Monday, December 06, 2004


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Galloglass Films said...

Sean Cassidy for President!

Wow! The show has such powerful audio-hist-a-mines, I thought I was back in the third grade, plotting against Joel Shanning for the heart of Cathy-Jean Hoey and avoiding conflict in the milk line.

I love the lines this guy plays from movies. The... quotes? Yeah! The quotes. Every (other) week is something new, something to look forward to. And they make a great segue. You think it would distract you... and it does! But in the good kind of way. The kind of way that has consideration for the smaller, less gifted creatures in our world. The kind of way that wants a better future for our planet but still has the common decency to take a bath and the stomach to watch the guilty swing.

And the music! You never heard such music. Just listen.

Yeah, it was quite an afterenoon.