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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/23/08

nobody's fool
never a quiet night

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Sure, it's a racket, like any other racket. But it's my racket - and like the lady said, it beats selling apples. It may only be 34 tracks, but 34 tracks is 34 tracks and it's what I've got to give. You like the Zombies, don'tcha? Everyone likes the Zombies, and they're in here waiting. All kinds of soul, too, and girl's dorm Beatle covers, west coast movers, psychedelic protest folk and at least 3 songs that sing about doing The Monkey. Click on that sno-cone of a record below and let's get started, already. Still not sold? It's all right there in black & white, if you're the type that needs to read the fine print before signing on.

give me a chance

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/23/08


Set One: she gave me a wallop

Intro: Walkin' the Duck/Triumphs/45/Verve/1966
1. Watts Breakaway/Johnny Otis Show & Delmar Evans/LP/Epic/1970
2. Thief/Enticers/45/Cotillion/1972
3. It Must Be Love/Roy Hytower/45/Expo/1970?
4. Labyrinth/New Apocalypse/LP/TMA/1969
5. Take My Love Don't Set Me Free/Eight Minutes/45/Jay Pee/1972
6. (I've Got To Find) Happiness/Ambassadors/45/Atlantic/1968
7. Don't Make Promises/Oliver Norman/45/Decca/1967?
8. Turn It On/Tony & Tyrone/45/Columbia/1966
9. Woman/Zombies/LP/Parrot/1965
10.Luci Baines/American Four/45/Selma-Munster/1964
11.Strawberry Children/Hobbits/45/Decca/1968
12.Ace, King, Queen, Jack/Herman's Hermits/LP/MGM/1968
13.Black/The Throb/LP/Parlophone(aus)-Dig the Fuzz(uk)/1966-1996
14.Pride of Man/Quicksilver Messenger Service/45/Capitol/1967
BED: Sunshine of Your Love/Suite Steel/LP/Elektra/1969?

for the sleeptalkers

brown eggs are more fresh

Set Two: one thing I didn't have to do

1. There's Gonna Be a Storm/Left Banke/LP/Smash/1968
2. Thing of the Past/Tweeds/45/Coral/1967
3. Goodbye Girl/Eden's Children/LP/ABC/1968
4. Here, There & Everywhere/Wheatones/LP/Custom Fidelity/1968
5. Strangers in a Strange Land/Jim & Jean/LP/Verve Folkways/1967
BED: Theme from Bullitt/Wilton Felder/LP/World Pacific/1969

the door into summer

Set Three: 40 square feet of concrete

1. Monkey See Monkey Do/Five Du-Tones/45/One Der Ful/1965
2. On the Corner/Ad Libs/45/Blue Cat/1965
3. Love is Wonderful/Jimmy Norman & the O'Jays/45/Little Star/1963
4. Here Come Da Judge/Buena Vistas/45/Marquee/1968
5. It's a Man Down There/Junior Wells/45/Blue Rock/1971
BED: Sunshine Superman/Big Jim Sullivan/LP/Mercury/1968

we'll sing in the sunshine
just keep swinging

Set Four: to tell the truth

1. Shadows Within You/Lost Nation/LP/Rare Earth/1970
2. Turning the Lights Out/Rare Bird/LP/Polydor/1972 (request)
3. Al Sleet, Your Hippy Dippy Weatherman/George Carlin/45/RCA/1967
4. In My Window/Flat Earth Society/LP/Fleetwood/1968
5. Satori/Flat Earth Society/LP/Fleetwood/1968
BED: What Condition My Condition's In/Dap-Kings/45/Daptone/2007

heavy is the head

Guest Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Peter Lorre, Mary Astor, Humphrey Bogart, Joan Blondell, Edward G. Robinson, Chester Morris

don't be frightened

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