Wednesday, June 28, 2006

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/26/06

slow, steady, stubborn...
first is first -
and second is nobody


When first is first and second is nobody, the pressure can really come on strong. Especially when you're a DJ with a solitary life and a yen for a sound you can't find. Searching, searching - in every dark alley and dusty old curio shop in town. Sometimes you score, and sometimes you wake up at the wheel of a brakeless sedan, with a lump on your head the size of a baseball, and a fifth of tequila poured down your shirtfront.

Not this time, pal. Today the good guys win - and it's all here in black & silver just in case you're skeptical - and need proof.

Simply CLICK ON those King Pins of crime below and "use them" to bring this sound to life. It all gets started around 2 minutes in.
Oh, and that list of names so many died to get safely in my hands? Well, it just happens to be reprinted a little further down, to assist you in cracking the case.

til I'm all used up

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/26/06


Set One: any dance that you wanna do

Intro: Long Distance/Garnell Cooper & the Kin Folks/45/Jubilee/1963
1. Up In Heah/Junior Wells/LP/Blue Rock/1968
2. Messin' With the Kid/Baby Huey & the Babysitters/45/Satellite/1965
3. You're Using Me/Kingpins/45/Federal/1964
4. It/Ron & Bill/45/Argo/1959
5. Get Right/Players/45/Minit/1966
6. I See the Lovelight/Dianne & Carole/CD/Speed/196?
7. Right On/Ray Barretto/LP/Fania/1972
8. Keep On Moving/El Chicano/LP/Kapp/1971
9. Enciende Mi Fuego/Los Ovids/LP/Eco(Mexico)/1968
10.Thanks for Sunday/Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart/LP/A&M/1969
11.Black Is White Day Is Night/Five Americans/LP/Abnak/1967
12.Got a Feelin'/Mamas & the Papas/LP/Dunhill/1966
13.Just Like a Woman/Manfred Mann/LP/Philips/1966
14.Both Sides Now/Kim Weston/45/Banyan Tree/1970?
15.(Ain't Nothin' But a)House Party/J. Geils Band/LP/Atlantic/1973
BED: She's a Rainbow/Groovin' Strings/LP/Cub/1968

don't get cute

Set Two: sunrays splintered by leaves

1. My Way To be Hurt/Oriental Sunshine/CD/Philips(Norway)-Sunbeam/1969-2006
2. Cheyenne/John Stewart/LP/Warner Brothers/1972
3. Right By My Side/Jameson/Verve/LP/1967
4. The War Song/Jon Lucien/LP/RCA/1973
5. Harlem Hendoo/Al Hirt/LP/RCA/1967
6. I Loved Another Woman/Freddie North/LP/Abet/1970
7. The Last Time/Candy & the Kisses/CD/Scepter/1966
8. Ain't Nobody Like My Babe/Dennisons/LP/Decca/1964
BED: I Will Wait For You/Bob Crewe Generation/LP/Dynovoice/1968

get your penalty kicks

Set Three: just enough to satisfy

1. You Hit the Spot/Gloria Taylor/CD/Flaming Arrow/196?
2. The Forest of Black/Dirty Filthy Mud/CD/Worex/1968
3. No One/Legay/CD/Fontana(UK)/1968
4. Bunny Lake Promo-I Love You/Zombies/CD/1965
5. Break In the Road/Betty Harris/LP/SSS/1969
6. Big Bird/Eddie Floyd/LP/Stax/1968
BED: Midnight Montuno/Latin Jazz Quintet/LP/Trip/1970

Belgian Pop meets Philip K. Dick

Set Four: she don't wear the same clothes twice

1. Plaid Stamps/Monticellos/CD/Cool/196?
2. I'm Gonna Run Away From You/Tammi Lynn/LP/Cotillion/1972
3. I Love You/Eddie Holman/LP/ABC/1969
BED: Cotton Carnival/Bill Black's Combo/LP/Springboard/1969

Guest Stars: Richard Conte, James Cagney, Dan Duryea, Elizabeth Scott,
Humphrey Bogart, Jack Webb

lonely housewives - the root of all evil

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