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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/21/08

don't drink the water
Mitchum's got the tussle-hair thing going again

Down Darkened Streets, Through Unmarked Doors

So far, so good - getting in pretty much on time with another 2 hours of the best that all those lonely hours of seeking and searching can bring you. What once was lost, now shall be found - or so the title says. Let's find out together, with just a click on Lou Johnson's smug mug below streaming over 30 examples of pop, folk, rock and soul - often psychedelic, sometimes straighforward - but always aimed directly at the deepest recesses of your mind.

And if I'm not making any sense, just read the handy playlist below and see what's in store. It's not dangerous, I swear. If used properly and according to direction, of course.

you can't sit still

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 01/21/08


Set One: cash on the barrelhead

Intro: After You Done It/James Brown/LP/King/1969
1. Chained/Mavis Staples/LP/Volt/1969
2. The Beat/Lou Johnson/LP/Volt/1972
3. Come On and Get It/Steppers/45/Aware/1971
4. Tuff Pickin'/Sonny Forriest/LP/Decca/1965(?)
5. Got to Be Love(or Something Stupid)/Profiles/45/Bamboo/1969
6. If I Could See You Now/Sunny & the Sunliners/CD/Key-Loc/1968
7. You've Got It/Sam Mosley/45/M.O.C./1969
8. I Can See for Miles/Tina Turner/LP/UA/1975
9. Shakin' All Over-Spoonful/The Who/LP/BBC-Polydor/1967-2000
10.Sha La La/Question Mark & the Mysterians/45/Super K/1969
11.Fast Way of Living/Uniques/45/Paula/1965
12.Mixed Up Baby Girl/Graham Bonney/45/Columbia(UK)/1966
14.Tell You the Truth/Andy Robinson/LP/Philips/1969
15.Going Down - Purple Dog/Privilege/LP/T-Neck/1969
BED: Both Sides Now/Dee Felice Trio/LP/Bethlehem/1969

under the sway of the bubblegum svengalis

these guys got to party with the Isleys

Set Two: check your head

1. Cross Your Mind/Eric Anderson/LP/Vanguard/1966
2. Just Like a Spirit Shroud/Jerry Merrick/LP/Mercury/1969
3. Living In the Past/Billie Davis/CD/Decca(UK)/1970
4. Long Time Gone/Paul Horn/LP/Epic/1974
5. Black Snow/T.S. Bonniwell/LP/Capitol/1969
BED: Flute Thing/Blues Project/LP/Verve/1966

grab your coat

Set Three: it's smash or be smashed

1. My Lonely Island/Nathaniel Mayer/LP/Fortune/1963
2. Darlin' I Love You So/Wallace Brothers/45/Sims/1965
3. What Kind of Lady/Dee Dee Sharp/CD/Cameo/1967
4. (Loving Me)Is Like Money In the Bank/Willie "G"/45/Ric Tic/1967
5. You Brought My Heart Right Down to It's Knees/Alvin Robinson/45/Joe Jones/1966
6. Angel/Buddy & Stacey/45/Twirl/1966
BED: I Love Every Little Thing About You/Odell Brown/LP/Paula/1973

deeper than the abyss

Set Four: shake the cobwebs out

1. Garden of My Mind/Mickey Finn/LP/Direction(UK)/1967
2. Don't Tread on Me/Gravedigger V/LP/Voxx/1984
3. Cookbook/Damnation of Adam Blessing/LP/United Artists/1969
BED: Who's Gonna Take the Weight/Kool & the Gang/LP/De-Lite/1970

(skipping, yay!) Send Off: Stop the War/Impressions/LP/Curtom/1971

they say no man is an island, yet -

Guest Stars: Richard Conte, Peter Lorre, Jane Greer, Robert Mitchum, Ramon Novarro, Steve Cochran

is this MY lonely island?

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