Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/20/06

better make it just that, pally
a man and his dog
check out your mind

Doors of Perception

Your senses are powerful things. Sometimes you can see things clearer with your eyes closed, and sometimes a sound can get your nose open. Today we try to appeal to all your senses, including some you may have never experienced before. Ambitious? Sure, but that's how we do and if you don't know, you better ask somebody. It's more than just a bunch of songs - it's an experience.

Just a click on the lens-flared Leaves below will get things underway - and if you feel yourself floating away, a peek at the playlist below should have you back on solid ground in no time.
Fly on, baby. Fly on.

it's all good

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/20/06


Set One: thrill of the chase

Intro: Expo 83/Backyard Heavies/45/Scepter/1971
1. Lovin' Cup/Triumphs/CD/Genuine/1967
2. Harlem Shuffle/Mauds/LP/Mercury/1968
3. I Can Only Give You Everything/Them/LP/Decca(uk)/1966
4. Scorpio Red/Holy Mackrel/CD/Reprise/1968
5. Readings in Astrology(demo)/Curtis Mayfield/CD/Curtom/1972
6. Got to Have It/Rhon Silva/CD/Uptight/196?
7. Running Out/Vernon Garrett/LP/Kent(charly comp)/1968
8. He Don't Belong to Me/Doris Troy/CD/Atlantic/1965
9. Run While It's Dark/Platters/LP/Musicor/1967
10.My Bag/Lovin' Couple/45/Amy/1967?
11.Baby, Baby Love/Jerms/45/Honor Brigade/1969
12.Andy Warhol/David Bowie/LP/RCA/1971
13.Hymn #2000/Humble Gathering/LP/Stang/1970
BED: Melting Pot/Booker T & the MG's/LP/Stax/1971

heavenly shades of night

Set Two: up in a tree

1. Magic Hollow/Beau Brummels/LP/Warner Bros/1967
2. Run That Body Down/Paul Simon/LP/Columbia/1971
3. Dreamer's Dream/Youngbloods/LP/RCA/1967
4. Over-Lovin' You/Electric Flag/LP/Columbia/1968(request)
5. L.A. Freeway/Guy Clark/LP/RCA/1975
6. Solitary Woman/Charlie Starr/LP/Mercury/1969?
7. Gloomy Sunday/Ruth Brown/LP/Cobblestone/1971
BED: Nautilus/Bob James/LP/CTI/1971

sonabitch's always bored me

Guy Clark

Set Three: she's a movie fan

1. Papa Daddy/Ruth Brown/LP/Atlantic/1959
2. One & Only/Eddie Fontaine/LP/Decca(uk)/195?
3. Stockings & Shoes/Eddie Cochran/LP/Liberty/1959
4. She's a Good Woman/Rodger Collins/45/Galaxy/1967
5. Hip Drop/Explosions/CD/Gold Cup/196?
6. Out In the Streets/Shangri-La's/LP/Red Bird/1965
BED: The Junkshop/New Apocalypse/LP/TMI/1969

a lifetime of music

Set Four: tired of these damn snakes

1. Smokestack Lightning/Wailers/LP/Bell/1969
2. I'm Makin' It/Lollipop Shoppe/LP/Uni/1969
3. On the Plane/Leaves/LP/Capitol/1967
4. Gotta Get Enough time/Sharon Tandy/CD/Atlantic(uk)/1969
BED: In-a-Gadda-Da-Vita/Mongo Santamaria/LP/Atlantic/1970

The Send Off: We Can't Go On This Way/Darrow Fletcher/45/Revue/1968

kings of clubs

Guest Stars: Jack Carr, Anne Shirley, Dick Powell, Robert DeNiro, Claire Trevor, Mike Mazurki,

i'm okey - you're okey

faces you've seen before

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