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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/17/06

who will he be
just a couple of guys
please release me

Second Story Man

Hold that candle steady, man! I can't see the date on this label!
Oh...hello! You've arrived just in time - we are just finishing cataloging these rare artifacts discovered buried deep within this, the legendary hidden record library that sits here beneath the ancient Walker Memorial Building.

Wait! Don't go - if you can give us a couple of hours of your time, we'd like to share our finds with you. You seem like a soulful sort, a person of taste with a feel for the groove. Well, prepare to be moved. Have a click on the psychedelic & soothing Them LP cover below, sit back, relax, and let the treasure that is WMBR's holdings of classic soul & garage vinyl take you back...
and while you listen, enjoy the illustrated catalog of our finds just a bit further down.

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/17/06


Set One: For a Chocolate Soda

Intro: The Chase/Electra Glide in Blue OST/UA/1973
1. Out On the Street Again/Etta James/45/Chess/1974
2. Can We Try Love Again/Kool Blues/CD/Capsoul/1974
3. 96 Tears/Big Maybelle/LP/Rojac/1967
4. I'm a Man of Action/Jimmy Hughes/LP/Atco/1967
5. Walk On By/Brenda & the Tabulations/LP/Dionn/1967
6. Sweet Love & Sweet Forgiveness/Ruby & the Romantics/LP/Kapp/1965
7. I Call It Love/Pretenders/45/Carnival/1970
8. Haven't I Been Good To You/Johnny Moore/45/Wand/1968
9. Heart of Gold/Betty Lavette/45/Atlantic/1972
10.Lodi/Al Wilson/45/Bell/1969
11.Daddy's a Millionare/Iveys/45/Apple/1969
12.Just Another Song/Trixons/45/Paramount/1968
13.Kick Hit 4 Hit Kix U/John Lee Hooker/45/ABC/1970
14.Hit it and Pass It/Rasputin Stash/LP/Gemigo/1974
BED: Sizzle Stick/Lonnie Smith/LP/Groove Merchant/1976

Set Two: The Duke is Such a Drag

1. Midnight Reader/Chuck Conlon/45/Marlin/1967
2. Little Girl/Victors/LP/(unrlsd)-Get Hip/1966-1993
3. Walking in the Queen's Garden/Them/LP/Tower/1967
4. Conversation of Floral Street/Zombies/45/Date/1969
5. Is This the Dream/Zombies/45/Parrot/1966
6. If You're Ready/Will-O-Bees/45/Date/1967
BED: Spirits/Kenny Barron/LP/Muse/1975

just as natural as can be

Set Three: Takin' It to the Streets

1. I'm Gonna Leave You/Bobby Powell & Jackie Johnson/45/Whit/1966
2. Now That I've Found a Good Thing/Fontella Bass/LP/Paula/1972
3. On Your Way Down/Clarence Carter/LP/ABC/1974
BED: Superstition/Ahmad Jamal/LP/20th Century/1973

maybe it's just infatuation

Set Four: Who's Gonna Take the Weight

1. Sum Up Broke/International Submarine Band/45/Columbia/1966
2. You Tell Lies/Inmates/45/Columbia/1967
3. Get Out of the Way/Uncalled Four/45/Laurie/1967
4. Little Woman/Yellow Payges/45/UNI/1968
5. Just a Little Bit/Blue Cheer/45/Philips/1968
BED: JB Medley (Don't Want Nobody/Cold Sweat)/Grant Green/LP/Blue Note/1972

birth of the banged heads

Set Five: Fumbling for Change

1. The Eyes of a New York Woman/Insect Trust/LP/Atco/1970
2. Books of Moses/Alexander Spence/LP/Columbia/1969
Outro: If You Really Love Me/Grant Green/LP/Blue Note/1972

Guest Stars: Lee Van Cleef, Robert Blake, Brian Donleavy, Ann Sheridan,
Earl Holliman, Richard Conte, Steve Mitchell.

better than gold

just another slice

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RonFlannery said...


My son sent me this link. I'm the R. Flannery who wrote "You Tell Lies". It's amazing how this record still turns up after so much water has passed under my bridge. And a picture too! Here are some other links that I find amazing: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=325337326 and http://www.garagehangover.com/?q=Inmates
Yeah, the Inmates still have fans out there...