Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/17/08

how the mighty have fallen
catch a bad one


Pour another, Doc - and let's talk about the good ole' days.
You know, everybody's talking about the good ole' days.
Well, the music was good, Doc. The music sure was sweet.
Sweet as this pint and just as warm.

Play the jukebox for me - won't you, Doc? Just click on that Johnny "K" platter down below, let the music play, and we'll talk about the good old days. And hand me that map down there, will ya? I gotta get home and see the old gang.

walk right on in

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 03/17/08


Set One: necessary to self enjoy

Intro: Phantom/Lightmen Plus One/CD/Lightnin'/1972
1. Sufferin' City/Johnny Copeland/45/Atlantic/1968
2. I Can't Believe You Quit Me/Garland Green/LP/Uni/1969
3. Ain't No Sunshine/Betty Wright/LP/Alston/1972
4. Open the Door To Your Heart/Lil' Murray & the Soul Exciters/CD/Tammy/1968?
5. 96 Tears/Jimmy Ruffin/LP/Soul/1969
6. Come Out/Johnny "K"/45/AJP/1970?
7. I'm a Man/Wynder K. Frog/45/UA/1967
8. Never Be Free/Dale & the Devonaires/LP/IGL-Get Hip/1966-1994
9. Time of Day/Remains/LP/Epic/1966
10.House of Stone/Grass Roots/LP/Dunhill/1967
11.Indian Rope Man/Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger/LP/Atco/1969
12.I Hide/Paper Garden/LP/Musicor/1968
13.She Cracked/Modern Lovers/LP/Bezerkley/1972-76
14.Bad Little Woman/Wheels(Wheel-a-Ways)/CD/Aurora/1966
15.Crest of a Wave/Rory Gallagher/LP/Atco/1972
BED: Spooky/Senor Soul/LP/Double Shot/1968

golden boy

dammit janet

Set Two: no water with my wine

1. Into the Mystic/Van Morrison/LP/Warner Bros/1970
2. Country Joe/Jackie McAuley/LP/Pye-Bell/US/1971
3. Buy or Beware/Mellow Candle/CD/Deram(uk)/1968-1972
4. Movies/Hookfoot/LP/A&M/1971
5. Clifton Grange Hotel/Thin Lizzy/CD/Deram(uk)/1971
BED: Super Bad/Idris Muhammad/LP/Prestige/1971

wise for their years
proper lads

Set Three: still trying

1. Shake, Rattle and Roll/Royal Showband of Waterford/LP/HMV(Ireland)/1964
2. 'Til the End of Time/Gino Washington/LP/Norton/1964(unrld)-2002
3. Let's Get Back Together/Honey Bees/CD/Garrison/1966
4. Cry No More/C.O.D.'s/45/Kellmac/1965
5. Operator/Lee Andrews/45/Cameo/1963
BED: Funky Broadway/Armando Peraza/LP/Skye/1968

pack your sorrows

Set Four: them changes

1. I'm Your Witch Doctor/Them/LP/Tower/1968
2. Baby Blue/Belfast Gypsies/LP/Sonet/1967
3. I Keep Singing/Them/LP/Happy Tiger/1970
4. One Two Brown Eyes/Them/LP/London/1965
5. Real Live Permanent Dream/Orange Machine/CD/Pye(uk)/1969
6. Belfast Boy/Don Farron/LP/Decca/1970
BED: Midnight Cowboy/Joe Harrel/LP/Motown/1969

late session

Guest Stars: Edward G. Robinson, Paul Newman, Nina Foch, Sterling Hayden, Dick Powell, Michael Ontkean, Jean Hagen, Andrew Duncan

I can't help myself

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