Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/29/06

this is the art
of the

Darkened Doorways

Here we are again.
Searching for that gem with the power to heal.
Once we held it in our hands and felt it's soul
warm our hearts. Now we must find it again, before all is lost.
And if we fall in love along the way, well, it's only Paris, right?

Enough of that - let's get dirty.
Things start off in a near-mob scene and soon
we're following the fuzztone leads through smoggy areas of
urban waste, on to rustic hills split by endless roads, acid parties
in tropical climes, and your aunt's 45 box circa 1965.
Have a click on the jumpsuit below to come along -
and go below the belt for playlist guidance.
I still owe you guys an old show, it's coming soon.
Respect to Desmond Dekker.

rhinestone soul

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/29/06


Set One: down the alley, the icewagon

Intro: Theme from Hell's Angels/Bar-Kays/LP/Stax/1967
1. Who Do You Love(live)/Doors/LP/Elektra/1970
2. Bring It To Jerome/David John & the Mood/LP/Parlophone/1965
3. Sweet Whatever/Telegraph Avenue/CD/MAG(Peru)/1971
4. Fantasy World/James Knight & the Butlers/CD/Cat/197?
5. Showstopper/Iron Knowledge/CD/Tammy/1971(?)
6. The Whole Thang pt.1/Big Barney/45/Grandville/1972
7. Fight Fire, with Fire/Delia Gartrell/CD/Right On/1971
8. Can't Find My Way Home/Sound Factory/CD/Castleinho/1970
9. Wanderin' Kind/Turtles/45/White Whale/1965
10.No Good Annie/1910 Fruitgum Co./45/Buddah/1969
11.I Can Make It Without You/Innovation/CD/RCA/1967
12.My Lonely World/Desmond Dekker/CD/Trojan/1968
13.Let's Straighten It Out/Latimore/LP/Glades/1974
14.Rien Ne Va Plus/Funk Factory/LP/Atco/1975
BED: Loran's Dance/Idris Muhammad/LP/CTI/1974

more jumpsuits!

Set Two: not too long ago

1. Untie Me/Haunted/LP/Trans World-Voxx/1967-1983
2. Dark End of the Street/Flying Burrito Brothers/LP/A&M/1969
3. Andalucian Blues/Chicken Shack/45/Blue Horizon/1970
4. Don't Cry for Me, Babe/Marti Shannon/LP/RCA/1966
5. The Radio Song/Dillard & Clark/LP/A&M/1969
6. A Soldier's Sad Story/Tiny Watkins/CD/Excello/1967-1995
BED: Papa Was a Rolling Stone/Jay Berliner/Mainstream/1972

one tough mama

Set Three: because it's all our turf

1. I Can't See You/Starlites/CD/Barclay/1965
2. Greasy Heart/Jefferson Airplane/LP/RCA/1968
3. Wicked Annabella/Kinks/LP/Pye(UK)/1968
4. You Say You Are My Friend/Ghetto Brothers/CD/Salsa/1972
5. Future/Da Capo/CD/California/1972
6. Thirteen/Big Star/CD/Ardent/1972
BED: Girls of Sao Paulo/Jack Marshall & Shelly Manne/LP/Capitol/1966

The Send Off: Who Do You Think You're Fooling pts 1&2/Symphonic Four/CD/Zudan/197?

Guest Stars: Glenn Ford, Geraldine Brooks, Robert Mitchum, John Dehner

war is over if you want head

original gangsta
Desmond Dekker 1942-2006

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HugABull Group said...

Wow! I just happened to be doing a search of my mom to see what came up, and there was my mom's album on your blog! Very cool!

Marti Shannon, Don't Cry For Me Babe (which she wrote) is one of my favourite songs of hers.

A little history if you like, her full name is Mary Rosalie Begg(Bryans). She left singing at the age of 25 to have me - Shelagh. My father and her divorced in 1971 shortly after my sister Shannon was born, but my mom never went back to recording. She played gigs off and on throughout her life. She dabbled in many business ventures, but for the last 25yrs was a self taught accountant running her own company in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

I'm sad to say she passed away this past February of cancer. We miss her dearly, but her music will live on, and its so wonderful to see her on here!!

Thank you!!
Shelagh sbegg@shaw.ca