Tuesday, April 19, 2005

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/18/05

This week's Lost & Found MP3 available now! Simply click on the Hawkwind LP cover below to listen/download. The usual warning applies, it is a 113MB file, 2 hours in length, so be aware. Full playlist below, for complete immersion within the L&F experience.

Hall of the Mountain Grill

Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/18/05


Set One: For Those in Orbit

Intro: Cybernaut/Tonto's Expanding Head Band/LP/Atlantic/1971
1. Time Machine/Chocolate Milk/MP3/RCA/1975
2. Star Track/Jefferson Airplane/LP/RCA/1968
*R&R Doctor, "clawing your face off"
3. Lost Johnny/Hawkwind/LP/UA/1974
4. Offering/Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry/LP/Island UK/1970
5. Sample & Hold/Neil Young/LP/Geffen/1982
6. Down By the River (L&F Double Indemnity Remix)/Undisputed Truth/LP/Gordy/1975
7. Southern Man/Merry Clayton/LP/Ode/1971
*R&R Doctor, "are you having a bad trip?"
8. Beautiful Scarlet/Rare Bird/45/Probe/1969
9. Uphill Peace of Mind/Gospel Truth/45/Kayvette/1975
BED: I Got So Much Trouble/Charles Kynard/LP/Mainstream/1973

Set Two: mellow marsh

1. Friday's Child/Lee Hazlewood/LP/Harmony/1967
2. Find 'em Fool 'em Forget 'em/Bobbie Gentry/LP/Capitol/1967
3. Two By Two/Steve Martin/45/Buddah/1971
*R&R Doctor, "I took some pills I think"
4. You're a Big Girl Now/Bob Dylan/LP/Columbia/1974
5. Snake/Harvey Mandel/LP/Phillips/1968
6. Night Time/Big Star/CD/Ryko/199?
BED: Comin' Home Baby/Joe Thomas Group/LP/Cobblestone/196???

Set Three: and what YOU got

1. One Who Really Loves You/Mary Wells/LP/Motown/1962
2. Date With the Rain/Eddie Kendricks/LP/Tamla/1972
3. Ain't Nobody Home/Howard Tate/LP/Verve/1967
4. With My Love and What You've Got/Jean Wells/45/Calla/1968
5. Almost/Jimmy Delphs/45/Karen/1968
6. 99 Lbs/Ann Peebles/CD/Hi/1971 - req.
BED: Night Has a Thousand Eyes/Sonny Rollins/LP/RCA/1962

Set Four: accept the sun, don't fight it

1. Big Shot/Bonzo Dog Band/LP/Liberty/1967 - req.
*R&R Doctor, "a couple-a quarts of rum,"
2. Bad Part of Town/Bare Facts/LP/Jubilee-Eva/1966-198?
3. I Feel Much Better/Small Faces/LP/Immediate-Get Back/1967
4. Baby, It's You/Smith/LP/ABC Dunhill/1969
5. Wish You Were Here With Me/Outsiders/MP3/Polydor/1968
6. Bad Woman (instro)/Pat Farrel & the Believers/CD/Diamond/1966
7. Black Snow/Music Machine/LP/Sundazed/1967-2000
BED: Track In A/Cat Mother/LP/Polydor/1968

hazy day, another Boston pseudo-holiday where you don't know where you're supposed to be...space rock was fun...phone call: "hey, I was wondering if you could tell me where I might find a CD of a song you played" "um, maybe, which song?" "...oh, no song in particular, I just thought you could tell me where I could find some CD's in the area..." ??? sent him to In Your Ear, they love customers.

goodbye babygoodbye babygoodbye babygoodbye baby

Monday, April 11, 2005

Soul Spectrum Fill-In, 4/10/05

So, Josh M, host of WMBR's Soul Spectrum, asked me to fill in again while he was out of town. The show went really well, and I had a great time, despite being laid up all weekend with a killer flu - you can hear it in my voice big time! I want to say thanks again, Josh, anytime you need me to flex my disco vinyl, I'll be there. Everyone, please listen to Josh & Soul Spectrum every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM EST on WMBR, 88.1 FM, streams at http://www.wmbr.org

The MP3 of my guest turn on Soul Spectrum is available now! Full playlist below. To listen, just CLICK on the picture of Rene & Angela below to open/download! File size 113 MB/2 hours, so be aware and dial-uppers beware.

This is a Modern World

Playlist for Soul Spectrum, 04/10/05


Set One: The Day of Rest

Intro: Red Clay/Jack Wilkins/LP/Mainstream/1972
1. You're the Man pt.1/Marvin Gaye/45/Tamla/1972
2. On and On/Gladys Knight & the Pips/LP/Buddah/1974
3. Ham and Eggs/Blackbyrds/LP/Fantasy/1975
4. He's a Superstar/Roy Ayers Ubiquity/LP/Polydor/1972
5. Are You Lonely/Labelle/LP/Epic/1974
6. The Ghetto/Donny Hathaway/LP/Atco/1970
7. Remember Who You Are/Sly & the Family Stone/45/WB/1979
8. Inspiration Information/Shuggie Otis/45/Epic/1974
9. California Soul/Marlena Shaw/LP/Cadet/1968
BED: North South East West/Kool & the Gang/LP/1975

Set Two: Dawn of the Twelve

1. Breakaway/Ernie Bush/LP/Scepter/1975
2. Come On, Dance, Dance/Saturday Night Band/45/Prelude/1978
3. Ten Percent/Double Exposure/LP/Salsoul/1975
4. West Coast Drive/V.I.P. Connection/45/Morningstar/1978
5. Waitin' at the Bus Stop/Kay-Gee's/LP/Gang/1976
6. Be Thankful For What You Got/Intruders/LP/TSOP/1974
7. Shake Down pt.1/Black Ice/45/HDM/1977
BED: Half-Time (Joe the Butcher Mix Instro)/Nas/12"/Ruff House/1992

Set Three: Pleather and More Zippers!

1. Don't Look any Further/Dennis Edwards/LP/Gordy/1984
2. You Can't Turn Me Away/Sylvia Striplin/LP/Melodic/1981
3. All Night Long/Dexter Wansel/LP/Philly International/1978
4. Under the Influence of Love/Karin Jones/45/Handshake/1982
5. On the Money (Bounce-Get Down)/James Simpson & Penetration/45/Penco/1980
6. Night Rider/Midnight Star/LP/Solar/1983
7. Sexy Dancer/Prince/LP/Warner Bros./1979
8. Oh Honey/Delegation/LP/Shady Brook/1977
9. Funky Dividends/Three Times Dope/12"/Arista/1989
10.You Don't Have to Cry/Rene & Angela/12"/Mercury/1985
BED: Every Brother Ain't a Brother/Joe Thomas/LP/Today/1972

...okey, there it is...enjoy the downloads, and hopefully I'll get to do this again, it has been a total blast each time, shouts out to Captain Al and Rae Antoine, who make Sundays the best on WMBR!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

MP3 for April 4 Show Available!

MP3 Party Continues in Full Force!
Click on the image below to hear this week's episode,
Who Stole the Soul?

Full playlist in previous post below!

File is large, 2 hours @ 113MB, so high-speed is pretty much the rule.

Limited Availability.

My most absolute gratitude is extended to all who listen to these files, and even those who only think about it.

Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/04/05


Gene Chandler


Set One: Real Gees Don't Play

Intro: Lost Time/Invaders/LP/Duane/1970
1. Tomorrow's Dream/Al Green/LP/Hi/1972
2. Genevieve/Cymande/LP/Janus/1972
3. The Pusher/Freedom Express/LP/Mercury/1970
4. I Get Lifted/George McCrae/LP/TK/1974
5. I Got a Thing For You Daddy/Ruth Copeland/LP/Invictus/1969
6. Hit It and Quit It/Funkadelic/LP/Westbound/1971
7. I Got You Babe/Etta James/45/Cadet/1968
8. Day Tripper/J.J. Barnes/45/Ric Tic/1966
* jazz and rock rhythms and BOOP!
9. Eleanor Rigby/Don "Sugarcane" Harris/LP/MPS-BASF/1972
BED: Rocky Raccoon-Julia/Ramsey Lewis/LP/Cadet/1968

Set Two: Mayday In April

1. Black Roses/Clear Light/45/Elektra/1967
2. Ice/Apple Pie Motherhood Band/LP/Atlantic/1968
3. The Dream/Orpheus/LP/MGM/1968
4. Sophisticated Wheels/Gabor Szabo/LP/Impulse/1966
5. I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better/Byrds/LP/Sundazed/1965-2000
6. Hung Upside Down/Buffalo Springfield/LP/Atco/1967
BED: Feelin' Alright/Mongo Santamaria/LP/Atlantic/1970

Set Three: Mah Heaht's on Mah Sleeve

1. Cheatin' Girl/Stu Gardner/LP/Revue/1967
2. To Be a Lover/Gene Chandler/45/Checker/1965
3. I Can't Stand It/Soul Sisters/45/Sue/1963
4. Just To Prove I Love You/Oscar Weathers/45/Top & Bottom/1969(?)
5. Young & Foolish/Wendy Rene/45/Stax/1964
6. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/Sam & Dave/45/Stax/1967
* Peter Lorre, "Maltese Falcon"
7. Don't Marry a Fool/Geater Davis/45/House of Orange/1970
8. Lonely Man/Johnny Adams/LP/SSS/1970
BED: Move On Up ("part 2")/Curtis Mayfield/LP/Curtom/1970

Set Four: Themes are for Suckers(?)

1. The Green Manalishi/Fleetwood Mac/LP/Reprise/1970-1975
2. The Shadow Knows/Tongue & Groove/LP/Fontana/1969
3. Down Home Girl/Coasters/LP/Date-Atlantic/1968-1982
4. Walkin' with Frankie/Frankie Lee Sims/LP/Ace/1957
5. Rat Race/Drifters/LP/Atlantic/1964
BED: Jug Eyes/Gene Ammons/LP/Prestige/1971

...ugh it's 4:30 AM so let's just say it was fun...but...weird...turntables failing, odd phone calls, crazy vibrations man!