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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 8/08/05

hands off bub
Babs Stanwyck and Her Ankles

monsters of the week
it's the thought that counts

Welcome to the Jungle

Back again and feelin' alright. A tale of two hours here - tons o' mayhem in the first frame...movers, shakers and we learn of the early 70's micro-genre, "Terrorist Soul." Second hour finds us tracing the roots of Pet Sounds and learning the simple solution that maybe summer can be a sad time, after all.

The streaming continues, as I hem and haw and have yet to find a place to plant downloadable files...that's okey, though - why would you want to skip anything? Except for maybe McGruff the Crime Dogg and his chilling PSA...you'll see...

Please click on the image below of Boston's gutbucket stomp endless tour madmen of the early 70's, the J. Geils Band, to listen!

blow your face out

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 08/08/05


Set One: Shake Your Tree

Intro: Cristo Redentor/Ferrante & Teicher/LP/UA/1974
1. I'll Leave You Girl/Shelly Fisher/CD/Kapp-Goldmine/196?-2000
2. It Ain't What You Do (It's How You Do It)/J.Geils Band/LP/Atlantic/1971
3. I Don't Have the Time/James Gang/LP/Bluesway/1969
4. Johnny the Fox meets Jimmy the Weed/Thin Lizzy/LP/Mercury/1976
5. Long Train Running/Mindnight Movers Unlimited/LP/Buddah/1974
6. Inside My Love/Minnie Ripperton/LP/Epic/1975
7. I'm Gonna Hijack Ya, Kidnap Ya, Take What I Want/Holland-Dozier/45/Invictus/1973
8. Twenty Five Miles/Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band/LP/Warner Bros/1969
9. Your Love's So Good/Lee Webber/45/Excello/1973
10.Strawberry Letter 23/Shuggie Otis/LP/Epic/1971
11.Grit Gitter/Cha Cha Hogan/45/Soulville/196?
12.(3 Minutes to) Hey Girl/George Kerr/LP/All Platinum/1970
BED: Powerhouse/Chester Thompson/LP/Black Jazz/1971

Set Two: salted air and peeling skin

1. Sad Memory/Buffalo Springfield/CD/Atco/1966
2. Whenever You're Ready/Zombies/LP/Decca(Germany)/1965-1981
3. Sloop John B/Hubert Smith & Coral Islanders/LP/Edmar/196?
4. Caroline, No/Beach Boys/LP/Capitol/1966
5. Let Go Of You Girl/Left Banke/LP/Smash/1967
6. And I Love Her/Vibrations/LP/Okeh/1966
BED: L David Sloan/Brother Jack McDuff/LP/Cadet/1968

play it loud
master strategist
death be not proud

Set Three: she jives by night

1. Summertime/Carl Henry Hall/45/Mercury/196?
2. Feel So Bad/Little Milton/LP/Chess/1966-1972
3. I Wanna Be Your Mama Again/Mother Earth/LP/Mercury/1969
4. The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game/Jerry Garcia/LP/Round/1974
5. I Walk Alone/Don Gibson/LP/RCA/1968
6. That's How Strong My Love Is/Tommie Young/LP/Soul Power/1973
BED: Coffee Cup-Black/Mar-Keys/LP/Stax/1969

Set Four: what did I say

1. My Love(In Love Again)/Gene Vincent/LP/Rollercoaster/1958-1998
2. What'd I Say/Eddie Cochran/LP/BBC Transcription(boot)/1960-197?
3. Love Is Strange/Everly Brothers/LP/Warner Bros/1965
4. I'll Take Care of You/O.V. Wright/45/Backbeat/196?
BED: Higher Than Thou/Ventures/LP/Liberty/1969

Send Off:Summer(the First Time)/Millie Jackson/LP/Spring/1973

Special Guests: Barbara Stanwyck, Lawrence Cook, Elisha Cook Jr, Gary Cooper, McGruff

cold feet

stalkers beware

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SAnnie said...

Mack McCoy,

Not only do you have the time to hunt for rare records, but you manage to turn up pictures like this! How ever do you do it? This picture made me laugh and then I saw the cruiser in the background.
My brother, when he was about fourteen, wrote a story about a boy who had frequent conversations with McGruff. Whenever the boy does something bad or thinks about doing it, McGruff steps out of the poster that is on his bedroom wall and into his room to have a word... The picture made me think of my little brother who is now involved with a dangerous woman...