Monday, January 10, 2011

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/10/2011

my footsteps lead right through this photo

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/10/2011


Set One: outer space emotional escape

Intro: Do It Like You Feel It/Solicitors/45/Excello/1971
1. Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush/Chuck Johnson/45/Symbol/1966?
2. Love Bandit/Marshall & the Chi-Lites/LP/Daren-Joda/1964-1972
3. You Can't Keep a Good Man Down/James & Bobby Purify/45/Bell/1967
4. Showdown/Johnny Adams/45/RIC/1962
5. How Long Will It Last/Soul Notes/45/Way Out/1968
6. Expressway To Your Heart/Margo Thunder/45/Capitol/1974
7. Follow the Leader pt. 2/Wiley Terry/45/USA/1965
8. My Woman/Woody Carr & the El-Caminos/CD/Camelot/1965
9. Security/Thane Russal & Three/LP/CBS(uk)/1966
11.Life Ain't No Bucket of Roses (Tenement Boy)/Mavericks/45/20th Century Fox/1965
12.Going to the Moon/Shadow Casters/45/JRP/1966
13.Smokey/King George Discovery/LP/Haparanda(swe)/1968
14.Real Life Permanent Dream/Orange Machine/LP/Pye(uk)/1968
15.Who Needs Tomorrow/Silver Byke/45/Bang/1968
16.Love, Love, Love, Love, Love/Wool/LP/ABC/1969
BED: Chili Mac/Preston Love/LP/United/1969

for those sleeping on the fire escape

Set Two: but tuesday's just as bad

1. For the Sake of the Song/Townes Van Zandt/LP/Poppy/1970
2. Too Young to Be Fooled/Barbara and Brenda/LP/Dynamo-Musicor/1967
3. June is as Cold as December/Everly Brothers/LP/Warner Brothers/1967
4. We Got Love/Jamison/45/Bell/1969?
5. Sometimes Happy Times/Dotti Holmberg/CD/Sundazed/1969-2002
6. Summerwind/Vince Martin/LP/Capitol/1969
BED: Hopscotch/Charlie Rouse/LP/Strata East/1974

one of these days .. bang ... zoom

Set Three: you getting so blimpy

1. Potatoes/Claude & Samuel/LP/Daran-Joda/1966-1972
2. The Hamburger Song/Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces/LP/Checker/1966
3. I'm Gonna Get You Yet/Dixie Cups/45/Red Bird/1965
4. Honey Chile/Poets/45/Imperial/1960
5. All I Wanna Do/Dion & the Belmonts/LP/ABC/1967
6. Anna (Stay With Me)/Warren Lee/45/Soundex/1961
7. A Poor Boy Like Me/Max Powell/45/Reprise/1963
BED: Viva Tirado/Duke of Burlington/CD/Signal(it)/1970

this is what it's come to

Set Four: pickup on south street

1. Look Outside/New World/45/Le Cam/1970?
2. Shakin' Street/MC5/45/Atlantic/1970
3. Lying/Black Merda/LP/Janus/1972
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

stick around for the hokey-pokey!


Doctor Gaz said...

any chance of re-upping some shows of more than a year ago, unfortunately I didn't find your show until quite recently

MackMcCoy said...

Hey Doc, sorry, but the streams are only kept on the station server for a short time, generally not more than a month or two at most, and after that are gone forever. I would like to start updating this blog again though - I've still been doing the show all along but have just let my posting of playlists and streams just completely die off.

here are a couple of my most recent show streams:

Doctor Gaz said...

Thanks for the links Mack, sorry it took so long to get back to ya, been catching up with stuff

sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.