Monday, October 18, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/18/2010

farewell to the King

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/18/10


Set One: nobody else will do

Intro: Love Ray/Caution/45/Fre-Tone/1974
1. Dynamite/Jimmy Jones/45/Parkway/1966
2. After Laughter/Wendy Rene/45/Stax/1964
3. Shing-a-Ling U.S.A./Lee Williams & the Cymbals/45/Carnival/1967
4. Mighty Fly Do/Presidents/45/Plum/197?
5. It's Been a Change/Solomon Burke/LP/Atlantic/1968
6. What Am I Living For/Solomon Burke/LP/Bell/1970
7. Sunday Drivin'/On Any Sunday OST-Dominic Frontiere/LP/Bell/1971
8. I See Her Face/Hudsen Bay Co./45/Smash/1967
9. Girl, Go Run Away/Bedforde Set/45/RCA/1967
10.It's All Right/Kinks/45/Reprise/1964
11.Somebody's Son/Tikis/45/Dial/1966
12.You You You/Gerry & the Pacemakers/LP/Laurie/1965
13.I Try So Hard/Escapades/45/Verve/1966
14.Midnight Train to L.A./Zygoat/45/K&K/196?
16.Roxanne/Scrap Iron/45/Bazooka/1969?
BED: Changing Things/Gregory James Edition/LP/Dakar/1973

everybody wants to be James, even Jimmy

bigger and deffer

folk-punk: greatest of the micro-genres?

Set Two: thought you were flying but opened your eyes

1. Green Rocky Road/Fred Neil/LP/Capitol/1966
2. Time I Moved On/Fame and Price/LP/CBS(UK)/1971
3. When I Get Over You/Wood Sisters/45/Philips/1965
4. Pleasant Street/Tim Buckley/LP/Elektra/1967
5. Her Darkness in December/New Tweedy Brothers/LP/Ridon-Akarma/1969-2008
BED: It's too Late/Dennis Coffey/LP/Sussex/1972

eat your heart out Ron Scott

Set Three: a head full of ideas

1. A Letter From My Baby/Timmy Shaw/45/Jamie/1962
2. Dream World/Narvel Felts/45/Mercury/1958
3. Where You at Jack/Little Mummy/45/King/1960
4. Sittin' In the Dark/Anna King/45/Smash/1964
5. Then I Got Everything/Johnny Kidd & the Pirates/45/Capitol/1964
6. Maggie's Farm/Solomon Burke/45/Atlantic/1965
7. A Lover's Question/Maurice Long/45/Cyclone/1970
BED: Voodoo Chile/Phil Upchurch/LP/Cadet/1969

her kiss or her eyes?

gotta get 'em all!

Set Four: bringing up the rear

1. Electro Rock/Simply Saucer/LP/Sonic Unyon/1975-2003
2. The Race/Go Go Thunder/LP(comp)/RCA(UK)/1975
3. No Man Walks Alone/Solomon Burke/LP/Apollo/1956
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

Jersey style

Monday, October 04, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/04/2010

and I want to return the favor

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/04/10


Set One: neither were they so kind

Intro: Soul Chitlens/Lil Murray & the Soul Exciters/45/Tammy/1968
1. Come Over to My Side/Billy Butler/45/Brunswick/1967
2. You Blew My Mind/Vernon Garrett/45/Kapp/1970
3. Trust Your Child pt.1/Patrizia & Jimmy/45/ALA/1973
4. Like My Baby/Gino Washington/45/Mala/1968
5. You Gave Me Soul/Andrea Evans/45/Chess/1967
6. I'm Sad About It/Lee Moses/45/Musicor/1967
7. Soul Feud/Fame Gang/45/Fame/1969
8. Can't Get Through To You/Honeycombs/45/Warner Brothers/1965
9. In The Night/Barron Knights/45/Decca/1965
10.You Make Me Real (live)/Doors/CD/Elektra/1969
11.The Owl and the Pussycat/Bards/45/Capitol/1966
12.Baby I See/Wild Cherries/45/Kapp/1968
13.Brother/Paper Train/45/Capitol/197?
14.Thoughts and Visions/Liberty Bell/45/Back Beat/1968
15.Love Locked/The Truth/45/Mega/1970
16.Prophet/Black Merda/LP/Chess/1970
BED: Honky Tonk/Bill Doggett/LP/King/1969

bang your head to this

smashing taboos on a bi-weekly basis!

the work of a deranged mind

Set Two: sweet confusion filled my mind

1. I Have Thoughts of You/Neal Ford and the Fanatics/LP/Hickory/1967
2. Dark End of the Street/Richard & Linda Thompson/CD/Island/1975
3. Walk On By/East of Underground/LP/US Army-Wax Poetics/1971-2007
4. Hung Up on a Dream/Zombies/LP/Date/1968
5. Leave My Casos in Laos/John Compton/LP/Ageless/1973
BED: Love Song/Bobby Hutcherson/LP/Blue Note/1975

9 times out of 10

and we don't stop

Set Three: beatnik girls just wearing their smocks

1. I Don't Know/Benny Thomas/45/M-Pac/1965
2. You're No Good/Barbara West/45/Ronn/1968
3. Now I Know/Mandells/45/Hour Glass/1969
4. Professional Lover/Lou Courtney/45/Imperial/1964
5. Upside Down/Nashville Teens/45/MGM/1966
6. Mod Socks/Grass-Hoppers/45/Warner Brothers/1965
7. Imitation Woman/Troy Shondell/45/ITC/1969
8. You're Losing Me/Barbara Lynn/45/Atlantic/1968
BED: Get It On/Stu Phillips-Run Angel, Run OST/LP/Epic/1970

catching on to the 60's by 1970

and that is half the battle

there are worse ways to pay the rent

Set Four: clash of the titans

1. Land of Diana/Freeborne/45/Monitor/1967
2. Hey Medusa/Puzzle/45/ABC/1969
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

lysergic and local