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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 8/22/05

not herbs
derivative of Delores, the tears & the roses...

Hey, Kids - what time is it? Thirteen days have passed again, and I'm back with another slight variation upon my eternal theme. Dig. From the Disco to the Inferno - and straight to the places where your feet touch earth and you need to be in love.

Ride the snake down "stream" by clicking on Our Man Manu below - further down the river lies a playlist to serve as guide & companion. Ultraviolence, baby.

for the people

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/22/05


Set One: a very normal face

Intro: Mo' Greens/Laurindo Almeida & Ray Brown/LP/Country City/196?
1. Still Good/The Magnificent Men/LP/Mercury/1970
2. The Gang's Back Again/Kool & the Gang/LP/De-Lite/1971
3. Cold n' Hard/The Albert/LP/Perception/197?
4. Things Ain't Right/Esther Marrow/LP/Fantasy/1973
5. Magic Mountain/Eric Burdon & WAR/LP/UA/1976
6. My Mind Was Messed Up At the Time/Eddie Floyd/LP/Stax/1971
7. Blowin' Your Mind/O.C. Smith - Shaft's Big Score OST/LP/MGM/1972
8. The Addict's Psalm/Ralph Carmichael & Pat Boone/LP/Light/1970
9. Messages from the Dead/St. John Green/LP/Flick Disc/1968
10.Louie Louie-Ode to Billie Joe/Africa/LP/Ode/1969
11.Don't Mind/James Brown/LP/King/1971
12.Rubber Band/The Trammps/LP/Buddah/1975
BED: Unicorn/Dizzy Gillespie & Lalo Schiffrin/LP/Pablo/1977

Set Two: 30 minutes past the storm

1. He's the Great Imposter/The Fleetwoods/45/Dalton/1961
2. In Love's Shadow/The Choir/LP/(unissued 1966)Sundazed/1994
3. Tell Me What You See/The Beatles/LP/Parlophone UK/1965
4. Fire Fly/The Cake/LP/Decca/1967
5. Beechwood Park/The Zombies/CD/CBS/1968
6. Sometimes You Just Can't Win/John Fred & His Playboy Band/LP/PAula/1967
7. (Quicksilver Daydreams of) Maria/Townes Van Zandt/LP/Tomato/1970
BED: New Bell/Manu Dibango/LP/Atlantic/1972

I'd never chase women

Set Three: more gravy for your biscuits

1. Don't Let Go(pt. 2)/Five Du-Tones/LP/P-Vine(Japan)/196?-1978
2. I'm Cryin'/Paul Revere & the Raiders/LP/Columbia/1966
3. Southern Country Boy/The Carter Brothers/45/Jewel/1965
4. Hoochie Koochie Man/Skip Easterling/LP/Bandy/1970
5. Bye Bye Baby/Black and Blues/LP/UA-Eva/1968-198?
BED: Eight Miles High/Steve Marcus/LP/Vortex/1968

Set Four: get the change in nickels

1. We'd Better Stop/Robert Knight/45/Elf/1968
2. I Can't Let You Break My Heart/Bettye Swann/45/Fame/1971
3. Soul Strut/Floyd Smith/45/Dakar/1969
4. Ain't It Funny/Ronnie Walker/45/Philips/1967
BED: Theme from A Clockwork Orange/Wendy Carlos/LP/Warner Bros/1972

Special Guests: Sue Lyon, Richard Widmark, Allen Jenkins, Shelly Winters, Peter Sellers and just a whisper of Gary Cooper and James Mason...

Amy Mala Bell

Allen Jenkins

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