Thursday, February 24, 2005

Playlist for Lost & Found, 02/21/05


Set One: 25 Miles in 35 Minutes

Intro: Baby Batter/Harvey Mandel/LP/Janus/1972
1. Ninety-Nine & One Half/Fever Tree/LP/Uni/1968
2. Black Skin Blue-Eyed Boys/The Equals/45/Shout/1972
3. You Got Me Hummin'/Cold Blood/45/San Francisco/1969
* Asphalt Jungle, "Nobody tells me to shut up"
4. Give Me One More Chance/Wilmer & the Dukes/45/Aphrodisiac/1968
5. He's Gonna Step On You Again/John Kongos/45/Elektra/1971
6. Game Is My Middle Name/Betty Davis/LP/Just Sunshine/1973
7. Sal-A-Faster/Swamp Dogg/45/Canyon/1969
8. Flight to Cuba/Fire/CD/Bay Town-Harmless/1969-2000
9. Es Tu Cosa (It's Your Thing)/Joe Bataan/45/Fania/1971
10. Twenty-Five Miles/Edwin Starr/LP/Motown/1969
11. Give It To Me/The Mob/Colossus/45/1971
BED: Twenty-Five Miles/Reuben Wilson/LP/Blue Note/1969

Set Two: ...In Which, My Nerves Are Shot.

1. I'm Nervous/Bobby Lewis/45/Saber/1963
2. It's Too Late/Pedestrians/45/Atco/1966
* Sterling Hayden, "That Was a Rotten Year."
3. Poor Ole Me/Wanda Jackson/45/Capitol/1968
4. Born on the Bayou/The Short-Kuts/45/Pepper/1969
5. You Don't Owe Me/The Blue Ridge Rangers/45/Fantasy/1973
6. Willie Jean/Aorta/45/Happy Tiger/1970
BED: J.O.S./Jimmy Smith/LP/Blue Note/1958

Set Three: You Are Number Six

1. I'm Number One/Sam Baker/45/Seventy-Seven/196?
2. Stop Sneaking Around/Brenda & the Tabulations/45/1969
3. I'm Sorry/The Steelers/45/Date/1969
4. I Want Justice/Jimmy Hughes/45/Fame/1965
5. I've Been Trying/Nu-Sound Express/45/Silver Dollar/1971
* 'Black Shampoo' Radio Spot, "He Just Doesn't Have the Equipment"
6. Turn Me Loose/Lois Lane/45/Wand/1964
Bed: Funky Broadway/Jimmy Smith/LP/Verve/1968

Set Four: Frauds & Sods

1. Looking for Love To Come My Way/Smoke Ring/45/Buddah/1969
2. Stragglin' Behind/The Lemon Pipers/LP/Buddah/1968
3. Cowboys & Indians/The Epic Splendor/45/Hot Biscuit Disc Company/1967
4. Ivy, Ivy/Left Banke/45/Smash/1967
* R.I.P. H.S.T.
5. Black Magic White Magic/Phantom/45/Capitol/1973
6. I Won't Let It 'appen Agen/Slade/45/Polydor/1972
BED: Lolita/Jimmy Smith/LP/Verve/1972

Set Five: Chaos Theory Debunked

1. Nobody Wins Till the Game Is Over/Sir Mack Rice/45/Truth/1974
2. The House That Jack Built/Thelma Jones/45/Barry/1968
3. Runaway Child, Running Wild/Earl Van Dyke/45/Soul/1969
BED: Get Out My Life Woman/Jimmy Smith/LP/Verve/1968
Outro: Ballad of a Blackman/Huey Piano Smith/45/Instant/1970

...two 2-hour shows in one 15-hour period was a bit challenging, but after feeling anxiety throughout this L&F program, I think it came off always, the music saves the day from my inane prattle! Phone calls: one woman hates the Betty Davis, a guy wants to sell me 45's, then another first - a caller actually responds to my request for artist info (reading to me from his CD liner notes about Sam Baker), a guy wants to buy the CD the Fire track "Flight to Cuba" is on, calls about 90 minutes after I played the song...I haven't even broken a sweat yet...

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