Thursday, December 11, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/01/08

but she sure can shake a tailfeather
don't shake the branches baby

Submit with Honor

abut 2 hours, to be more specific

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/01/08


Set One: I know something about love

Intro: Whirl-a-Girl/Jimmy Oliver & His Soul Twisters/LP/Sue/1965
1. Move With the Groove/Bull & the Matadors/45/Toddlin' Town/1968
2. Loving On My Mind/Levert Allison/45/Tupelo Sound/197?
3. Until I'm Free/Barbara Lynn/45/Tribe/1966
4. Natural Man/Freddie Hughes/LP/Wand/1968
5. Family Tree/Jimmy Norman/45/Mercury/1968
6. Tell Her/Dean Parrish/45/Boom!/1966
7. Mumble Shing-a-Ling/Emperors/45/Brunswick/1967
8. I Dig You Baby/Little Joe & the Mustangs/45/Challenge/1964
9. Come Out Come Out Whoever You Are/The Exiles/45/Date/1968
10.Walkin' Away/The Fifth Order/45/Diamond/1966
11.We Got Time/The Tweeds/45/Coral/1966
12.Somehow/The Thyme/45/A²/1968
13.I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys/Rolling Stones/LP/ABKCO/1965-1975
14.Gimme Shelter/Ruth Copeland/LP/Invictus/1971
15.I'm Moving On/Southwind/LP/Venture/1968
BED: Zarahemla/Randy Bachman/LP/RCA/1970

long and lean

can you blame me?

on his mind, too

Set Two: just take me home

1. Hide Away/Carl Hakansson/LP/Y-Not/1982
2. Wade in the Water/Ellen McIlwaine/LP/Polydor/1972
3. Together/Zoser/45/Hexagon/1971
4. Rain Rain/Hearts & Flowers/LP/Capitol/1967
5. Dreamboats/Sea Bright/LP/Sea Bright/1982
BED: Song for My Father/Moe Koffman/LP/Jubilee/1967

likes to lie around naked

like nesting dolls

Set Three: create a disturbance in your mind

1. Ooh Poo Pah Do/Skip Easterling/45/Instant/1970
2. The Long John/Jarvis Jackson/45/Sims/1966
3. If You Change Your Mind/Mary Love/45/Josie/1968
4. Explosive Population/Mickey Murray/LP/Federal/1970
5. Harlem Shuffle/Chuck & Joe/45/Decca/1965
6. I Count the Tears/Gerry & the Pacemakers/LP/Laurie/1965
BED: Indian Thing/J.J. Jackson's Dilemna/LP/Perception/1970

it's your prerogative
gum chewers

Set Four: it's getting near dark

1. Break the Ice/The Scruffs/45/Power Play/1978
2. Rocket/Luther Grosvenor/LP/Island/1971
3. Strange Secret Affair Under Blue/Tim Buckley/LP/Elektra/1966
4. Think I Can't Live Without You/The Churls/LP/A&M/1968
BED: The Fall/Blake Leyh/CD/The Wire OST/HBO

small man, big tree

Guest Stars: Edward G. Robinson, Mary Astor, Cornell Wilde, James Stewart, Helene Stanton, Stephen McNally, Humphrey Bogart, Jane Bryan, Matt Dillon, Joan Blondell,
Sterling Hayden, Ann Dvorak

speak clearly and carry a deep crate