Monday, July 21, 2008

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/21/08

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I Won't Back Down

No, I won't back down. I'll stand my ground, but I won't be back for over 3 weeks, either, so get it while you can, like the song says. It's summer in America and my mind is light with worry, I'm letting the sun shine in. Feel it in my flow, as the jingle-jangle sounds of July keep popping up like daisies in a window box.
Of course, with the heat comes the soulful sounds of an open hydrant and the checkered cloth of the backyard BBQ as well. We're all just folks, it's in the mix.

And the mix is shaken, not stirred. Check the ingredients below and you'll see the wallop that this brew can pack, when taken directly in the mid-day sun.

strike up the band

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 07/21/08


Set One: I've been trying

Intro: Brass Jam/Just Us/45/International Mod/1968
1. Looking for a Love/Olympics/45/Parkway/1967
2. Can I Be Your Main Squeeze/Chuck Carbo/CD/Fireball/1969
3. Nothing Before Me But Thang/Parliament/LP/Invictus/1970
4. I'll Take Care of You My Love/Fred Lowery-Big Bo & the Arrows/45/Cotillion/1969
5. Hobo Flats/Chuck Bernard/45/Maverick/1969
6. Do It Like You Feel It/Solicitors/45/Excello/1971
7. Take Me for A Little While/Evie Sands/45/Blue Cat/1965
8. I Can't Let Go/Nobody's Children/45/Bullet/1967
9. Take Your Time/Hollies/LP/Imperial/1965
10.Love Me Til' the Sun Shines/Kinks/LP/Reprise/1967
11.Love Is Where It Is/Cordells/45/Steel Town Sound/1968
12.Discount City/Rainy Daze/LP/Uni/1967
13.Cream of Nowhere/Sarofeen & Smoke/LP/GWP/1970
14.It's About Time/Beach Boys/LP/Brother/1970
15.The Means/Glass Family/LP/Warner Seven-Arts/1969
BED: Summertime Girl/Dennis Coffey/LP/Sussex/1971

deal with the divinity

a family affair

Set Two: no time like the time you been wastin'

1. Baby, It's You/Beatles/LP/Vee Jay/1963
2. I Tried to Forget/Transatlantics/45/Jubilee/1965(?)
3. Reno, Nevada/St. George & Tania/LP/Kapp/1968
4. The Prophet/Carl Oglesby/LP/Vanguard/1969
5. See the Sky About to Rain/Neil Young/LP/Reprise/1974
BED: Fire Dance/Gabor Szabo/LP/Skye/1968

not a soft touch

not just another power duo

Set Three: silence of a falling star

1. In a Real Big Way/Richard Berry/CD/K&G/1961
2. Judy/Frank Howard/CD/Excello/1967
3. That's How Love Starts/Exciters/LP/Roulette/1966
4. Twinkletoes/Roy Orbison/LP/MGM/1966
5. A Lion in the Jungle/Carl Perkins/LP/Columbia/1968
BED: Sea of Grass/Ventures/LP/Liberty/1969

just where he belongs
cultivators of quality

Set Four: never seen a sign

1. My Time/Golden Dawn/CD/International Artists/1968
2. Johann Sebastian Cheetah/Yankee Dollar/LP/Dot/1968
3. Auto Salvage/Autosalvage/LP/RCA/1968
4. On Your Way Down the Drain/King Bees/45/RCA/1966
BED: Belly Full of Greens/Freddie McCoy/LP/Prestige/1965

dig the contrast

dead end streets

Guest Stars: Lewis Calhern, Barbara Stanwyck, Wendell Corey, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Greenstreet

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