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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/20/08

Please excuse the rather half-assed update, and over 2 weeks late at that. After the show aired, there was no MP3 archive available, which killed my enthusiasm for posting the playlist, with no link to listen to. But somehow the archived stream MP3 was rescued from the abyss, so here it is for your listening pleasure. I already need to get posting the 11/3 show, so you only get 2 photos.

Regardless, it's a great show, you can hear the whole thing by clicking on the Curtis Lee 45 below, and the full playlist is included as always, to keep everything above board.

why not you?

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/20/08


Set One: let's live in the Rockies

Intro: Football/Mickey & the Soul Generation/45/Maxwell/1970
1. Seven Rooms of Gloom/Four Tops/LP/Motown/1967
2. I've Got Just the Thing/Lou Courtney/45/Riverside/1967
3. Everybody's Going Wild/Curtis Lee & the KFC's/45/Rojac/1967
4. Chain Reaction/Carolyn Franklin/LP/RCA/1970
5. Are You Man Enough?/Four Tops/45/ABC/1973
6. The Rabbit Got the Gun/The Dapps/45/King/1968
7. Rainy Mourning/Marvelettes/LP/Tamla/1969
8. Cold Soul/Gemstones/45/Gemstone/197?
9. A Man's Gotta Be a Man/Castaways/45/Soma/1965
10.River Deep Mountain High/Badd Boys/45/Epic/1967
11.I'm a Loner/Jaybees/45/RCA/1966
12.Every Time Woman/Human Beinz/45/Capitol/1968
13.Ship of Dreams/Quiet Jungle/LP/Yorkville/1967
14.Te Amo Mas/Coke/LP/Sound Triangle/1972
15.Summer Rain/Blue Gravel Rock Band/45/Solar/1969
BED: Cissy Strut/Houston Pearson/LP/Prestige/1970

Set Two: nothing else I can do

1. Walk Away Renee/Four Tops/45/Motown/1967
2. The Best of It/Thorinshield/LP/Philips/1968
3. I'll Keep It with Mine/Nico/LP/Verve/1968
4. Hot Burrito #1/Gene Parsons/LP/Sierra/1978
5. Let Me Be/P.F. Sloan/LP/Dunhill/1966
BED: Apollo/Johnny Frigo Jazz Quartet/LP/Orion/196?

Set Three: when the bell tolls

1. Don't You Ever Give Up On Me/Dee Dee Warwick/45/Mercury/1968
2. The Big Fight/Ricky Allen/45/Age/1964
3. One Way Love Affair/Z.Z. Hill/45/MH/1964
4. I Lost a Love/Dorothy Prince/45/M-Pac/1964?
5. Girl You Lit My Fire/Junior Wells/45/Blue Rock/1968
6. Midnight Affair/Jimmy Hughes/45/Fame/1965
7. Casting My Spell/Johnny Otis Show/45/Capitol/1958
BED: Brother, What It Is/The Larks/LP/Money/1971

Set Four: birth of a fool

1. Now a Man/Seeds/LP/GNP Crescendo/1968
2. Pourscha Poe/Wilkinson Tri-Cycle/LP/Date/1968
3. Electric Chair/Brother Fox & the Tar Baby/LP/Oracle/1969
BED: Joint Session/Mickey & the Soul Generation/45/Maxwell/1970

baritone in tenor

Levi Stubbs, 1936 - 2008

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MackMcCoy said...

Bill said:

Hello Mack,

A friend of mine from Texas A&M said that on 10/20 you played a song the band I was in recoded in 69. I was excited and downloaded the archive of the show.

I really enjoyed your show and listening to all the music you played. I was 17 when we recorded the song and I haven't heard it for over 30 years. After hearing it, I have to agree with you that it was a cheesy recording, even though it was suppose to be the B side.

Thanks for the air time and memories. Keep doing what you are doing, it is great.


10:49 AM, November 07, 2008

MackMcCoy said:

Bill, hey, thanks for your comment
and praise! For the record, I didn't mean to say that your version was "cheesy" but the song itself was always a little cheesy to me ... I thought your version was just great! And the version of "Respect" on the other side was really cool, too - I plan on playing it on a future show.

Thanks Again,