Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/18/06

clucks like us
keeping Chicago locked down
it's all one big racket

Hustle to Survive

Just when it seemed I forgot about you, I'm back on the block with some quality merchandise. Real high-grade goods - and it won't cost you a thing. Just a simple click at the center of Fugi below will start the show, with a sound that will find the mainline straight to your heart...the usual suspects are in line - soulful
psychedelia, acid-tinged funk, deep acoustic balladry, power chord rock and all manner of sounds of the past will put you in a fever - don't be surprised if you wake up on a sheetless bunk in a waterfront flophouse, with no recollections but the songs going around inside your head. Maybe that playlist just a bit further down will help to jar your memory.

they call me the liberator

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/18/06


Set One: rehearsing a game I been practicin' on

Intro: Popcorn with a Feeling/James Brown/LP/King/1970
1. Ten and Two/Gene Chandler & Jerry Butler/LP/Mercury/1970
2. Shorty the Pimp/Don Julian & the Larks/CD/Money/1971
3. I Don't Want No Baldheaded Woman/Nathaniel Mayer/LP/(unrlsd)-Norton/1968-2002
4. Dr. Jeckyll & Hyde Park/Mohawks/LP/Pama(UK)/1968
5. The Concentration/Johnny Sayles/45/Chi-Sound/1963
6. Cloud Nine/Marvin Gaye/LP/Motown/1969
7. Feelin' Alright/David Ruffin/LP/Motown/1969
8. Don't Forget About Me/Dusty Springfield/LP/Atlantic/1969
9. Red Moon/Fugi/45/Grand Junction/1970?
10.World of Love/Mandala/LP/Atlantic/1968
11.Nothing You Can Do/Five by Five/LP/Paula/1968
12.Love Buzz/Shocking Blue/LP/Colossus/1969
13.Maze of Love/Dave Clark Five/LP/AIP/1968
14.Buddha/West Coast Pop Art Expirimental Band/LP/Reprise/1968
15.Walk In My Shadow/Free/LP/A&M/1969
BED: Cloud Nine/Mar-Keys/LP/Stax/1969

never to be forgotten

Set Two: padded-down mellow

1. Tinsel & Ivy/Montage/CD/Laurie/1969
2. My Friend/Dino Valente/LP/Epic/1968
3. My Love Is Gone/Del Shannon/CD/EMI(unreleased)/1967
4. The Choice/Julie Driscoll/CD/Polydor(UK)/1969
BED: Things We Said Today/Chet Atkins/LP/RCA/1965

maybe we both did

Julie Driscoll

Set Three: jake leg jump

1. Liza Jane/Dale Hawkins/LP/Argo(UK)/1960
2. Too Late/J.B. Hutto & the Hawks/LP/Delmark/1968
3. Sure Is Worth It/Barbara Lynn/LP/Atlantic/1967
4. Magazine Lady/"Spider" John Koerner & Willie Murphy/LP/Elektra/1967
BED: Stomped & Wasted/Dizzy Gillespie/LP/GWP/1970

super bad
- and his soul lives on

Set Four: me and you against the world

1. I Need You/Other Half/LP/Acta/1968
2. The World ain't Round, It's Square/Savages/CD/Duane/1966
3. Tell Him No/Smith/LP/Dunhill/1968
BED: Tornado/Sonny Stitt/LP/Jazz Masters/1970?

he brought Mission Hill to tears

Set Five: check yourself

1. It's My Own Tears That's Wasted/Johnny Copeland/45/Atlantic/1968??
2. Sweet Darling/Billy Butler/45/Brunswick/1967
The Send Off: Star of Bethlehem/Neil Young/LP/Reprise/1977

the wizard
Guest Stars: Robert Ryan, Harvey Keitel, Joan Leslie, Peter Boyle (RIP), Dick Powell, Barbara Stanwyck (of course)

until next year

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/04/06

DOUBLE UPDATE! 11/20 show also added below!nice to have a genius around
ready if you are

Chisler or Operator?

We're back and the jet engine in my guts is roaring, ready to set forth a sonic boom the likes of which you ain't heard yet. We leave no stone unturned and no turn unstoned today, crossing the country and the oceans to bring the finest in funk, rock, pop, folk and all manner of psychedelia and soul.

Sound like your bag? Then Klick on the Kontroversial Kinks below to get the show started! And Karefully Kruise the playlist further down for all those disKographical details you so strongly desire!

count the days I'm gone

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/04/06


Set One: I use a word that don't mean nothin'

Intro: Psychotic Reaction/Senor Soul/LP/Double Shot/1968
1. Bad News/5 Stairsteps & Cubie/45/Buddah/1969
2. Half-Way Lovin'/Buddy Conner/CD/Early Bird/196?
3. Talkin' Bout a Woman/Coasters/45/King/1972
4. Humpty Dump/Vibrettes/CD/Lujon/1973?
5. There Goes a Girl/Little Johnny Truitt/45/Abet/1966
6. Tea Box/Simtec Simmons/45/Maurci/1968
7. Let's Do It Again/Billy Sha-Rae/45/Triple B/1971?
8. Up Grade/New Life/45/Epic/1968
9. 100 or Two/Springfield Rifle/LP/Burdette/1967
10.You and Love are the Same/Grass Roots/LP/ABC Dunhill/1968
11.Strange Young Girls/Mamas & Papas/LP/ABC Dunhill/1966
12.Headin' for the Texas Border/Flamin' Groovies/LP/Kama Sutra/1970
13.Hang Onto a Dream/Gandalf/LP/Capitol/1969
BED: Country Soul/J.J. Johnson - Man and Boy OST/LP/Sussex/1971

strange things happens

Set Two: rock salt & nails

1. Your Sweet Love/Lee Hazlewood/LP/MGM/1966
2. My Sweet Love Ain't Around/Steve Young/LP/A&M/1969
3. Nathan La Franeer/Noel Harrison/LP/Reprise/1969
4. Woodstock/Godfrey Cambridge/LP/Atlantic/1972
5. Reno, Nevada/Richard & Mimi Farina/LP/Vanguard/1965
6. You Must Have/Emmit Rhodes/LP/ABC Dunhill/1970
BED: Take Me to the Mardi Gras/Bob James/LP/CTI/1972

just a sick kid

Set Three: where's my strap?

1. I Found True Love/Oscar Perry/LP/Home Cooking/1965-1989
2. Tight Skirt & Sweater/Versatones/45/All Star/1958
3. Bad Boy(alt ver)/Larry Williams/LP/Specialty/1958-1986
4. Try Me/Marie Queenie Lyons/LP/Deluxe/1970
5. Just Because/Jo Ann & Troy/45/Atlantic/1965
BED: Got That Feeling/Johnny Lytle/LP/Riverside/1964

unlock the lock

Set Four: ride on, baby

1. Milk Cow Blues/Kinks/LP/Reprise/1965
2. Out of Time/Chris Farlowe/LP/Immediate/1967
3. Strange Feeling/Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers/LP/MFP/1966
4. Run for Your Life/Nancy Sinatra/LP/Reprise/1965
BED: Green Tambourine/Mariano & the Unbelieveables/LP/Capitol/1968

head for the hills

Set Five: don't ask me to be

1. Trip to the Zoo/Tangerine Zoo/LP/Mainstream/1968
2. Candy & a Currant Bun/Pink Floyd/LP/Harvest/1968
3. Friend/Free Ferry/45/Date/1969
BED: Super Bad/Idris Muhammad/LP/Prestige/1971

Guest Stars: Richard Conte, Ted de Corsia, Arlene Dahl, John Payne, Jack Webb, Dana Andrews, Jean Wallace

you must be that smart girl

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/20/06

better make it just that, pally
a man and his dog
check out your mind

Doors of Perception

Your senses are powerful things. Sometimes you can see things clearer with your eyes closed, and sometimes a sound can get your nose open. Today we try to appeal to all your senses, including some you may have never experienced before. Ambitious? Sure, but that's how we do and if you don't know, you better ask somebody. It's more than just a bunch of songs - it's an experience.

Just a click on the lens-flared Leaves below will get things underway - and if you feel yourself floating away, a peek at the playlist below should have you back on solid ground in no time.
Fly on, baby. Fly on.

it's all good

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/20/06


Set One: thrill of the chase

Intro: Expo 83/Backyard Heavies/45/Scepter/1971
1. Lovin' Cup/Triumphs/CD/Genuine/1967
2. Harlem Shuffle/Mauds/LP/Mercury/1968
3. I Can Only Give You Everything/Them/LP/Decca(uk)/1966
4. Scorpio Red/Holy Mackrel/CD/Reprise/1968
5. Readings in Astrology(demo)/Curtis Mayfield/CD/Curtom/1972
6. Got to Have It/Rhon Silva/CD/Uptight/196?
7. Running Out/Vernon Garrett/LP/Kent(charly comp)/1968
8. He Don't Belong to Me/Doris Troy/CD/Atlantic/1965
9. Run While It's Dark/Platters/LP/Musicor/1967
10.My Bag/Lovin' Couple/45/Amy/1967?
11.Baby, Baby Love/Jerms/45/Honor Brigade/1969
12.Andy Warhol/David Bowie/LP/RCA/1971
13.Hymn #2000/Humble Gathering/LP/Stang/1970
BED: Melting Pot/Booker T & the MG's/LP/Stax/1971

heavenly shades of night

Set Two: up in a tree

1. Magic Hollow/Beau Brummels/LP/Warner Bros/1967
2. Run That Body Down/Paul Simon/LP/Columbia/1971
3. Dreamer's Dream/Youngbloods/LP/RCA/1967
4. Over-Lovin' You/Electric Flag/LP/Columbia/1968(request)
5. L.A. Freeway/Guy Clark/LP/RCA/1975
6. Solitary Woman/Charlie Starr/LP/Mercury/1969?
7. Gloomy Sunday/Ruth Brown/LP/Cobblestone/1971
BED: Nautilus/Bob James/LP/CTI/1971

sonabitch's always bored me

Guy Clark

Set Three: she's a movie fan

1. Papa Daddy/Ruth Brown/LP/Atlantic/1959
2. One & Only/Eddie Fontaine/LP/Decca(uk)/195?
3. Stockings & Shoes/Eddie Cochran/LP/Liberty/1959
4. She's a Good Woman/Rodger Collins/45/Galaxy/1967
5. Hip Drop/Explosions/CD/Gold Cup/196?
6. Out In the Streets/Shangri-La's/LP/Red Bird/1965
BED: The Junkshop/New Apocalypse/LP/TMI/1969

a lifetime of music

Set Four: tired of these damn snakes

1. Smokestack Lightning/Wailers/LP/Bell/1969
2. I'm Makin' It/Lollipop Shoppe/LP/Uni/1969
3. On the Plane/Leaves/LP/Capitol/1967
4. Gotta Get Enough time/Sharon Tandy/CD/Atlantic(uk)/1969
BED: In-a-Gadda-Da-Vita/Mongo Santamaria/LP/Atlantic/1970

The Send Off: We Can't Go On This Way/Darrow Fletcher/45/Revue/1968

kings of clubs

Guest Stars: Jack Carr, Anne Shirley, Dick Powell, Robert DeNiro, Claire Trevor, Mike Mazurki,

i'm okey - you're okey

faces you've seen before

Sunday, November 12, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/08/06

we gotcha covered

Give and Take

A rare Wednesday turn for me on L&F, as I set off
a week of fundraising for WMBR, and spend 2 hours begging for
money without an ounce of shame. While it's true I spend the
breaks with my hand out and my mouth open, there is still plenty
of fantastic music over the 2 hours, as much as in every show.

MASSIVE THANKS to everyone who donated to this year's fundraiser, which continues through Tuesday, Nov. 14th - and if you missed the show or this is the first you have heard of all this, all info about the fundraiser can be found and donations can be made by clicking on THIS LINK, where you can also find the list of goodies available as thanks for your pledges.

Okey, I'm done pleading for a year. Now click on the Small Faces below and listen to some soulful, rockin' good music!

never too late

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/08/06


Set One: going for themselves

Intro: Kool & the Gang/Melting Pot/45/Ampex/1971
1. Gimme Some of What You Got/Simtec & Wylie/45/Shama/1970
2. Which Way/Presidents/45/Federal/1968(?)
3. Can I Help You/Swampseeds/45/Epic/1969
4. Boogie Children/John Fred & his Playboys/LP/Paula/1965
5. Now is the Time (To Love Me)/Marva Josie/45/Jumar/1969
6. Got to Getcha/Maceo & All the King's Men/House of the Fox/1970
BED: Eleanor Rigby/Booker T. & the MG's/LP/Stax/1968

Set Two: where the streetlight is celestial

1. Penthouse Five/Years Have Passed/CD/1967
2. Karma/P.F. Sloan/CD/Dunhill/1967
3. Paint a Lady/Susan Christie/CD/Finders Keepers/1967-2006
4. Newberry Barn Dance/Stephen Monahan/LP/Kapp/1968(?)
BED: Bantu Village/Blue Mitchell/LP/Blue Note/1970

i need a bottle of scotch

Set Three: the world at my doorstep

1. Money/Thee Midniters/CD/Chattahoochee-Norton/1965-2006
2. He Was Really Saying Somethin'/Velvelettes/45/VIP/1964
3. You Don't Know/Vernon Greene & the Medallions/45/Dootone/1973
4. Fannie Mae/Mighty Sam/45/Amy/1966
BED: Jug Eyes/Gene Ammons/LP/Prestice/1970

Set Four: a spectrum of emotion

1. It's Too Late/Small Faces/LP/Decca(UK)/1966
2. (If You Think) You're Groovy/P.P. Arnold/LP/Immediate/1968
3. Only Those In Love/Astronauts/LP/RCA/1965
4. Black Night/Arthur Alexander/LP/Dot-AceUK/1965-1983
5. Indian Summer/Lou Christie/LP/MGM/1966
BED: Everything I Do Gonna be Funky/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1969 &
Sookie Sookie/Grant Green/45/Blue Note/1969

twee ain't even the word

Set Five: got to give it up

1. Open the Door To Your Heart/Darrell Banks/LP/Atco/1967
2. Gonna Send You Back To Momma/Don Covay/45/Atlantic/1968
3. Grits & Gravy/Fame Gang/45/Fame/1969
4. Never Love a Robin/Tommy Hunt/45/Dynamo/1967
BED: /Redd Holt Unlimited/LP/Paula/1975

Set Six: now the cellophane is stuck too

1. Liar/Argent/45/Date/1969
2. One Huge Road/Golden Earring/45/Atlantic/1970
3. The View from Ward 3/Hearts & Flowers/45/Capitol/1967
4. Dear Delilah/Grapefruit/45/Equinox/1968
BED: Other Side of a Record/Sounds Like Us/CD/Arf Arf/196?-1993

The Send Off: Leaving Here/Rationals/CD/Cameo Parkway/1966

game recognize game

Guest Stars: Burt Lancaster, Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea, Dick Powell,
Esther Howard, Jack Webb, Paul Stanton & Richard Arlen

housewives can get awfully bored sometimes


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/16/06

over nothin' at all!
hey big boy what's your name?

Deadlier Than the Male

Well, the 10/2 show was lost forever, as the internet stream and archivist hardware were down all day...but I'm back and brimming with energy, a canvas sack filled with over 50 lbs of music over my shoulder, 32oz of hot coffee, and a "greatest hits" selection of noir bites on hand. Things stretch out a bit, as
you get 3 long sets over 2 hours - See, I can just do this stuff whenever the notion strikes me...even if it ain't feas-i-ble.

Just a click on the Frenchman below will get things underway - and simply regardez la liste a little further down for all les d├ętails discographiques you may need.

Back in 2 weeks with a Halloween Cryptacular!

diamonds in the air

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/16/06


Set One: thrill of the chase

Intro: Expo 83/Backyard Heavies/45/Scepter/1971
1. Raining in the City/Ronnie Bird/CD/Polydor(France)/1968
2. Someday the Gray Will Come/Salvation/45/United Artists/1968?
3. Hunter Gets Captured by the Game/Jimmy Mack & the Music Factory/45/Atlantic/1968
4. You'd Better Quit It/Georgie Boy/45/SSS/1969?
5. He's About a Mover/Dottie Cambridge/45/MGM/1968
6. One Chain Don't Make No Prison/Four Tops/45/ABC/1972
7. I Can Understand It pt.1/Valentinos/45/Clean/1973
8. You Can't Blame Me/Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr/45/Capsoul/1971
9. Sexy Coffee Pot/Tony Avalon & the Belairs/LP/Atlantic/1969
10.Check It All Out/Black Heat/LP/Atlantic/1974
11.Stone Junkie/Ruby Jones/LP/Curtom/1971
12.New Orleans/Southwind/LP/Venture/1968
13.Sixteen Tons/Freeman Sound/45/Starshine/1969?
14.Jigsaw Puzzle/Rolling Stones/LP/London/1968
BED: The Main Attraction/Grant Green/LP/Kudu/1976

everybody works out of their own bag

Set Two: soothe the savage beast

1. Lady Genevieve/John Phillips/LP/Dunhill/1970
2. Not Too Long Ago/Beau Brummels/LP/Autumn/1965
3. High Flying Bird/Balladeers/45/Cori/1965
4. That's the Bag I'm In/Fred Neil/LP/Capitol/1966
5. Positively Fourth Street/Johnny Rivers/LP/Imperial/1968
6. I Want You/Christine McVie/LP/Blue Horizon-Sire/1969-1976
7. Break It Down/Freddie Fender/CD/"Short Eyes" film dub/Film League/1977
BED: Mango Meat(instro)-Promenade/Mandrill-Manu Dibango/CD/Polydor-?/1975

just trying to hang on

Set Three: a gathering of heads

1. Shake/Shadows of Knight/LP/Team-Buddah/1968
2. All She Said/Dynamics/CD/Jerden/1966
3. Mr. Farmer(live)/Seeds/LP/GNP/1969
4. Love Tunnel/Chubby Checker/LP/MFP(bel)/1970-1975
5. Althea/Robin Trower/LP/Chrysalis/1975(req)
BED: The Junkshop/New Apocalypse/LP/TMI/1969

The Send Off: Dark End of the Street/James Carr/LP/Goldwax/1967

a place in the country

Guest Stars: Lawrence Tierney, Paul Newman, Fred MacMurray, Dan Duryea, Barbara Stanwyck, Elisha Cook, Burt Lancaster, Tony Barrett

goodbye baby

Thursday, September 21, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/18/06

what would you do
for a silver dollar?
would you reach inside
drainpipe trousers?
hey! just kidding!

Try Something Stronger

Aha! All caught up! Fun show this week, as we welcome
the Zombies to town with a song, shake our money makers to some funky slow grooves, note the passing of a legend, and finally tell Stumpy we've HAD IT!

If you think you got what it takes to stand up to this gang, CLICK on the pile o' wax below to set off the dynamite ... and keep your eyes on that playlist further down... it holds the key to those questions you can't help but wonder.

takin' that midday train

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 09/18/06


Set One: where the action is

Intro: Live It Up/James K. Nine/45/Federal/1969(?)
1. Love(the Pain Goes Deeper)/Frankie Beverly/LP/Gamble/1969
2. Helpless/Jackie Wilson/LP/Brunswick/1969
3. Sure Is Funky/Lost Generation/CD/Brunswick/1971
4. Trying for Days/Maxayn/LP/Capricorn/1972
5. Can You Dig It/Chico & Buddy/45/Tayster/1969
6. How Could I Forget You/Marvin Gaye/LP/Motown/1968
7. Emotions/Impressions/LP/ABC/1964
8. I Missed It By That Much/Bobby Lee/45/Sue/1964
9. Sticks & Stones/Zombies/CD/Decca/1964
10.If It Don't Work Out/Zombies/CD/Date/1969
11.Shake Some Action/Flamin' Groovies/LP/Sire/1972-1976
12.She's In Love/Jynx Pack/45/Mercury/1966?
13.Brainwashed/David Clayton Thomas & the Bossmen/LP/Tower-Capitol/1966-1970
BED: Sould Out/Armando Peraza/LP/Skye/1968

it was a draaaag

Set Two: despite all your inclinations

1. Pretty Girl Why/Buffalo Springfield/LP/Atco/1968
2. Cherish/Carla Thomas/LP/Stax/1971
3. Don't Make Promises/Georgie Fame/45/Columbia(UK)/1966
4. Cross Country/Archie Whitewater/CD/Cadet Concept/1970
5. Friends/Velvet Underground(Doug Yule)/CD/Polydor/1973
6. You've Gotta Stop/Bob & Kit/45/HBR/196?
BED: Metamorphosis/Ananda Shankar/LP/Reprise/1968

closer than you think

Set Three: catch that super chief

1. Hear My Train a' Comin'/Jimi Hendrix/CD/MCA/1969
2. Train Kept a-Rollin'/Johnny Burnette Trio/45/Coral/1957
3. Everybody's Got a Lover But Me/Richard Berry/CD/Smash/1962
BED: Lunar Invasion/Silhouettes/CD/Segue/197?

from the land of cheese

Set Four: with great responsibility comes

1. Soul Searchin'/Litter/LP/Warick/1966
2. Crying Eyes and an Empty Heart/American Revolution/LP/Flick Disc/1968
3. Gotta Make You Love Me/Lori Burton/CD/Mercury/1967
BED: Wild Thing/Armando Peraza/LP/Skye/1968

serenading your sibling

Set Five: minor keys

1. Your Little Sister/Mighty Marvelows
2. You've Hurt Me Now/Lovelites/LP/Uni/1969
BED: Mony Mony/Armando Peraza/LP/Skye/1968

Guest Stars: Dean Martin, Richard Conte, Walter Brennan, Claude Akins, Berry Kroeger,Ann Sheridan, George Raft, Peggy Cummins

1 of only 2 possible endings