Monday, February 13, 2006

Sound File for 2/6 Show Fixed...

A couple of listeners dropped
lines to let me know the sound file for
this most recent show was linking the incorrect
program - this has been fixed, so listen away!

Thanks to those who gave me the heads up,
and while I have your attention, a few listeners have
requested non-streaming versions of the show that
they can download and put on their ipods, etc.
I can do this using a 3rd-party upload/download site,
but just be aware the files are usually around 118MB large
and can take a while to download if your connection isn't very fast,
and will take up that much disc space.
Anyway, if you are into this, drop me a line and let me know,
and if there is enough interest, I will put some up for DL.

1 comment:

Vali said...

Hi--I'd love to have a downloadable version of the show.