Monday, July 26, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/26/2010

dropp your apppprehensions

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/26/10


Set One: let everything come through

Intro: Wheels/Hells Belles OST-Les Baxter/LP/Sidewalk/1970
1. Let's Copp a Groove/Bobby Wells/45/Bomur/1967
2. I Want to Be Free/Admirations/LP(comp)/Peaches/1966
3. Just Like a Flower/Freddie Scott/45/Shout/1968
4. Shing-a-Ling/Tender Joe Richardson/45/Veep/1967
5. Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)/Johnnie Taylor/LP/Stax/1967
6. Don't Let Me Lose This Dream/The Ones/45/Motown/1968
7. It's No Secret/Jo Ann Garrett/LP/Chess/1969
8. It's No Secret/Jefferson Airplane/LP/RCA/1966
9. Green Eye'd Woman/New Breed/45/Diplomacy/1965
10.Crazy Country Hop/Rockin' Berries/LP/Piccadilly(uk)/1965
11.Cry, Cry/The Un-Four-Given/45/Dot/1966
12.East Side Story/Bob Seger & the Last Heard/45/Cameo/1966
13.Some Other Face/Jim Benson/45/Verve/1967
14.Roller Coaster/13th Floor Elevators/LP/International Artists/1966
15.How Does It Feel/Good Ship Lollipop/45/Ember/1969
BED: Taurus/Dennis Coffey/LP/Sussex/1972

one and done

that name again is Van Doren

Set Two: summer's almost gone

1. Turn Around/Beau Brummels/LP/Warner 7 Arts/1968
2. Jenny/Heaven & Earth/LP/Ovation/1972
3. Belda-Beast/Iron Butterfly/LP/Atco/1969
4. Come Home (Little Girl)/Six the Hard Way/45/Warner Brothers/1967
5. Where Can I Find You/Parchment/LP/Pye(uk)/1972
BED: Some Velvet Morning/Afro Blues Quintet/LP/Mira/1968

like a dime store novel

snake charmer pop

Set Three: all alone and all dressed up to kill

1. Mr. Astronaut/Drivers/45/King/1962
2. Girl of My Best Friend/Ral Donner/45/Zirkon(can)/1961
3. Leave My Kitten Alone/Reuben Bell/45/DeLuxe/1973
4. Mini Dress/Other Brothers/45/Amy/1967
5. Long Long Time/James Bryant & the Kritters/45/Parrot/1966
6. A Lion in the Jungle/Carl Perkins/LP/Columbia/1969
7. I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys/Toggery Five/CD/Parlophone(uk)/1965
BED: Summer in the City/Freddie McCoy/LP/Prestige/1967

ingredients in a recipe for trouble

Set Four: nothing to brag about

1. Classified Love/Jumbo/45/Swingin'/1970?
2. Going Down/Chicken Shack/LP/Deram/1971
3. Please Mr. Postman/Mike Sheridan & the Nightriders/CD/Columbia(uk)/1963
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

to be continued

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/12/2010

and don't you be a narc

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Bit of a short show this week, as the tower gets taken out by lightning (or something) less than an hour in, leaving the second half of this streaming audio file nothing but loud static. But, oh, that first half. You get the entire "Extended Opening Set©" ... but don't get to hear me ramble on at it's conclusion, alas.

I do want to send this week's show out to Pete Quaife of the Kinks and Crispian St. Peters, both of whom passed away recently and I belatedly paid small tribute to them each in this show, but did not get a chance to mention them on the air. Will be back on the 26th with (hopefully!) the usual 2 full hours, for all you mellow set junkies.

Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/12/10


Intro: Off Into a Black Thing/Willie Henderson/LP/Brunswick/1970
1. Let Me Get Close To You/Jerry Washington/45/Excello/1974
2. The Day Will Come Between Sunday and Monday/Kiki Dee/LP/Motown/1970
3. It's Your Love/Marvin L. Sims/45/Uni/1968
4. What Good am I Without You/Darrow Fletcher/45/Jacklyn/45/1968
5. To Be a Lover/Gene Chandler/45/Checker/1967
6. The Rumble (Dolomite OST)/Soul Rebellion Orch/LP/Generation International/1975
7. I'm a Junkie for My Baby's Love/Hank Ballard/45/Chess/197
8. California Here I Come/Shocking Blue/LP/Colossus/1969
9. Lost My Girl/Rick and Sandy/CD/Decca(uk)/1965
10.Gotta Catch the First Plane Home/Kinks/LP/Reprise/1966
11.You'd Be Surprised/Outcasts/45/Decca/1966
12.Jilly Honey/Crispian St.Peters/LP/Jamie/1966
13.Sins of a Family Fall on the Daughter/Grass Roots/LP/Dunhill/1968
14.Five Day Week Straw People/Five Day Week Straw People/LP/Saga(uk)/1968
15.She Cracked/Modern Lovers/LP/Home of the Hits/72-76
BED: Phil Upchurch ... for around 30 seconds ...

and I'm always a click away