Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/28/2010

wigs split for just a click

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/28/10


Set One: in which feelings get hurt, but it's worth it

Intro: The Acid Test/The Mustang/LP/Alshire/1967
1. Fox in a Mini Skirt/Claude & Hank Carbo/45/Castle/1968
2. Clockwise Revolution/Sunrise Movement/45/Ghetto/1971
3. Shake Your Power/Harvey Scales/45/Mercury/1969
4. Who Told You/(Miss) Jackie Moore/45/Wand/1969
5. Without You/Norvells/45/Janis/1965?
6. You're the One to Blame/Johnny Moore/45/Bright Star/1966
7. Mut-ley Doing the Crawlpen/Rudy Robinson & the Hungry Five/45/Mier/1969
8. La-La-La-La-La/Rattles/LP/Mercury/1966
9. Flower Girl/Plant Life/45/Date/1967
10.Play With Fire/Hi-Numbers/CD/Decca/1965
11.Where Have All the Good Times Gone/David Bowie/LP/RCA/1973
12.Blown Your Mind/Dirty Shames/45/Philips/1967
13.Look at Me I'm You/Blossom Toes/LP/Polydor(Ger)/1967
14.We're On Our Way/Chris Hodge/45/Apple/1972
15.Feel Like a Bandit/Blue Mountain Eagle/LP/Atco/1970
BED: New Bell/Manu Dibango/LP/Atlantic/1972

well, tell a friend, too

get a job

Set Two: hanging on to a dream

1. It'll Never Happen Again/Cilla Black/45/DJM/1969
2. Juliet/Pure/45/Capitol/1970?
3. I Love You More Each Day/Curt Boetcher/LP/Elektra/1973
4. April Grove/Chrysalis/LP/MGM/1968
5. If You See Her/Mickey Newbury/LP/Elektra/1974
6. Want Your Love/Alzo & Udine/LP/Mercury/1969?
BED: Give Me Your Love/Young-Holt Unlimited/LP/Paula/1973

wonder if Jim Beam was in the studio, too?

Set Three: mellow mellow wine

1. Gotta New Girl/Bobby Day/45/Class/1960
2. Your Well Ran Dry/Carol Ford/45/Federal/1964
3. Es Tu Cosa (It's Your Thing)/Joe Bataan/45/Fania/1972
4. Do-Wah-Diddy/Exciters/45/United Artists/1964
5. I Can't Help Myself/Larry Williams/45/Mercury/1965
6. It's Real/Bobby Scott/45/Mercury/1964?
7. Pink Champagne/Georgie Fame/LP/Imperial/1964
BED: Native Planet/Earth Disciples/LP/Solid State/1970

them little green Mercury records

Set Four: got my own bag

1. Declaration of Independence/We the People/CD/Collectibles/1966
2. Maintaining My Cool/Sonics/LP/Jerden/1966
3. Mr. Skin/Birdwatchers/45/Geminix/1972
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

it's like a tree falling in the forest - come back in 14 days

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