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Soul Spectrum 01/15/06 - Guest Show Playlist & MP3

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Back to the Boogie

4th time's a charm, as Josh M of Soul Spectrum asked me to fill in again on his fine show, and I jumped at the chance as always. I was feeling pretty awful with a cold, so I just played music for the most part, and kept the talking to a mimimum - to your benefit! Mixed show featuring some of my own modest choices I've picked up since the last show, along with a healthy stack of soulful digs from the WMBR record library...
and a couple of special tracks supplied for the show by Baptman & Supergood, through the forum on

Click on the Latimore 45 below to listen, and check the playlist farther along to get the inside dope.

still going strong

Click on Image Above to Listen to the Show!

Playlist for Soul Spectrum, 01/15/06


Set One: no stoppin'

Intro: Funk Pump (instro)/The Counts/12"/Aware/1975
1. I Love Music/Kellee Patterson/LP/Shady Brook/1976
2. Without You/Ace Spectrum/LP/Atlantic/1975
3. How Can You Love Something You Never Had/Barbara Acklin/LP/Capitol/1975
4. Didn't Want To Hurt You Like That/The Brothers/LP/RCA/1976
5. Make the Most of It/Starfire/LP/Dynamic Artists/1976
6. Dancing Down the Avenue/Sherman Hunter/45/Shield/1979
7. Best of Me/McFadden & Whitehead/CD/1982
8. Super Sweet/Wardell Piper/12"/Midsong/1978
9. Another Day/Clifford Coulter/LP/Columbia/1980
10.Shade of Blue/Lalomie Washburn/LP/Parachute/1977
11.Love's Gonna Pack Up and Walk Out/Persuaders/45/Win or Lose/1970
12.Out to Get'cha/Latimore/45/TK/1981
13.Must Have Been Love/Warnell Jones/LP/Paradise/1979
14.My Dreams/Gaston/CD/Hotlanta/1978
BED: In My Tree/Crossvader/12"/Hello World-Axis Chemicals/2006

twin guitar attack

Set Two: out in the streets

1. Track of the Cat/Dionne Warwick/LP/Warner Bros/1975
2. The Devil Is a Liar/Seawind/45/CTI/1976
3. Give It Up/Pleasure/12"/RCA/1982
4. Somebody Save Me/Orlando Johnson & Trance/CD/Zig Zag/1983
5. I Wanna Feel Your Love/Candy Bowman/12"/RCA/1980
6. Out In the Night/Serge Ponsar/LP/Warner Bros/1983
7. Stop Your Running/Rumple-Stilts-Skin/CD/Heat/1981
8. Help Is On the Way/Whatnauts/12"/Harlem International/1981
9. Do You Want to Rock/Funky Four/12"/Sugarhill/1982
10.Take It Slow/Notations/LP/Gemigo/1976
11.Prophecy/Margie Joseph/LP/Cotillion/1976
BED: A Theme In Search/Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. Unlimited/Friends & Co./1975

Thanks again to Josh, and of course, check out Soul Spectrum every Sunday night at 8PM EST on WMBR, 88.1 FM Cambridge

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Colin said...

hi there - soul spectrum is DOPE i found it by chance while i was doing a search for "Make The Most Of It" by Starfire. lots of nice titles there. take care, coLin