Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/28/08

you can't sit down
cold sweat

Undercover in an Opium Den

Look at yourself, friend. Dark around the eyes and you haven't shaved in at least 3 days. You're sweating, even though it's cool in here. You've got the hunger, and it shows in your eyes. Hey, I'm no cop - I'm here to help. I've got what you need, and it's the real dope. What do you want - deep soul? hard rock? soft folk with a rockabilly chaser? It's all right in front of you. Just tap on that Fourth Dimension 45 below to open the door to satisfaction ... and close the book on this jones of yours.

And if you find the trip a little too much, if your mind is in a fog and you need direction, just check that playlist further down to help keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

turn that frown around

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/28/08


Set One: let's go steady

Intro: Grand Central Shuttle/Johhny Griffith,Inc/45/RCA/1972
1. I Don't Know Why/Mickey Murray/LP/Federal/1970
2. I'm a Junkie for My Baby's Love/Hank Ballard/45/Chess/1971
3. Me, Myself & I/Norma Jenkins/CD/Carnival/1967
4. Maggie May/Simtec & Wylie/LP/Mister Chand/1971
5. Who Can I Turn To/Jimmy & Louise Tig and Company/45/Bell/1968
6. You Ain't Ready/Billy Butler/LP/Okeh/1966
7. Mini Skirt(instro)/Sleepwalkers/LP/Big Mack-Numero/1968-2008
8. I'll Keep Searching/I'des of March/45/Parrot/1966
9. I'm Crying/Animals/45/MGM/1964
10.Honey I Need/Pretty Things/LP/Fontana/1965
11.Surprise, Surprise/Lulu/LP/Parrot/1967
12.All I Wanna Do/Dion & the Belmonts/LP/ABC/1967
13.Mary Mary/Birdwatchers/CD/Mala/1967
14.You're My Unhappiness/The Fourth Dimension/45/Columbia/1967
16.Long Long Time To Get Old/Great Speckled Bird/LP/Ampex/1969
BED: Express Yourself/Idris Muhammad/LP/Prestige/1971

follow the leaders

willows in a wine bottle

Set Two: warm my sleeping cat

1. It's All In That/Jay Bolotin/LP/Commonwealth United/1970
2. You Tell Me Why/Dynamic Hurseman/LP/IGL-Arf Arf/1965-1994
3. Though It Hurts Me Baby/P.P. Arnold/45/Immediate/1968
4. Some Sunny Day/Millenium/LP/Columbia/1968
5. Daisy/Anything Goes/45/(no label)/1973
BED: Main Theme/Soul of Nigger Charley OST/LP/MGM/1973

doing his own thing
take that, Sylvers!

Set Three: ridin' trucks and waxin' skis

1. I Love My Baby/Duster Bennett/LP/Blue Horizon/1970
2. I'm Comin' Home/Judy Clay/45/Scepter/1964
3. Looking Back/Johnny "Guitar" Watson/LP(comp)/Escort/1961
4. Pinetop/Johnny Jenkins & the Pinetoppers/45/Atlantic/1962
5. Long Legged Girl (with the Short Dress On)/Elvis Presley/LP/RCA/1967
6. Castle In the Sky/Dorsey Burnette/45/Reprise/1962
7. Walk On Out of My Mind/Wanda Jackson/LP/Capitol/1968
BED: Eleanor Rigby/Nite-Liters/LP/RCA/1970

spring is in the air
#1 album of 2008

Set Four: experimenting on my mind

1. Fire/49th Blue Streak/45/MBM/1969
2. Azaar/Orient Express/LP/Mainstream/1969
3. Wicker Vine/Mouse & the Traps/45/Bell/1969
BED: Flatjacks/Willie Rodriguez/LP/Riverside/1964

is there an echo in here?
saz & violence

Guest Stars: William Bendix, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Mitchum, Peter Lorre, Arthur Kennedy, Robert F. Simon, Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson

I'll take you there

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