is to determine the flip in advance. Don't guess the result, decide the result. And you are a winner. Your prize? Two hours of funk, folk, garage, soul, and pop from the 60's and 70's, familiar sounds that you may have never heard before. Two hours. One for each side of the coin, which you have now mastered. Just a click on that 45 below will start the show.

No empathic skills required for the discographical details, either. All the information you need is provided as you scroll through my illustrations. Practice using both halves of your mind.

this will stick with you a while

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/15/09


Set One: The news today will be the movies for tomorrow

Intro: Sugar Cube/Electric Tomorrow/45/World Pacific/1967
1. Love Game (from A to Z)/Royal Jokers/45/Wingate/1967?
2. Potatoes/Claude & Samuel/LP/Daran-Joda(brazil)/1966-1972
3. I'm a Good Woman/Barbara Lynn/CD/Tribe/1966
4. The Whatcha' Call 'em/Huey Piano Smith/45/Instant/1970
5. You Don't Love Me No More/Renaldo Domino/45/Smash/1968
6. The Mirror Cries/Phil Flowers/LP/Dot/1968
7. Barracuda/Leonard King & the Soul Messengers/CD/Inferno/1967
8. Barracuda/The Standells/LP/Tower/1967
9. I'm Lost Without You/The Mighty Avengers/45/Press/1965
10.She's a Gemini/The Third House/45/Dore/1970
11.A House is Not a Motel/Love/LP/Elektra/1967
12.I Can't Get Her Out of My Mind/The Bay Ridge/45/Atlantic/1967
13.I Think I'm Down/The Harbinger Complex/LP/Mainstream/1967
14.Red the Sign Post/Fifty-Foot Hose/LP/Limelight/1968
15.Friendly Smile/Bold/LP/ABC/1969
BED: Mizrab/Gabor Szabo/LP/Impulse/1967

what can I DO with that ... them ... whatcha-call-it

like whoa man

Kenmore Square favorites

Set Two: notes on a journey within

1. She's My Love/Tommy Flanders/LP/Verve Forecast/1969
2. Love Me Like the Rain/The Losers/45/Atco/1965
3. And It Was Good/Diane Hildebrand/LP/Elektra/1967
4. You're a Very Lovely Woman/Merry-Go-Round/45/A&M/1967
5. The Road I'm On (Gloria)/Dion DiMucci/45/Columbia/1965
6. Pass Through Like the Lightning/Sly Boots/LP/Faithful Virtue/1970
BED: Shapes of Things/Folkswingers/LP/World Pacific/1967

rolling thunder while rolling numbers


Set Three: I know cause I have played the part

1. Gonna Have Fun/Ike & Tina Turner/LP/United/196?
2. Thanks to Him/The Renovations/45/Angel Town/1965
3. You're Still In My Heart/Steve Mancha/45/Groovesville/1966
4. Something is Worrying Me/Otis Redding/LP/Atco/1964
5. She Wants What She Can't Have/Terry Woodford/45/Fame/1966
6. Sinner/Freddie & the Hitch Hikers/CD/Band Box/1961
BED: I Turned You On/Dave Baby Cortez/LP/T-Neck/1970

smashing governments with soul-socking power

don't we all

Set Four: booty call

1. 66-54321/The Troggs/LP/Fontana/1968
2. Most Likely You'll Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)/Hard Meat/LP/Warner Bros/1969
3. Messin' With the Kid/The Bosom Blues/LP/Arcania International/1968-2008
4. Get Me to the World on Time/Electric Prunes/LP/Reprise/1967
BED: The Long Goodbye/Dave Grusin Trio/CD/UA/1973

nice try, fellas

Guest Stars: Sterling Hayden, James Cagney, Robert Barrat, Jane Bryan, Humphrey Bogart, Alice White, Charles Wilson, Edward G. Robinson, Mary Astor, Richard Travis, Dana Andrews

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