Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Playlist for Soul Spectrum Guest Host Slot, 02/20/2005

...filled in on WMBR program "Soul Spectrum" this past Sunday at 8PM, thanks to show host/creator & holder of tha white label 12" Josh McDermott graciously lending me the keys while he was off working and playing in NOLA...had a great time, played some dope music and hopefully kept up the standard...just wish I hadn't lost my copy of the show, now I can never hear it or share it...peep the playlist, the last bit of evidence that it even happened:


Set One: expanding heads banned

Intro: Rafiki/Neal Creque/45/Cobblestone/1972
1. Let Me Entertain You/The Controllers/45/Juana/1980
2. When You Wake Up Tomorrow/Candi Staton/45/Warner Bros/1980
3. Whatcha Think About That/B.T. Express/45/Roadshow/1975
4. Expansions/Lonnie Liston Smith/LP/Flying Dutchman/1975
5. I Got My Mind Made Up/Instant Funk/45/Salsoul/1978
6. Girl, You Need a Change of Mind/Eddie Kendricks/LP/Tamla/1972
7. Front Row Romeo/Strutt/LP/Brunswick/1975
8. Excedrin Headache #24/Truth/45/1976
9. What Do You Want Me To Do/Lou Courtney/45/Epic/1973
BED: Burning Spear/Soulful Strings/45/Cadet/1967

Set Two: don't cross the streams!

1. Movin' In the Right Direction/Steve Parks/LP/Solid Smoke-Luv-n-Haight/197?-1993
2. The Bottle/Gil Scott Heron/45/Arista/1976
3. Nowhere/Hokis Pokis/45/Shield/1975
4. Do It/Hott Snow/45/R' Cade/1974
5. The Power of Love/Wardell Piper/45/Midsong/1980
6. Blood Is Thicker Than Water/William DeVaughan/45/Roxbury/1974
7. Don't Leave Me/Lamont Dozier/LP/Invictus-Sequel/1974-1999
8. You Make Me So Hot/Barbara Lynn/45/Atlantic/1973
9. Somebody, Someplace/Garnet Mimms/45/GSF/1972
10. Girl I Betcha/Hi-Tension/45/Island/1978
BED: West Coast Drive/V.I.P. Connection/45/Morningstar/1975

Set Three: Smoothe Everything Over

1. It Ain't Your Sign, It's Your Mind/Roy Ayers/LP/Polydor/1978
2. If You Want Me To Stay/Sly Stone/45/Epic/1973
3. Never Gonna Stop/Linda Clifford/LP/Curtom/1979
4. Trying To Get Next To You/Arnold Blair/45/Gemigo/1975
5. Forgot To Be Your Lover/William Bell/45/Stax/1968
6. I Get Lifted/George McCrae/45/TK/1974
7. Beggin' Is Hard To Do/The Montclairs/45/Paula/1970
8. Rocket Love/Stevie Wonder/45/Tamla/1980
BED: Changing Things/Prophets of Soul/LP/Dakar/1973
Out: Come Into My Life/Bill Summers/45/Prestige/1976

...thanks again to Josh, and please check out his show Sunday nights at 8PM on 88.1 WMBR:


and be sure to drop by his website:


for more info on Soul Spectrum including his own playlists...

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